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  1. On 6/28/2018 at 9:24 PM, *X* said:

    I'm still loving this album


    Though I have to say, for her to stop promoting this after the release day to disappear and to not even try, she's a f**king waste of talent. There's literally no excuse.


    still love her though. :coffee:


    It's exactly like Britney, it's so damn frustrating. They both sabotage their own careers by refusing to adapt to the streaming generation and denying fans/GP all promo, and both try their hardest to ruin their natural beauty with horrific makeup and unnecessary lip injections. WHY?!

    "Promote something, I'm giving up on you...."


  2. One of the very few times I'll agree with Taylor, without adding any (un?)necessary shade:

    It sounds so silly, but I've been hypnotized by her laugh since I was a little girl. It's so contagious. Now I'm giggling over here, for no damn reason at 3:52 AM.

    The stoned, snort, and "attempting to speak Japanese and failing miserably" laugh are my favorites. :oknolol:

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Poe Dameron said:

    I actually preferred Circus intro.. It was amazing to see her descend from heavens :crying1:



    True, for me that was the second-best entrance, but just barely (and it's the only one I've gotten to witness live)! No one expected her to emerge from the freaking ceiling, and the ever-increasing roar of the crowd as she slowly descended during her official "comeback" (but don't call it that--:tehe:) was truly amazing.

    ETA: I think the BTI interlude during TCSBS was also her best interlude ever, and should definitely be incorporated into POM. It's a much stronger career retrospective than whatever they currently have.

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  4. On 7/2/2018 at 2:49 AM, Mr_Steven_Spears said:

    So is the tour selling well or not? I want uk dates but if it’s not doing well in America then I doubt she will bring here. 

    My US date for November is almost sold out; only (expensive ) tickets at the very, very back are still available. So, that date is doing well at least, but I have no clue about the rest. Sorry! Fingers crossed it's successful and makes it to the UK!

  5. 1 hour ago, cheri said:

    thank u for the effort. i've read this in lynne's book. i too was looking more for a reputable source like her dr (which isnt gonna happen), not a stage mom who has used her daughter since day 1. that's why i mentioned in a previous post to you that this information is typically confidential in a court of law and also mentioned that lynne's word really amounts to nothing, so i thought you may have confused it with tabloid sh.it bc it's easy to do when that's essentially what lynne is, which i see you are aware of too, given by how you say that there was no point in lutfi grinding up those meds into britney's food bc they don't have the desirable affects. maybe he did do it and was just unaware/uneducated though, or maybe it didnt happen at all, no idea

    unless an allegation is being thrown around (for example a family member such as lynne accusing another person of drugging britney) these things are seldom revealed to the public via psychiatrists mouths especially (unless of course their patient dies under suspicious medical circumstances regarding their medication, for example mj)

    we established in this thread too that since it says in the court documents (1169-1170) that sam was the one creating such networks and handling britney's affairs (they specifically say "rehabilitation" and "prescription medication" and that he tried to coax her into seeing a psych 2 days before her 5150 but was unsuccessful) and that her actual medical condition whatever it may be has been determined as an "undisclosed illness that will never be revealed to the public". so we cannot take the word of lynne, because britney may have been misdiagnosed by a crummy dr (especially considering lutfi was the one administering those proceedings)

    plus these allegations were tossed out in court in late 2012 too, and as we know just a couple yrs ago britney paid sam in the low 6 figures in order to settle the defamation case.

    there is one thing adnan and lynne do agree on tho, which is interesting to this ordeal, is that britney was popping sam's adderall pills. lynne says she found out when britney checked into UCLA. sam says he has an rx for adderall due to his ADD. i do believe britney was abusing those pills, willingly or not who knows, certainly no one on this forum, but how else would lynne and adnan possibly know to namedrop adderall. they don't have the friendliest relations so it isn't like it would be brought up in trivial convo and i doubt it is guess work either. the adderall makes even further sense when we see that britney tested positive for amphetamine in november 07 

    that being said, if britney did take risperdal and seroquel, it does not confirm a mental illness in relation to those drugs (though another mental illness could be present of course, i don't deny that, i just deny knowing WHAT exactly it COULD be bc in reality no one on this forum will know unless britney outright discloses something herself), nor does it refute a mental illness in relation to those drugs either. we don't know how good the dr was (esp since sam allocated people in that field) plus she was seeing a parental therapist on top of that as a part of rectifying her custodial issues, we don't know if britney purposely lied/was not sincere about any detrimental info to the dr (which she has a tendency of doing publicly, we have caught her out many times) since it's been said she didn't want to see drs at the time and her lack of fu.cks in general at that time too, we don't know whether she was under the influence of something that would affect her behavior while being treated (britney missed 8 out of 14 drug tests so it was clear she was hiding something that she should not have been taking on her own accord) there are many elements that come into play.

    overall i do think britney suffers from anxiety, not because i personally speculate (i dont have a view on what she has, whether it's bipolar etc), but because she has spoken about anxiety herself in interviews.  whether that means she suffers from it or simply feels anxious some days i don't know, but it's the closest anyone outside of her cadre has ever gotten (because it's simply not our business to know). i do not think it is "obviously nearly crippling" as u say, and it goes without saying you are entitled to make such speculations, but i don't believe there is anything obvious about that, for the reasons i have stated previously in this thread to you. overall we don't know her at all, its "determined" by fans studying some frames accumulated over the years and the word of a stage mother whose allegations were thrown out of court in 2012 and the rest of the defamation case paid off by britney in 2016. which i find strange since this has been ongoing since 2008, why did they suddenly decide to pay him off after so many years of such a well.. vacillating case :cackling: strange 

    just because somebody is "diagnosed" does not mean that diagnosis is correct (and again, especially since it was under a dr that was assigned by lutfi, it is easy to corrupt people like that, lutfi had the means to do it) i mean, take for example fran drescher, she was misdiagnosed by 8 different doctors until she FINALLY found out she had uterine cancer! so if a team of "professionals" can f**k that up, then imagine how an otherwise honest practitioner can f**k up something that can be perceived as precarious as a mental illness. then imagine how a dr who doesnt abide by hippocratic oath could be influenced too. i actually read that experts estimate that misdiagnosis account for approximately 40% rates. that's scary. there's just so many factors that take place, as you know, so it is impossible to go there because we really don't know every detail when it comes to every cook in the kitchen, so to speak. 

    and oh, i know, i understand what you're saying, i am not claiming that lutfi could have done something along those lines to make britney feel drugged out (as u say it's highly unlikely to use those meds to achieve that) but it's entirely possible he did that to convince her she is sick, especially since we know he was trying to coax her into seeing therapists under his approval etc (self admitted). lynne (if we go by lynne's word) also claims lutfi used to play a lot of mind games with britney in order to gain authority. so that is entirely a possibility too. personally i think both are leeches :cackling: 

    and thanks again for the effort too i appreciate it!

    No problem at all, and I appreciate such a thoughtful and lengthy response! Despite my own deductions regarding her condition(s), you definitely made points I agree with. I also have a highly difficult time taking Britney's parents' word at face value, which creates a whole new variable in trying to decode the situation. 

  6. 7 hours ago, cheri said:

    can u link me to these please? bc i've only ever seen an article saying she has an undisclosed illness that will never be revealed to the public.

    "The arrangement states that due to an undisclosed mental illness and past substance abuse, Britney cannot make personal or financial decisions without the approval of her father and lawyer Andrew Wallet."

    & also people are incorrectly diagnosed all the time, so it doesnt tell us much either.


    7 hours ago, Lilith said:

    people get wrongly diagnosed all the time and also Britney was actually abusing Sam's ADHD meds  :)  and I'd like links of that "bit of medical history" please if it's possible thank you. Because such medical records actually wouldn't get revealed in public so I find it hard to believe there was a court record with actual medical history and medicines list bc in fact they tried to lock those records from the publics view. A decade ago with no valid official records known in public regarding her medical condition or her medications whatsoever and only a whole tonz of rumors circulating around about her are not proof. No serious doctor in the entire world would ever even dare to make an armchair diagnosis without evaluating himself the patients condition AND other doctors too to make sure the diagnosis is accurate.

    Okay, so I found reference to two of the antipsychotics Britney was prescribed by a psychiatrist, but refused to take on her own volition (which is extremely common amongst mentally ill people, due to a condition called anosognosia), and Lutfi was allegedly grinding them up in her food in an attempt to treat her symptoms so she would retain custody of her children. An excerpt:

    Britney, Lynne wrote, was in "an agitated state" and kept changing her clothes as well as her dogs' clothes. Lynne then discovered her daughter was taking the antipsychotic medications Risperdal and Seroquel, but didn't seem always to be aware of it or know why. 

    So, Risperdal is one of the most commonly prescribed antipsychotics for bipolar with psychotic features, schizoaffective disorder and schizophrenia, while Seroquel is an antipsychotic approved for the treatment of schizophrenia, bipolar and major depressive disorder with psychotic features. Continued from the article:

    When Britney asked about seeing her children, Lynne said that Sam lied to her and told her she'd see her children two days later, even though she currently has no custodial visitation rights. Lynne wrote, "Britney then said, 'What do I have to do to see them?' Sam responded, 'Take the pills I tell you to take.' Britney said, 'I don't like the pills and I don't like the psychiatrist. Can't I see another psychiatrist so I can see my babies?' Sam responded, 'If I told you to take 10 pills a day, you should do what I tell you to see your babies.' "

    So, even though Britney's parents tried to paint Lutfi as some horrible monster that was drugging her to keep her compliant and confused (which is frankly possible, as we simply don't know enough about him and the two disparate sides of the lawsuit had an incredible amount of money—and reputation—on the line), these are NOT the pills you would grind in someones food to make them lethargic, compliant and unaware of their surroundings. You wouldn’t even get a prescription for them without sufficient cause.

    To keep someone docile, you would use hypnotic-sedatives, opiates and/or benzodiazepines, particularly in concert with alcohol, or MAYBE even an old-school typical antipsychotic (both of the aforementioned drugs she was prescribed, however, are atypical antipsychotics). And frankly, as someone who has worked with people who have been actively psychotic and/or severely manic, you realize rather quickly that one will try whatever administration means necessary to get those pills into their system to correct the chemical imbalance, even if it sounds barbaric to an outsider.

    Further, the paparazzi captured pictures of Britney not just daily but multiple times per day, and she was consistently exhibiting signs consistent with mania, not lethargy (particularly no evidence of slowed motor movement, which is a classic side effect of too much and/or the incorrect antipsychotic).

    It's even mentioned by Lynne these pills were prescribed by a psychiatrist, and a psychiatrist will NOT prescribe antipsychotics lightly due to the likelihood of severe side effects, and they’re hardly ever the first line of defense during acute episodes of mental illness (an antidepressant, typically an SSRI like Prozac, would be a far more likely initial psychiatric drug to dispense unless there was clear evidence of mania and/or psychosis). And the client themselves wouldn’t ask for drugs within this class, because they don’t give you a high, make you feel good or offer any kind of other “perk.” So, all that to be said, this isn’t exactly what I was looking for, but I hope it helps.


  7. 2 minutes ago, cheri said:

    wait, so are u saying i have no basic understanding of forensic science? :cackling: bc i believe he should have taken one and i have fine understanding of forensic science. i may not have a degree in it, but im not an idiot when it comes to that either surprisingly. 

    Poorly worded on my part, and not what I intended to express. I believe you are knowledgeable in many ways, and wasn’t intending to be offensive in the slightest. I apologize for typing without thinking.

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  8. 6 minutes ago, cheri said:

    ur welcome, people will teach what is convenient for them i guess :cackling:  there have been many success rates with polygraphs, so i dont rule them out completely either, plus jacko is not a trained cia operative. though ofc they are not 100% foolproof, i never said they were so was puzzled why u disagreed really. but i mean if the police werent negligent when it came to the green river killers polygraph, it would've saved lives because his polygraph was indeed not a pass. :cackling: but what is true however is the stockpiles of evidence we have mentioned in this thread about jacko especially compared to lukes case bc for kesha we can only say "well... he was mean to some random fatties!" :cackling:


    2 minutes ago, Lilith said:

    and this :cackling:



    Also, I don’t know what kind of speed wpm typists you two are, but I cannot keep up with these replies any longer or my boyfriend is going to start pouting. :pieceofwhat: I’ll talk to you guys later, and appreciate the civil discussion despite some of our disagreements. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, cheri said:

    ur welcome, people will teach what is convenient for them i guess :cackling:  there have been many success rates with polygraphs, so i dont rule them out completely either, plus jacko is not a trained cia operative. though ofc they are not 100% foolproof, i never said they were so was puzzled why u disagreed really. but i mean if the police werent negligent when it came to the green river killers polygraph, it would've saved lives because his polygraph was indeed not a pass. :cackling: but what is true however is the stockpiles of evidence we have mentioned in this thread about jacko especially compared to lukes case bc for kesha we can only say "well... he was mean to some random fatties!" :cackling:

    Oh, what I disagreed with was that if he were innocent, he should’ve taken a polygraph to “clear his name,” when anyone with an even semi-competent attorney, or any basic understanding of forensic science, would know never to go that route.

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  10. 4 minutes ago, cheri said:

    but what is there to disagree on? i even said they are admissible in some states, not all, so obviously i am aware they are not the most palatable things known to mankind:cackling:

    btw about the green river killer that's actually wrong, the fbi later determined that he indeed failed his polygraph test

    Thanks for the info on Ridgway, that information has been taught for years without the new findings being added. However, other notorious serial killers, like Ted Bundy, have passed them, and trained CIA operatives/spies are taught to pass them routinely.

    And just anecdotally, we had them administered in my forensic psychology course to demonstrate their fallibility, and because I'm naturally an anxious person, I indicated deception even when telling the truth (the question was regarding my name of all things, ha). 

  11. 17 minutes ago, cheri said:

    and he refused to go through a lie detector :cackling:and while they are not admissible in every state, why was he so nervous to do it? he said he'd do anything to clear his name. that would at least help by agreeing to it, why not do it?  :cackling: anything to clear his name = pay over 20mil in out of court settlements. it's more than "chances" at this point :cackling:@LostInAnImage

    Oh, well here is where I fundamentally disagree. They are inadmissible in court for a reason: it’s junk science. Research finding after research finding has concluded they are about 51% accurate, so no better than chance. One might as well flip a coin. All a “lie detector test” does is measure your physiological state of arousal, with the faulty premise that an honest person will be relaxed while a guilty person will have elevated heartbeat, increased sweat conduction, etc.

    But that premise is patently false, which is why many people have previously been falsely accused (and then later exonerated) based upon the findings. The reasons for this are two-fold: naturally anxious people, or even people who are simply feeling anxious because they’re under suspicion for a crime, will have results indicating deception even whilst innocent. In contrast, a true sociopath/psychopath has chronically lowered heartbeat and level of physiological arousal; in fact, many are unable to experience the sensation of fear or pain at all due to an underactive amygdala. For example, Gary Ridgway (aka “The Green River Killer”), the highly prolific serial killer, successfully passed a polygraph.

    So, if an American citizen is ever called into questioning by law enforcement, the only intelligent course of action is to evoke your right to an attorney, and then remain silent. And I guarantee that if the attorney is even minimally competent, he will advise you not to ever take a polygraph, whether you’re innocent or guilty. 

  12. 28 minutes ago, cheri said:

    it certainly is not! correct! bc lawfully being found not guilty does not mean you are innocent. there is a clear distinction between the two in fact. in the u.s they find defendants not guilty meaning not enough beyond reasonable doubt evidence to convict u. ur guilt couldnt be proven, nor could your innocence. thankfully he was never found innocent, because evidence points the other way. it's strange to me how kesha fans can believe every word that vomits from her mouth and ruin dr lukes career but michael jackson is commemorated just bc he made some great songs. dont understand. i guess its convenient when its a singer people like, rather than a behind the scenes music producer. :cackling:

    Well I’m not a fan of Kesha but am inclined to believe her because of the multitude of corroborating statements from other female artists, particularly ones who purposely always stay away from drama and tabloid fodder (e.g., Kelly Clarkson). 

    But people also seem to conveniently forget that MJ was publicly ridiculed and rather ubiquitously reviled until post-mortem; then he was suddenly celebrated as an artist and the King of Pop once again. In the decade or so prior to his death, he was largely known as “Wacko Jacko” and all his bizarre behavior (e.g., dangling his baby off a hotel balcony) was what he was known for, rather than his musical legacy. 

  13. Sorry Katy, but respect  is earned, not given. When you make statements like this:


    Engage in ridiculously drawn-out, immature conflicts like the one with Taylor Swift:


    And then release terrible music with even worse performances, you can’t expect to have your #1s handed to you on a silver platter anymore. Toughen up, improve your skills, ignore petty high school bullshit, or get out of the business because the criticism won’t stop.

  14. 3 minutes ago, Lilith said:

    chances? I'm sorry but a child seeing his d!ck and describing a specific mark that would be visible only if he went up close and the penis was erect is "chances" he was a child predator? :cackling: that's like saying "chances are he is a killer" if u see a video of someone shooting some stranger :cackling: what chances. it's not hypothetical or doubtful.

    Well, the analogy isn’t quite right. Seeing a video of someone committing the actual act of homicide would be analogous to watching a video of Jackson actually assaulting a victim. I say “chances are” simply because he was found not guilty by the judicial system on all 14 counts in his 2005 trial, not that it’s an indication of innocence by any means (I.e., OJ Simpson). 

  15. 3 minutes ago, cheri said:

    it's in the cases court documents which were filed and confirmed by a professional investigator who has been in the industry for 50 years and investigated over 4000 pedophilia/child sex cases. the dark blemish & its location was an accurate description of michael's penis & it wasnt a mark u could see unless you were up close. :cackling:

    lmfao yes, now THAT one is obvious to anyone. @LostInAnImage :cackling:

    Oh, are you referring to my reluctance to withhold judgment re: MJ pedophilia claims? I just wanted to do the full, objective research before coming to a conclusion, as it’s a serious accusation to make. I play devil’s advocate as much as possible prior to arriving at any stance. I like debating, even with myself. Hah. But as it stands, I concede it doesn’t look good for him at all, and chances are he was, in fact, a child predator. 

  16. If a photoshoot dedicated to showing off his muscles and best Zoolander impersonation is him being “crazy humble,” I can’t imagine what a giant douche he was beforehand.

    ETA: I know this is unfair because I don’t know him personally, and it’s none of my business who Britney dates. But first impressions are everything, and after his disgusting comments about homeless individuals came to light soon after they started dating, I haven’t been able to stand him. 

  17. 3 hours ago, Kisle said:

    I like this performance! She seems to have a lot of fun with it!

    Yeah, that’s why I’m always excited whenever she adds any new number, no matter how much I like or dislike the track on its own (although I’ve actually always been a fan of “Clumsy” unlike most on here)! But I definitely believe her whenever she so frequently references needing to add something new to “keep it fresh,” because she visibly has fun whenever new numbers are included (good example being “Pretty Girls,” which was actually one of the most energetic performances at the time). So yeah, I really like this too, it’s fun and cute. 

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