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  1. I'm just going to pick the ones I like

    BOMT- I will Be There / Autumn Goodbye

    OIDIA- Don't Go Knocking On My Door / Can't Make You Love Me

    Britney - Cinderella / I Run Away

    ITZ - Breathe On Me / Shadow

    BO- Toy Soldier / Get Naked

    Circus - Kill The Lights , Unusual You

    FF - Big Fat Bass ( non Brit fans I ever met loved it ) , He About to Loose Me or Selfish

    BJ - Hold On Tight , Now That I Found You

    Glory - Just like FF this is hard!!! I will say Clumsy / Change Your Mind



  2. 4 hours ago, Goku said:

    well she sounds dead, and the last chorus have distorted background vocals :ohdear:

     Point is HIAM is not as auto tuned as you thought.  :pleaseshhh: Autotune more so works  the voice. Not the back sounds etc:sendinglove: Yes The voice in HIAM was given a littler extra UMPH it is a heavy EDM track to her standard but the vocals are all her :brit:

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  3. 1) Make Me ( was a good lead choice I think )

    2) Slumber Party ( was a good choice )

    3) Clumsy ( Many Britney fans like it but are indifferent but every non Britney fan I showed this song to loved it )

    4) Just Luv Me ( Every Era needs a ballad again many of my friends loved this track )

    5) Change Your Mind

  4. 12 hours ago, armrunner1998 said:

    Tatianna!!! Yes, i love her too :) her dance moves are incredibly smooth. The thing is she doesn't brand herself as a Britney impersonator most of the time, so Derrick gets that niche for herself (and probably makes Britney look pretty bad in the process :zoomzoom:

     Yeah it's to bad because his dancing looks extreme awkward.... Tatianna on the other hand YASSSS BITCH!:lemmetellu:

  5. BOMT -  I Will Be There

    Oops -What You See Is What You Get

    Britney - Lonely 

    In The Zone - Touch Of My Hand ( she wanted this as a single )

    Blackout - Toy Soldier or Heaven on Eath

    Circus- Kill The Lights

    Femme Fatale - Big Fat Bass ( YUP the GP would have loved it ) Or He About To Loose Me

    Britney Jean - Hold on Tigh

    Glory - Change Your Mind