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  1. This is so fucking awkward. I was blissfully studying alone in a computer lab until approximately 15 minutes ago, when a guy and girl came in here, sat down and she proceeded to start a lengthy discussion in order to break up with him. It took him a staggering ~10 minutes to realize what was happening, but now that he has finally caught on, he refuses to respond and yet neither is making any initiative to get up and leave either. Thus, it's now just me and this freshly former couple sitting in a small, silent room, and I'm still flipping through my damn flashcards because at this point it would be even more awkward to get up and leave. I really did not want to be a part of this. :zoomzoom:

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    2. PieceofBritney


      Would you say the same if he were sexy and you didn't have a boyfriend?

      Not accusing, just wondering, because I don't know what I'd do!

    3. LostInAnImage


      Haha definitely not, even when single I don't ever check out guys or look for potential relationships...I just kind of end up in them somehow. Plus I'm really introverted and happily so, I never talk to anyone unless necessary. :selenerz:

    4. PieceofBritney


      When I look for a relationship I can't find any, the moment I stop, it comes and consumes me. 

      I'm shy too, what I said was based on stories my friends tell about how they seduce straight men here and there lol I tried it once, because I like challenging myself, and It was exhilarating as it was pointless. That's when I realized while sometimes it's easier, I can't or want to be that kind of guy.

      Anyway, are they still there?




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