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  1. That song is so epic.. When I listen to it with headphones on and some wine I get goosebumps
  2. I really was a fan during the Teenage Dream / Prism era but after that I kinda lost interest in her. Besides that I think that the comments she made about Brit were a bit rude / weird to say but she didn't say it to hurt anyone. So leave her alone ya'll.
  3. I hope so! Thank you. Guess I'll just take a small bag with me with my camera - no other things really needed for the concert that night. I hope I can find a. good balance between making vids and looking at Britney. It's really good tho that they check everything. I was at Arianas concert the week before the Manchester attack.
  4. Nice! Maybe I'll see u there. And no that wouldn't be fair. If they would cut those songs from the setlist we should get others for them instead.
  5. Soooo next week (wednesday) is my first time seeing Britney live in Belgium (Antwerpen) and I'm super excited! I'm not paying any attention to all the negativity in here - but I did notice TOMH and SP are removed from the show. Is this permanent or did she perform them in Sweden? I don't want SP to be removed Oh and by the way - maybe this is a silly question - can you take a video camera with you without any problems? I know there a lot of POM videos everywhere but I read in the past that security didn't approve video cameras in Vegas or something? Please help me out Let me know if you're coming too!
  6. Slumber Party tbh! It's a shame it wasn't a hit.. HIAM and TTWE are also personal favourites too tho. Wish I could say WB but I can't count that as a Britney single.
  7. The official instrumentals haven't leaked yet but there are some good fanmade instrumentals. Slumber Party: Make me: Just luv me: Love me down: DYWCO:
  8. 1. I'm crazy as a ************ bet that on your man 2. I drank some red wine and now I'm walking on the sky 3. ... your breath ... it makes me cry 4. Not alone not alone not alone Not alone not alone not alone Not alone not alone not alone Not alone not alone not alone 5. Just something a girl’s gotta do
  9. At first I thought he was kinda cute but what a mess
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