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  1. LostInAnImage

    video should they stop airbrushing her in music videos?

    Actually, there were several articles written by the media, along with the accompanying photos, regarding the extent of the airbrushing in the WB video: (I’m not here to debate the merits of it either way; every celebrity does it and it’s an inevitable part of the industry, although it admittedly sends a terrible message and I really wish the modifications weren’t so extreme. I mean, obviously I understand editing away a pimple or something, but one of the sites that posted these comparison pics said they thought the WB MV Britney was actually CGI. That, in my opinion, is probably a good indicator that it’s been used too liberally). But, needless to say, the general public definitely noticed: https://jezebel.com/britney-got-a-digital-slimdown-to-look-skinny-in-work-1445504715 https://m.eonline.com/uk/news/470211/was-britney-spears-body-airbrushed-in-the-work-bitch-music-video-see-the-before-and-after-photos https://stylecaster.com/britney-spears-airbrushed/
  2. LostInAnImage

    socialney Are you teeth snob because of Britney?

    Unless they’re done really well, veneers make people look like Disney Princes/Princesses, and not in a good way (you know how they always just have two separate rows of tooth, rather than individual teeth)? In my opinion, those Hilary Duff-type veneers honestly make people look like cartoon characters, while also paradoxically removing all character from their original face. (Although I am admittedly a fan of white teeth, and have definitely always loved Britney’s smile, there’s neverthelesss a fine line between “white, clean and attractive” and “creepy and unnatural.”)
  3. LostInAnImage

    socialney Are you teeth snob because of Britney?

    I think we just found the source of Katy Perry’s persistent animosity towards Britney: She desperately wants to show the world both rows of her teeth, but knows it makes her look like a lunatic.
  4. LostInAnImage

    socialney Are you teeth snob because of Britney?

    That immediately reminded me of when Hilary Duff got veneers for...reasons? They were shockingly bad and I couldn’t understand why such a pretty young girl did that to herself. Not to mention, as you referenced, the fact that her teeth literally became too big for her mouth! I wonder if she was even capable of closing it.
  5. LostInAnImage

    socialney Are you teeth snob because of Britney?

    They’re not a gimmick, at least not the Crest Whitestrips name brand ones. I’ve used them (one pack every year or two) since my early teens, and people almost always comment on how white my teeth are. Whitening toothpastes can help only minimally, they are more for minor upkeep inbetween each new whitening. Once you have whitened your teeth, a good tip is to always drink coffee, tea, dark soda, or anything else that stains your teeth through a straw. (Luckily I’m not a fan of red wine, because otherwise I WOULD be ridiculous enough to drink wine through a straw for the sake of my teeth). Also, if you’re a smoker or heavy coffee drinker, you may initially need two packs of whitening strips and use them back to back (so about a month total, as most packs are for 30 mins, twice a day, for two weeks). But overall point being: Crest home whitening strips are extremely effective and very affordable. ETA: And no, I am not their spokesperson nor have I otherwise been monetarily compensated for this review. ETAX2: Oh! I just remembered you also mentioned baking soda: please don’t utilize this method. While it will whiten your teeth, it wears down the enamel. Baking soda in and of itself is too abrasive for tooth enamel and will cause long term harm; however, it’s fine in small quantities in toothpastes.
  6. Whoever makes these gifs deserves a Nobel.
  7. LostInAnImage

    video Lucky just hit 100M! Criminal is next

    “Sane” is a pretty high standard these days, I don’t know if I’d go quite that far in describing myself as such. But I am really glad someone else agrees with me about FTBOMBH and/or DLMBTLTK and/or WAYN. Ugh, even the ACRONYMS for the first two songs are long as hell! Everything pertaining to these tracks is seemingly infinite!
  8. LostInAnImage

    video Lucky just hit 100M! Criminal is next

    I 100% anticipated this, and expected no less. ETA: I actually meant that in a good way, but that might’ve not come across as intended.
  9. LostInAnImage

    video Lucky just hit 100M! Criminal is next

    No! That song is seriously like six hours long, it’s impossible to stream more than twice a day.
  10. I’m sorry that Google is inexplicably so difficult for you: “As with several other artists recently, including Travis Scott, Ms. Grande’s sales were helped by a twist in the sales gimmick of bundling copies of the album with ticket sales — she gave away digital copies of her album when fans bought a $10 ‘tour pass,’ which simply gave them access to buy tickets before others. (The tour has not been announced yet.) Nicki Minaj, who slipped from No. 2 to No. 3, complained last week that Mr. Scott had benefited from enticing fans to an unannounced tour.” https://www.nytimes.com/2018/08/27/arts/music/ariana-grande-sweetener-billboard-chart.html But yes, keep being a child and using some laughing/crying emoji as a means of expressing yourself whenever you’re personally (somehow) unable to verify very recent and very public information. I’m sure your approach to both discourse and research will serve you very well at the 8-10 years you’ll inevitably spend at the local community college you’ll never obtain a degree from. ETA: You should feel honored, really, as I NEVER downvote people, no matter how stupid or offensive they may be. But your idiocy (and arrogant idiocy, at that, albeit wholly unfounded), has now effectively compounded with the other years of idiocy I’ve witnessed here, and I can’t think of anyone more deserving of a downvote than your lazy, stupid ass.