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  1. Lady Gaga was spotted in NYC today, dressed in an all-leather ensemble reminiscent of the Born This Way era. She was reportedly headed to a photoshoot. I wouldn’t personally wear a leather outfit in the middle of summer, but as always, Gaga’s commitment to fashion is admirable.
  2. That's really nice of you to say, but I believe you possess the exact same abilities! So the pleasure has been all mine. Funnily enough, I never quite regarded the album within that context but then started contemplating it after reading your comment. Then, just now as I was taking some rather embarrassing click-bait quizzes on BuzzFeed, I stumbled upon this article which specifically delineated and adulated the sheer grandiosity of her original idea for AP. Subsequently, now whilst personally considering a project of that undertaking, I'm finding myself impressed with what she did manage to accomplish. I knew an interactive ARTPOP app was supposed to come out accompanied by the album, but then she lost or changed managers right as the era started, fractured her hip as the tour started and everything else she had visualized kind of fell apart before it could come to life. Anyway, that was all I really knew until reading the following link, aside from some of the really obvious points (e.g., inspiration for “Venus” is clearly from the Botticelli painting). Anyway, it’s a very quick read and I thought you might enjoy it! https://www.buzzfeed.com/aaronlovett/reasons-lady-gaga-artpop-masterpiece?utm_term=.uozqKrQWP#.rmpA6ZoOb
  3. I've been to all of her tours and those have all been just phenomenal, but although I also own all her albums, musically TF, TFM, and BTW are my favorites. (With TFM being my #1; it was just absolute pop perfection from start to finish. I personally believe she created her magnum opus too early in her career since everything thereafter will forever be automatically compared to its level of quality and idiosyncratic type of content, but I suppose that can’t really be helped). But, she really skyrocketed into instant global superstardom in a way I have only personally witnessed on one other occasion, and that was with Britney. And with the music industry being what it is today (I.e., far too accessible to the public via social media and oversaturated with highly similar artists and endless seasons of talent shows), I believe it’s impossible for anyone to maintain that level of fame for more than a few years, max. The public will inevitably either turn on you, or you’ll have a nervous breakdown, or some combination of the two will occur (which seemingly happened with LG). I totally agree about AP though, it had a ton of legitimately great, very solid pop tracks, with many being ahead of their time. The problem was the lack of cohesion, since about 1/3 of the tracklist was so experimental it didn't mesh with the existing radio-friendly tracks (e.g., DWUW, G.U.Y., Applause, Sexxx Dreams, Gypsy, etc.). And then a few songs were legitimately just really bad, like the worst tracks she’s ever recorded (I.e., “Jewels N Drugs”—no offense intended if you’re a fan!) But I do think the few bad songs were weird and/or jarring enough to throw off the flow of the album, thereby preventing the truly great tracks (and truthfully very interesting and creative concept) from shining. Joanne was my least favorite, although I did love a few tracks like “John Wayne” and “Dancin’ In Circles.” I appreciated the massive artistic risk in completely peeling back all the layers of “Lady Gaga” that she had spent years cultivating, and rather creating something so authentic and heartfelt (both lyrically and vocally). And, as stated previously, even all of the Joanne tracks I normally skipped over still managed to sound great in person. But overall, I think the primary issue was simply my hatred for country music (maybe it’s an acquired taste, and I’m not from the US originally). So, all the very heavy influences of folk, rock and country were not appealing to me in the slightest and I can't wait to hear and see what direction she goes next. To further my qualms regarding the Joanne era was what it meant for her as a visual artist. Arguably, Gaga’s emergence on the music scene elevated the MV experience like no pop artist has done since Britney, and Joanne, in all of its highly purposeful intent of simplicity, certainly didn’t have the appropriate style of music or overall theme necessary to deliver a typical Gaga video. (JW MV, however, was arguably on par with at least the bulk of her previous work, but then wasn’t even released as a single for some reason, as I’m sure you’re aware). So, with ALL THAT to be said, (sorry, I tend to veer a bit on the loquacious side and don’t realize it until it’s too late), I’m really glad to have another fellow LM here to get excited about ASIB (both movie and soundtrack), the new album (YAY!), and the residency (eh...mixed feelings) with.
  4. Holy sh!t! This actually looks high-budget! Has it been confirmed to be a new fragrance or is there a sliver of room for delusional fantasies pertaining to her music career?
  5. This legitimately made me laugh out loud. It seemed like you had nothing to actually contribute to the thread (probably because I didn’t post any real news or anything else even remotely noteworthy that was worth responding to ), so just to be nice, you made some super ambiguous comment that could apply to basically any human being.
  6. Hah, apparently so, judging by the overwhelming response, anyway. I know there’s a couple of Gaga fans/stans other than myself on here and figured they’d appreciate an update, but apparently I was wrong.
  7. I get what you’re saying, but in my opinion POM became increasingly raunchy (both costumes and choreography) as the years progressed. Although I agree that nothing is nearly as sexual as BOM/TOMH (particularly the former) from OHT.
  8. LostInAnImage

    exhale 1998 to 2004 will never be repeated

    Pop music was so fun during my childhood-adolescence. Spice Girls, BSB, Britney, Christina, *NSYNC, etc. All the focus was on choreography and spectacle and catchy dance music. *Sigh*
  9. LostInAnImage

    socialney Britney Is Cute As A Daisy In New Promo Pics!

    Love these, they’re so cute but not in an age-inappropriate cringey way. Between the last two M&G’s and these pics, she’s had the most adorable dresses the past few days. She really looks lovely.
  10. Well you may be right that she is simply lazy and unmotivated and thus this would have minimal to no efficacy, but in all fairness, it’s an actual legitimate form of therapy with a licensed professional, not simply a dance class. This explains the differences between dancing and dance therapy quite well, although it’s within the context of helping cure eating disorders rather than anxiety ones: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/hope-eating-disorder-recovery/201704/what-is-dance-movement-therapy
  11. I can’t believe dance therapy never occurred to me before; that’s a fantastic idea. I admittedly don’t know much about it, but a quick google search on its benefits revealed the following information: “Dance therapy is a healing approach that involves the use of dance and body movement to improve physical, emotional, and mental well-being. ... In addition, dance therapy is said to reduce stress, improve self-confidence, and enhance mobility and muscle coordination.” (Sounds like exactly what she needs, and would in all likelihood even enjoy).
  12. LostInAnImage

    news The Washington Post Review of POM Tour

    I (genuinely) applaud your ability to put a positive spin on everything. For those unaware, The Washington Post is one of the most respected journalistic outlets in the United States, and has been awarded with countless Pulitzer Prizes, a Peabody Award, etc for their excellence in investigative, national and international reporting. Hence, they are not going to write some shady Perez Hilton-esque review that’s filled with insults; the majority of their readers are well-read individuals with a particular interest in politics, and thus their journalists use rather recondite verbiage, expecting the reader to read between the lines, so to speak. That’s why it can be challenging to interpret some of their pop culture reviews.
  13. LostInAnImage

    news The Washington Post Review of POM Tour

    http://www.dictionary.com/browse/gonzo adjective 1. (of journalism, reportage, etc.) filled with bizarre or subjective ideas,commentary, or the like. 2. crazy; eccentric. noun 3. eccentricity, weirdness, or craziness. http://www.thesaurus.com/browse/gonzo Main Entry: gonzo Parts of Speech: adj Definition: bizarre Synonyms: crazy, far-fetched, insane, odd, strange, unconventional, weird, wild
  14. LostInAnImage

    news The Washington Post Review of POM Tour

    I agree, they’re the ones who paid for it! I was just offering my interpretation of the review since many members were questioning whether or not it was positive or negative.
  15. LostInAnImage

    news The Washington Post Review of POM Tour

    It’s honestly not a positive review, it’s a very politically correct way of saying she was all over the place: “It’s hard to remember Spears going this gonzo onstage back in her prime.” (Gonzo means bizarre) “She made those lines — between manic and ecstatic, past and present — feel blurry all the way through the show’s big finish, “Till the World Ends,” a gorgeous wad of existential bubble gum that instructs us to “keep on dancing” until time stops flowing. For a feel-good finale, it bristled with nervous energy — as if forever might not last as long as we had hoped.” This is essentially saying the show, and finale, was intended to be fun and energetic, but rather was marked by nerves and a manic energy that reminded the author she is no longer the performer she was in her prime. Additionally, it referenced the lipsynching multiple times, and alluded to how dated some of her earlier hits sound when mimed. So yeah, not positive but politely written.
  16. If I see one more person say “Britney has ticks” whilst referring to her performing style, I will lose my f**king mind. Ticks are parasitic arachnids, meaning they attach themselves to your body and suck your blood for sustenance. They also are largely responsible for the current rapid spread of Lyme disease in the US. Britney does not have ticks; however, even if she did, we would have no awareness of the fact, as tick bites rarely exhibit symptoms, and when they do, their severity would necessitate the attention of a medical professional. Hence, were she suffering from ticks, she would be in no condition to be up on stage, pissing Exhale off. However, Britney conceivably has tics, which are largely involuntary and habitual bodily movements and/or vocalizations; while performing, Britney arguably exhibits some relatively minor, albeit noticeable, anxiety-induced motor tics (e.g., seemingly compulsive, repetitive knee-bending neither belonging within the confines of rehearsed choreography nor improvised movement in accordance with the rhythm of the music). There is, however, no evidence of her suffering from a parasitic infestation. So, to recap, these are ticks: While these are potential tics: For further clarification, these are Tic Tacs, annoyingly tiny mints primarily used for freshening one’s breath: And this is Tic-Tac-Toe, a ludicrously simple, two-person game that children seem to enjoy: Thank you for your time and presumed alteration in subsequent spelling.
  17. As stated previously, I did watch it twice and was very cognizant of the concepts, themes, symbols and imagery presented. But again, I came to the conclusion that it’s all merely a tactic to generate controversy, and thereby sales, rather than part of any greater agenda. I don’t discount your personal experiences, and I am sure there are many highly disreputable, and even downright criminal, individuals within celebrity circles. I don’t doubt Hollywood is filled with some horrific secrets. But I believe the same is true within politics or any other prestigious position, as people are flawed and sometimes fucked up individuals receive too much power and money, further f**king them up and providing them means and resources to cause damage to countless innocent lives. It’s human nature: power corrupts and despite my agnosticism, I do believe that money truly is the root of all evil. Nevertheless, I am afraid I will remain wholly unconvinced there is any correlation between, for example, a disgustingly rich predator in charge and the music videos of a pop singer with relatively little power. I am running late so this will have to be my last response regarding this topic, but I appreciate the civil conversation despite our fundamental differences in opinion.
  18. I mean, the world has always been messed up. Murder, rape, war, slavery, etc has existed eons prior to pop music. And statistically, the world is safer right now than it ever has been during any other point in human history. As such, I personally don’t believe there is any agenda apart from music labels knowing that a controversial, viral video is one of few ways to sell albums in this current market. But we will just have to agree to disagree here!
  19. On its surface it may appear deep and as though it’s propagating a sociopolitical agenda of some kind, but it’s actually neither about religion nor history—in fact, just like 99% of pop songs, it’s simply about sex. The rest of the imagery is included to generate views, cause controversy and get people talking (and judging by the sheer number of articles already written in an attempt to “decode” the video, the PR has worked perfectly thus far). While all the individual references to mythology, feminism, etc make sense in and of themselves, there are a tremendous amount of them, and the majority are either merely loosely, or even entirely, unrelated to one another in any form of coherent storyline. Once I watched the MV a second time, I realized how holistically it falls completely apart whence looking at the whole rather than the individual parts. But back to the true meaning of the song: sex. Madonna did the exact same thing with “Like A Prayer,” she equated the ecstasy of sex (and the subsequent empowerment a woman possesses when performing fellatio on a man, and knowing his pleasure is entirely in her control) to that of having a religious experience, and then threw in a bunch of vague, religious symbolism in her music video to generate controversy. As such, the song was clearly the inspiration behind “God Is A Woman,” and thus it makes sense Madonna herself was featured (and why Ariana herself wore Madonna’s iconic cone bra in the video). As I stated previously, I don’t care for the song, but I wanted to clarify that it’s nothing nefarious as you’re implying—it’s just more of the same. Pop music = sex. Pop star = receives attention by evoking sex and offending conservative individuals. Nothing more, nothing less.
  20. LostInAnImage

    exhale You Guys Are Causing My Very First Meltdown

    Ah well this is actually a discussion on tics; you’re looking for the “Britney has tits” thread. Easy mistake.
  21. Where is she performing tonight?
  22. LostInAnImage

    exhale You Guys Are Causing My Very First Meltdown

    Is that reaction toward the ticks, tics, or my diatribe? All answers are understandable. I’m so glad it wasn’t just me. And yeah, I honestly start to become a bit anxious watching her perform sometimes, because her discomfort is nearly palpable and, at least personally, contagious. (Not unlike the manner in which ticks spread their misery, as they actually lie in wait and actively hunt for their next host). I don’t know why I have acquired so many tick facts, but now I’m unable to stop.