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  1. Bae, I see you keep on being opinionated. :giggleney:

    Your opinions were always a bit provocative in a way. :quirkney:

    How have you been doing? :bigkiss:

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    2. K I S S

      I just realized I wrote a whole freaking essay. :embarrassed:

      Sorry. :brit2016:

    3. Бри́тни Спирс

      I stopped checking after like  the 999th bottle tbh :hype:

      Well, I'm not into guys at all so I can't say if he's hot or not, he just seems an attention whore to me and I don't like him that much and Vegas is tragic by now, lbr, she needs to sthap asap 

      Me too, actually, she comes off as a real person not a dolled up celebrity a la Kim K

      I had to google that 'cause I had no idea what that was about :orangu:

      I'm not really sure there are too many people who would talk about it, sadly but I kind of miss it :crying2:

      One of my absolute favorites made a comeback last summer and I was just obsessed with it, I watched them episodes after like a day of their original airing date and that means a lot for me since I am not that interested in many things... I'm talking about the great D.Gray-Man. We got a new season: D.Gray-Man Hallow, so fucking good, I'm so thirsty for a new season who seems too far away since the manga it's moving slower than slow and I can't :crying11: I also watched Durarara, or actually rewatched the first season and then saw them other ones, Izaya is my dude, hell yas :cinderellaney: I love how he played 'em, trolling everyone 'til no end 

      I haven't watched PP yet, to my shame :truthtea: Is it good?

      POP? Oh, my :moorangu: But he needs to comeback, exhale NEEDS him, we need him :mcry:

      Russia's on fire, as it's always been and I'm done with all of 'em exaggerating its flaws :lessons: I actually had a fight with someone on here about it a couples of days ago :beyfedup: Some ignorant user said that all Russia gave to the world was communism :ponderney:

      Who's your fave? And I wouldn't say it's cold rn tbh 

      No problem, babe, you could write me a book, I wouldn't mind it :thirsty:

    4. K I S S

      Me too, although I want to buy it. I collect her perfumes for whatever estrange reason, since I - for the most part - can't stomach their smells. :mj: I guess I just like making Brit richer (and myself poorer.) :beyfedup:

      I don't know what to think about Sam, honestly. I think we've all been quick to judge him because he's younger than Brit, and puts effort into his looks. After all the failed relationships Brit's had, I like to think that she knows what she's doing, and she's in control of the situation. :verycool: But, let's face it, she's probably already planning their wedding, and children. :embarrassney:

      Ohhh, the outfits, and the make-up are definitely tragic. :ehno: Most of the M&Gs are simply horrendous. If I were any of the fans that pay all that money to simply say hi, and take a bad pic with her, I'd probably cry from impotence. :brityeah:

      The Giving Tree was one of my favorite books as a child. I remember that I didn't quite understand it, but I thought it was really cool and urban. :tehe:

      We kinda already had trouble getting members interested with the last one, most of the replies on it were ours. :explainlol: I remember the times I had to fight the Britards that thought anime was childish... Good times. :britdrown:

      I heard that D. Gray-Man was having some sort of comeback. I actually thought it was some sort of re-run. I've never watched it full, I never really gave it much of a chance. The first few episodes weren't very engaging. :janet: Does it get better as it progresses? (I imagine it does, all the animes do.) :)

      Durarara... I like that one. The pacing is a bit slow, and I find the story a bit absurd with teenagers leading gangs, and stuff (maybe it is because Japanese reality, and Spanish reality are very far off), but the characters, and the way the story is put together is really good. I watched the first season, and was keeping up with the second as it was being released, and watched about half, then I completely forgot to watch the rest. :orangu:

      Psycho Pass is really good. :brityes: I wasn't too sure about it either, but it ended up being a huge surprise. I like the second season better than the first one, which is a very unpopular opinion; most people think the second season is bad. :beynah: Reminds me of Darker than Black, most people think the second season is bad, but - to an extent - I like it better than the first one. :wooney: I'm into cold characters who give no fucks about anything, but their purposes, and that's kinda what happens to the leads of PP, and DTB:yesokay:

      Yeah, I have an account there too, and I've tried to find him, but none of the usernames that I remember him using are registered there. :(

      I'm glad it isn't the way the documentary made it out to be. It pressed issues regarding the country being anti-lgbtq, chauvinistic, and white-supremacist. It worried me. :decisions: 

      Since we're on the subject, clear something for me:

      In my workplace, there's this guy that - kind of - idolizes Putin (He also likes Hitler, and Trump, so go figure) and one day he came to work, and started taking about how Russia had just passed some sort of law that allows men to beat their wives, and children with no consequences. It's supposed to be recent. Is that true? :decisions: Can men legally do such thing? :decisions::decisions::decisions:

      My fave is:


      Queenliya Godstafina

      She is the 2x gold medalist for the uneven bars. She's fab as fuck, and she's really nice, and humble. I love her, it gives me life to see her do gymnastics.

      She got married a few months ago, and rumor has it she's pregnant. Which, makes me happy, and sad. I'm happy she's found happiness beyond gymnastics, but I'm sad because that means she'll probably retire, and I'll have to look for a new fave. :kidcries:

      I think she addressed the pregnancy rumors on Instagram, but she writes everything in Russian, so I have no literal clue what her captions say. :gloria:

      One day, I will. Hopefully, I'll write several. :pensiveney:

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