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  1. Did you hear of its existence and you want me to educate you on the matter? Sorry, I don't have the time.
  2. Her career could have had a totally different trajectory and it was UP TO HER. Do you want artistic freedom? Fight for it. Besides, it's 2017. If you want to release music you can release it immediately. There are things like mixtapes, you know? She is just a lazy person. Not particularly talented, not particularly intelligent. She's just in for the money and that's like the end of the story. She just wants to make money easily. You have to be in denial not to see that. And you're bringing Russia up because...?
  3. It was supposed but ended up not being. What it could have been means nothing. Nothing at all.
  4. How can you know how much credit other nations give or do not give to Britney Spears? She was the brain behind a music video, NOT the SONG itself nor the its SOUND. Same with Blackout. Blackout is the triumph of its producers. She did not write the songs, nor produced them.
  5. What? I am curious to know where you got your information about "the opinion of 90% of eastern european nations," Do you think the rest of the world sees Britney as an undeniable reformer of the real meaning of music and art?
  6. I've always had the feeling Madonna just uses others' ideas and profits off them. She might have others make her marketable stuff but that's what she wants. Meanwhile Britney has her album concepts scrapped and releases instead FF and BJ type of albums. I do not discredit her fully. Up until, let's say, 2008 she was involved in her career somehow. But that was it. Now she's just a puppet that has other release perfumes I am more than sure she does not even know their smell.
  7. Then why do you get mad when other tell it when you perfectly know it yourself?
  8. I'm trying to help, tbh. Y'all need a reality check. I love how every time you run out of arguments you come with the 'why are you on here?" line. That kinda proves my point.
  9. Britney became a mess. Like, can't she even fake her lack of interest and disrespect by pretending she somehow tries to deliver good **** and not just to milk people off money? You know, for her fans.
  10. Come to me when she releases an album that has songs with credits that feature less than, let's say, 2 writers.
  11. It is different with Madonna. I do not think she let others control her, whereas all the other ones were just puppets. And yes, Britney has money and all but that does not make her a business woman. She is not the brain behind her money maker machine and that's the point of this discussion.
  12. The got there because other people wanted them to be on top. Don't fool yourself, you do not reach the top all by yourself. Madonna is like the only one who did it. Other than that Sony made Michael. Sony made Mariah. Jay Z made Rihanna. JIVE made Britney
  13. How am I spreading negativity? That's like, the truth. She does not write, she does not produce, she does not sing and now she doesn't even dance. What does she do?
  14. Imagine the fact that OTHER PEOPLE got her on top and made her stay there. She ain't a business woman, don't even try it.
  15. The irony of you using a Whitney gif when the so called talented Britney Spears hasn't sung a word live in more than a decade.
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