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  1. I get offended when somebody downvotes. A few days ago I posted something really positive and somebody downvoted me and I was like "what was that for bish?" But i rarely get downvoted because I try to be polite with my opinions even if they are unpopular. That's why I also don't downvote people unless they are being rude.
  2. I love you Britney! Your music makes my life so much happier and full of life. Your personality and the way you carry yourself inspires me do be kind and motivates me to get through the rough moments and to be thankfull. You are truly a ray of light on all our lives and we hope you know that!
  3. YES 100% The patient can decide wether they even get treatment andhave the right to chose which meds they take and doctors HAVE to listen to their clients. No doctor, family member or friend can force treatment on people (unless you're in an illegal conservatorship)
  4. After listening to the whole thing I don't think he know as much as he is trying to portray. I feel like half of this is just speculation on his part and he doesn't know much about britney fans or what is going on in this conservatorship. He is just sam's friend not britney's. I'll take what he says with a grain of salt.
  5. Wait, he said that he watched Britney and Madonna kiss over and over in rehersal but didn't Britney say that they only kissed on stage and it was just an idea in rehersal? Do I remember that wrong?
  6. How does physically stoping somebody from having a baby work? Did they mess with her reproductive organs? Are they crushing birth control pill into her food? Lawsuits better start flying around once this whole circus is done. And can somebody tell these people that the people on instagram ARE NOT THE FANS AND FOR SURE ARE NOT WATCHING THESE MAKEUP ARTISTS ON RANDOM PODCASTS
  7. Billy spoke to Vogue Brazil and I translated the parts where he speaks. Full article: https://vogue.globo.com/celebridade/noticia/2020/10/maquiador-diz-britney-spears-e-isolada-pelo-pai-e-defende-cantora-e-absurdo-alguem-sugerir-que-ela-tenha-demencia.html Vogue Brazil's reporter tried to speak to Billy after a declaration online saying "Britney was bossed around by a dictator". "You want to talk about Britney's conservatorship? What a coincidence, I'm texting her right now" he answered immediately. This was the first time Billy was able to speak to the singer those days. According to him, she was not reachable, possibly because her phone was confiscated by her dad, originating in anger. "But she had another phone, a backup, I just didn't talk about it online", he said. In 2012 Britney was ready to lauch "Fantasy Twist", the tenth fragrance from her billionaire perfume empire when Billy was hired to do her makeup by cosmetics giant, Elizabeth Arden. (...) Around that time he also did makeup for the singer's "Scream and Shout" music video, her song with Will.i.am. "It's one of the jobs that I am most proud of. Britney and I connected immediately e she seemed very happy", he recalls. However, Billy's impression would change by the third time he would get a call, when he was hired to do the makeup for the entire season of X-Factor that same year. (...) "Se was already in a conservatorship at that time, I didn't know that but I immediately noticed that something was terribly wrong. Britney didn't need to send a sign, it was apparent. She was very isolated, no friend could get close, not even Demi Lovato or Khloe Kardashian that were her work colleagues which was very weird" he says. "Britney would never be late, she was always early which is rare in Hollywood. Today I know that would happen because she was being completely controlled".(...) "There were days where she would cry, cry... But the show had to go on. It was a sad time." Being watched by workers hired by Britney's dad, Billy ended up being cut out of the team due to his close relationship with her. "There is a rule in Hollywood, in general it is not a good idea to become close with the clients. It's dangerous when it comes to a long lasting work relationship. The moment the manager sees that the person is starting to trust you, you're out. Many people warned me about that, especially about what it was like working with Britney Spears and how everything happened. Even being a grown woman with children she was being controlled and extremely protected." (...) Her dad put out reports that the singer suffered from dementia which would give him the right to keep her under the conservatorship. "I can say without a doubt that Britney Spears does not have dementia. It is completely absurd that somebody would suggest that. Not only is it wrong, but it's disgusting. To go on stage in Las Vegas, sing, dance and entertain millions of people she's fine, but when she gets off the stage the law says she is not capable of doing anything else?" "The situation that Britney is in is surrounded by conspiracy theories. Specially around her father, Britney's wish is that he is removed as sole conservator. He has total control over absolutely everything at the moment. She asked for thatthrough her lawyer. About her mom, I don't even know what to say. She went to court to have the right to say something."
  8. I believe this means that juno is trying to move the money to stonebridge, a company that Loucifer has ties to even though they are claiming that it's independent. We already know that Sam is aware that this connection exists since he already hinted at it twice in previous petitions. But also let's not forget that Lou Taylor's company increased 600 million $ in capital this year so that money might have already been moved.
  9. Can't wait till Jamie and co get kicked to the curb so we can finally make some sense over what the hell is going on
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