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  1. If I've accidentally downvoted someone please let me know so I can remove it; you'll know it's an accident because I've never intentionally downvoted anyone :snapney: Unfortunately my $40 POS, "drug dealer" burner phone is incredibly sensitive and every time I scroll down a thread I've realized it's downvoted someone without my consent...I always remove it once I see it, but this is in case any slipped by me :yesokay:Also, probably goes without saying, but I REALLY miss my iPhone 6+ :crying2:

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    2. LostInAnImage


      Only ones at the molecular level that I'm testing experimentally (on rats). If I had any "fun drugs" fit for human consumption, then I'd have enough money to get another iPhone. :bwink:

    3. BrittonJeanSpears


      Drug Dealer Burner Phone

      $40 Phone

      Image result for gretchen gif

      What is the truth?

    4. LostInAnImage


      All of the above. Surprisingly, there are copious quantities of adjectives to describe the world's worst phone.