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  1. Don't f**k no bitch dat fuckin wit cho dawg, dat law :drinky:

  2. Make ME is no.26 on Top 40 radio in the US rn, meanwhile Rice is at #45 :queenflopga:

  3. imagine Alien with Make Me vocals :crying4:

  4. http://www.digitalsalesdata.com/diydsd.php?Region=143441 this says the itunes sales in the US within the last 24 hours, you'll see the numbers change when every new hour starts so don't be alarmed when you see the numbers dropping Early estimates have suggested that Make Me will debut with at least 100k and Rise will debut with 150k+. That's itunes alone.
  5. @TOUCHMEANGEL maybe you should add this method to your thread?
  6. it works perfect for me, i did 4 pages so far and it all says 'Thank you for your request"
  7. it works perfectly for me, I just did the first two pages
  8. Thank you, doing all of them now @Body ache include this in your original post
  9. Don't know if it works, but it's worth trying
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