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  1. Then get off of social media... We should be wanting all celebrities to take a stance. Especially Taylor. Someone who has a huge fan base... She can influence a lot of people. Instead of attacking her education you should praise that she is taking a stance and wanting to educate herself more on this day... are you?
  2. They actually changed it and said we can wear shirts that say black lives matter. So....#notcancelled #theyheardus #theyrespectus You can’t blame them for making a honest mistake and trying to keep their partners safe
  3. He should show the stats at the bottom. It clearly shows stuck with u jumped 18% in downloads cuz the stans care and want that #1. Maybe if his stans cares like ari and Justin’s they would have downloaded more. After all his single was only 0.68 cents or something like that as well.
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