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  1. I think it looks good if its done right. Britney just leaves It on for a week that's why its looks like a mess
  2. How I want Britney to make a comeback I think a look like this would suit her so much, plus it would make people talk (create interest)
  3. She is looking so hot and beautiful here
  4. what about something like this? https://blog.soomla.com/2016/05/re-inventing-remove-ads-button-video-ad.html i wouldn't mind watching video ads to remove the ads while browsing around. Just an idea.. you could keep them as they are rn but offer a ad free 30min version or smth if we watch a longer video.
  5. thank you for hearing us! sounds like a good compromise! still think you shouldn't remove them, just add an option where u can hide "non-Britney threads" besides the "popular now". If im not interested in Non Britney articles I will have a better user experience while browsing around. Make it unhide/reset every 24h automatically, think u wouldn't loose engagement and still make the experience miles better. stay safe and healthy
  6. I think it would just make the experience better.
  7. I think the scrolling is even worse then the ads.. wish there was an option to hide “popular now/latest topics” if you don’t want to see them. Like even when you open a thread u have to scroll on every page to get to where u want.
  8. Hey Jordan, what is going on with the mobile (iPhone) version of this forum? I cannot read almost anything because of the huge ad? and when on the Britney forum I have to scroll down for half an hour ("Popular now/Latest Topics") to get to the actual Britney section. There should be an option to hide the other news (Popular now/Latest Topics), if a person like me is only interested in reading Britney related news. Plus im actually visiting the forum way less due to the huge ads on the bottom on my iPhone that make it so uncomfortable. Not trying to be a hater, just giving constructive critisim. (it is Britney related because im trying to read the Britney Forum but can't due to this. Hope u can fix it) Anyways hope u all stay safe during this time
  9. wow she looks so pretty, love the dirty blond hair. She should keep it like that
  10. Anyone can post stuff on Wikipedia. Its fake. next
  11. Its been way to long.. i want a club banger next. I would love a more modern version of womanizer
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