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  1. Bae, I see you keep on being opinionated. :giggleney:

    Your opinions were always a bit provocative in a way. :quirkney:

    How have you been doing? :bigkiss:

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    2. Бри́тни Спирс

      Once I bought Fantasy for a girl I was dating at that time and I came to hate it after she started wearing it and I couldn't tell her I despised it since I was the one who gave it to her :moorangu: It was such a turn off, tbh

      Yeah, she's such a dreamer but she needs to sake it slowly ...but I still don't think Sam is, like, the love of her life or something, I give 'em half a year :truthtea:

      Well, I wouldn't pay to see no one tho :truthtea:

      You should definitely give DGM a try (I mean, more than the first episodes) but yeah, the first episodes are tragic when compared to what it eventually evolves into and the second season is far better, you just need some patience :hipney:

      I watched DTB and loved it, btw 

      I might watch PP when I have the time but now I am sooo busy but lazy at the same time and that makes me even busier, Idk  :britdrown:

      Unfortunately, that's true, it's legal and they can do it as long as they don't break any bones. Personally, I'm against it but there are people who kind of support it, or at least, I know some and it's sad :crying11:

      I know her but I haven't actually payed attention to her before, it's just a name I heard on radio :drown:

      What post are you talking about 'cause I just checked her insta and I haven't found anything through her recent stuff although I haven't checked in detail. She looks better than I had the impression she looked like :thirsty:

      Now I'd like to ask you something: is Pastora Soler famous out there or is she just a forgotten act? Has she had any big hit? I just discovered her and I like what I've heard so far

      You should do it tbh and start rn :cinderellaney:

      Sorry for my late reply, I kinda had some things to take care of :giggleney:


    3. K I S S

      OMG :gloria: That's terrible, but in your defense, Fantasy really has an unstomachable scent. The one I dislike the most. 

      Let's be real, Brit is the kind of person who is desperate for love. I'm sure that being is a relationship is a necessity for her. :nyschool: Or, maybe, she just likes the D too much. :tiffdrink: Can't blame her. :walkoff:

      Unfortunately, If I had the money, I know for a fact that I would pay for one. :sobbing: My poor stan heart... :tiffsniffle:

      I understand, 'cause honestly I'm just like you - lazy as fuck - that's why I can't even be bothered to follow some of the anime I loved before. :sickofu: What's happening to us? :beynah:

      :decisions: Wow... That really is sad, and sick. I'm praying for ya'll. :pensiveney:

      How dare you never have paid attention to flawless Godstafina? :grimace: You need to check yourself. :bichpls: She's the goddamn queen of Gymnastics, everyone should pay attention to her. :lessons:

      My phone has this translation option, that lets me translate captions written in foreign languages, but it's terrible. It doesn't translate anything properly. So, when I click on translate, the captions, most of the times, seem to have been written by someone really high. However, sort of to have a very general idea of what the captions might say, I use it. In a picture, posted in the last 2-3 weeks, the translator made it seem like she had addressed the pregnancy rumors. I guess you telling me she didn't, goes on to prove how shitty it is. :dead:

      Yeah, she's really pretty. She has this permanent "I'm really sad" look on her face, though. This face expression is very popular in the world of gymnastics. All the commentators, tend to talk about how she looks like her cat has just died in most of the competitions. :britdrown: There are even memes about it. :jfallonlol:

      I've been stanning her since her "famous" shady smirk at the 2012 olympics. :reductive:

      I have, honestly, no clue who Pastora Soler is. :orangu: I mean, I heard her name before, but I don't know her, or her music. I think she's a respected act, but I don't think she's had any major hits in the last couple of years. If I'm not mistaken, my mom is a fan, so she might be an older generation type of artist. :tbh: I listen to the radio 8 hours a day in my workplace, and they've never played her music there, so... :thinkney:  

      I have started, at least, in my head. :yesokay:

      Don't worry. It's all good. :bigkiss:

    4. Бри́тни Спирс

      She's obviously obsessed with the D, let's be real :hype: But she is not the wisest person when it comes to relationships and that's like a fact. Anyway, let's just wait and see what happens :giggleney:

      I'm so lazy that it hurts and I just can't help it, I'm like "Why are u like this, why?" :crying11:

      Well, I'm not into gymnastics so that's not really my cup of tea and even though she's hot and all she's not my type either... shame on me :drown:

      But I haven't read all of her posts and if that was long ago I might have missed it. But I'll take my time and read more and I tell you if I find something interesting :slayney:

      Oh my God, I thought she was super famous and loved by everyone :drown::drown::drown:

      Who is the most famous singer in your country? What are some famous other singers? What are some "historic" singers like those with a long and iconic career? A la Laura Pausini (whose voice is divine and who sings in Spanish too, btw but that's pretty tragic :hype:)

      If you were to write a book and start rn what would you write about?

      Once again, sorry for my late reply :crying11:

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