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  1. So, all the keys just, like,...fell off my keyboard. I'm really confused. Also rather discontent, but mainly just confused at this point. :squintney:

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    2. fucknfurter


      Well if it's a schedule you're used to, then fair, but.... Good Lord. :dead: But I honestly don't know; I've seen the occasional keys fall off a keyboard, but not almost all of them all at once. :surprisedney:

      But I see. Good luck on the model, in that case! And I still am flabbergasted, just for the record. Good luck on the morning as a whole, actually, and I hope you get some sleep when you can!

    3. LostInAnImage


      f**k, well, I was just about to humble brag about how I'm currently wrapping up my assignment and everything's under control, when suddenly I remembered I had promised my boyfriend I'd be over at 10 pm. It's now 4 am. So...sh!t.

    4. LostInAnImage


      And f**k exhale for censoring my profanity, do we seriously need to lose all of our amendments in one big swoop?!

      Okay, I'm logging out now, will briefly take a detour to tell that damn bell to stop chiming, and then I'll proceed normally.

      Hope you both have a good day! :unbelievableney:

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