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  1. cher is a true icon and i have a lot of respect for her... but... for some reason i just can't picture her and britney working together. i think britney doing an homage to cher by covering her song was enough.
  2. This one is my fav... it's like baby one more time meets me against the music
  3. tbh i didn't even notice her bare feet i was focused more on her behind... homegworl is still rocking that cheese grits louisiana fatty. yas brini
  4. i feel like a lot of these so-called fans like Ivana just went there because they just seek attention, like being seen on tv or instagram live stream...or just because they have nothing much to do in general. geeez
  5. it was taken by a paparazzo working for backgrid and he is working in LA
  6. by paying tmz for this articles aren't they making it more obvious now and just proving the point what's the truth behind the whole conservatorship mess ? i mean tmz is not a reliable source for everyone to believe in their stories, more like a trashy tabloid known for smearing everyone all the time.
  7. at this point im really tired with these quotes, bible refrences, subliminals, cryptic messages and other sh!t... just say what you about to say straight forward for christs sake... you're not the one under a conservatorship jamie lynn, aren't you ? are you afraid of something ? or someone ?
  8. omg... the freebritney comment under sam recent photo on instagram that he liked is now deleted...
  9. harvey levin is a f**king cocksucking trash bag... he was harassing kathy griffin after trump bloody head photo incident. he's mentally unstable himself... no wonder he joined the jamie, lucifer and rudolph the red-nosed parade. he was smearing britney all the time and now he's being paid to continue ... what a disgusting human being he is.
  10. omg... im dying right now...they're questioning mileys mental health now because she yelled free britney
  11. well i went directly to the comment section because of your comment so there you have it
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