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  1. You do have to wonder wtf happens between her and her team... Like no other artist could pull something off THIS messy. Invite fans and media, appear under a spotlight, awkward smile/hair touch, walk down stairs, then leave...
  2. idk why but 2007ney reminds me of Snooki at her worst... but in like a good way idek why like the hair, glasses outfits etc... it just like a jersey girl type look The cut scenes from Gimme More of her walking down the boulevard with the black hair could legit pass for snooki
  3. I agree in part, but we need to get real and not blame them for EVERYTHING. We all saw the videos of Britney on set of MM shouting 'I don't like it, *******".... But yes absolutely her vision has taken a backseat in the past, I'm looking forward to see where she goes next.
  4. You know that title alone makes me emotional because that's all I want to... For everyone else to see this women for the angel she is... But now more importantly for her TALENT AND ARTISTRY. She should only come back when she's ready though and feeling like she can give 100%, and when she's feeling creative and inspired with her own vision. It could really backfire if she comes back with generic music, trying to pick up where she left off and without acknowledging everything that has happened. But whatever she decides to do career of life wise is entirely up to her... But I don't think this is where Britney Spears will leave her career and image! I'm sure she will come back with something special like the true icon she is. I can really see success for her if she wants it, and at this point Sam deserves to be by her side... His speaking out of Jamie despite potential consequences legally and even with Britney herself speaks volumes. He is Britneys window back to normality and truth after all this and I really like their relationship now.
  5. The only saving grace of this is her vocals. Legit the most basic song I've ever heard.
  6. I see her focusing on getting free, then kids (she's not getting any younger). Then a total hiatus, social media blackout followed by a new exciting project, and album. She will come back better than ever. But I don't see it for a very long time.
  7. Femme Fetale is still one of my favourite eras, and always will be. New sound, bomb MV's, 2 solid lead singles, successful tour, and the GP and other celebs were feeling the album - she was getting so much support. It was the best follow up to the Circus era tbh and i prefer it in many ways. Despite the haters, she WAS dancing and executing the choreo really well. I can watch a FF tour on Youtube from start to finish, the same cannot be said for POM - i can only watch certain performances. And not to mention she looked AMAZING. Costumes were great and the theme and production of the whole tour was well done. Pre-records and some live vocals were also nice. Long Live Femme Fetale, can we go back to 2011 plssss
  8. its starting to make sense she cancelled domination to finally fight for her freedom. they tried to move her from residency to residency in order to keep control of her and her assets. Allegedly. I cant believe I was so sceptical and thought it was over low ticket sales...
  9. Strange was the wrong word... Different maybe... Like she was cool but in her own goofy way. Going back to my point... She has always had these little mannerisms and quirky movements and now it looks like she's just completely letting go and just feeling it out, without worrying about it. She has been controlled in every way for so long it this doesn't surprise me. The posts are her, definitely.
  10. Agreed. honestly as a fan i just cant see the lengths some are suggesting her team are going to in posting these videos. She was doing sped up videos for years now... even during POM etc. There are other ways they could discredit her if they really wanted to. I'm still not on board with the conservatorship but i just dont believe all the conspiracies around these videos. Britney has always been strange... its kinda why i love her... if anything i think her team have probably suggested her not to post these... but shes clearly in a rebellion stage rn and looking to take back control so good on her for posting whatever she likes. Her team always has put her into periods of "blackout" during the run-up to certain era's where she would effectively disappear and i believe this was to create a "clean slate" for the new era - they always told her how to be and act and try to cover up her personality, only to convey the image of "Britney the Pop Princess". This however all unravelled as we all know, and we began to see the real Britney. Also think back to the beginning of the Glory era. She was officially posting those black and white videos of her dancing in a very similar way, just a bit more "polished" than these videos. These videos are her - and i think deep down we all know this. She's not scared to show us the real her anymore and dgaf about her popstar image.
  11. Yes. She needs to deliver a super successful era solo then piggy tail off it for a massive colab with nicki and Beyonce right now tbh. Hopefully address all that has happened with the album and promo (whenever she's free and happy of course) then use the momentum to finally collab with nicki and bey. This would also act a closer to all the drama and divert the attention back to Britney the icon we all love. That's if Nicki and Bey are still even friends...? Weren't they taking shots at each other on their latest tracks? Nicki would be good on her own too
  12. Really sad, she was the most entertaining from the band IMO. LM will not be the same without her raspy voice or energy on stage.
  13. Looool ur control does not extend to us witch. You cannot sue someone for posting a story originating from another source... Nor can you cancel out our human rights or freedom speech
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