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  1. TBH, given how she usually kills it when she’s performing sans audience (e.g., rehearsals), it’d probably be a really good show!
  2. Pink would actually be very entertaining; she has the hits, the live vocals, and the spectacle. She’s an extremely consistent and impressive performer. I don’t know how they went from wanting an artist who’s essentially a one-woman Cirque du Soleil and then settling on the boredom that is Maroon 5, especially following the Coldplay backlash (and they are far more talented than Maroon 5; unfortunately, that kind of music just doesn’t translate well into that setting). Personally, I still think Kelly Clarkson deserves it, but I doubt she’d ever campaign for it. However, she has 20 years in the industry, a fantastic discography filled with hits, and most importantly people absolutely love her. She's not polarizing, which is perfect for something like the SB. Also, regardless of one’s stance on the NFL kneeling/not kneeling debate, Rihanna deserves props for staying true to her beliefs even though it means she’s turning down the opportunity of a lifetime. SB halftime show is as big as it gets for a popstar, so that’s commendable. I'd also love to see Eminem do it, and arguably no one in the industry deserves it more in terms of sales, longevity and cultural impact. Just this year alone he’s had two #1 albums. However, every other word would wind up being censored and it would be a mess. Shakira would be another great choice, IMO.
  3. I definitely agree with you regarding the setlists and the revamp—2.0 was great for stans, but that’s not the majority of the Vegas audience. And when something is advertised as a “greatest hits show,” leaving out classic, beloved songs (e.g., “Lucky,” “Sometimes”) as well as #1 hit singles (“Hold it Against Me,” “3”), is a bit misleading for the average consumer. I'm also eagerly anticipating new music. Even though I adore her discography and she undeniably boasts a huge catalog of hits, there are only so many ways to keep performing the same exact songs, particularly when immediately succeeding five years of performances occurring multiple times per week. I hope that we will soon hear credible news regarding either an impending single or album. ETA: I poke fun at the residency announcement, but I’m actually super excited to see what they have planned and what the setlist will be. I know it’s super unlikely, but I really want her to include “Overprotected,” “My Prerogative,” and “Hold It Against Me” this time around, and also put “I Wanna Go,” “Lucky” and “3” back in. I’d also love to see Baby and Oops performed individually rather than as a nearly unrecognizable medley, and the inclusion of some ballads would also be great and make the show feel less frantic and rushed.
  4. The fans have to stand on the street and watch Britney’s performance from an outdoors monitor.
  5. This kind of section with songs such as “Just Like Me” would be incredible for the fans. We’d actually hear her REAL voice! I don’t think Britney understands how significant that would be for her fanbase. It would show that she is still creatively involved and wants to evolve as an artist, and is finally ready to let the world hear her true voice. “Born To Make You Happy” would be a fantastic acoustic performance as well.
  6. Watch them continue to pay dust to Overprotected and HIAM, but grandfather the Migos “dance break” and Missy Elliott medley into the new show.
  7. This is Team B. The same team that has made 18,000 iterations of a perfume intended for pre-adolescent girls with fantasies (although to be fair, everyone has one—both a fantasy as well as at least one version of the perfume at this point). Anyway, they will milk this new residency until B20. And we’ll all still be here for it.
  8. LostInAnImage

    other Celebrities Wearing Britney Merchandise

    You’re not familiar with the best-selling artist of the 2000s decade, who thereby relegated Britney to the #2 spot?
  9. LostInAnImage

    other Celebrities Wearing Britney Merchandise

    Also, does this count? (I low-key want this shirt).
  10. LostInAnImage

    other Celebrities Wearing Britney Merchandise

    Aqua was the first CD I ever purchased! I was all about them, the BSB and the Spice Girls. Good times.
  11. That is a completely illogical argument, and if she wins I’ll be so embarrassed for her. It’ll inevitably lead to the GP looking up videos from the tour to see what amazing show managed to beat out the likes of Beyonce, Taylor* etc., and then about 10 seconds into any given clip the backlash will be overwhelming. I’d rather people remember her when she “repeaked” as a performer with the BBMA medley or even VMA 2016. Because seriously, most of us have been stans since 1998, and even we couldn’t sit through 30 second IG clips of that hot mess otherwise referred to as the POMT. *FWIW, I think Taylor is a terrible singer, dancer and overall entertainer, but her production blows Britney out of the water, and her seemingly genuine fan interaction adds a lot to the experience.
  12. This was hilarious, and I actually sang the whole thing out loud...but in Sia’s voice for some weird reason.
  13. They did not. Please tell me they didn’t do that. Did that really happen? Did the fu*king PIECE OF ME TOUR win for best tour of the year at the People’s Choice Awards!?