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  1. Or simple things that she adds to the songs like additional words will get her writing credits
  2. Britney got writting credits on perfume because of the ad libs that she does, so technically she "wrote" part of the song
  3. Chile anyway.... If you're shady like your friends it will come to the light and i'll be here for it
  4. I didn't say you didn't, the truth is everybody posted something that was usefull but some of yall are waaaayy more suspecious than others. In this case LFB is sus af because of the dumb stuff that they post and you are sus by association. What's not clicking?
  5. They keep supporting the same person that was involved in putting britney in the conservatorship and kept her in it for 12+ years. Also he was involved in the killing of Casey Kasem. You also support that?
  6. That would be something to consider if we hadn't heard Britney herself say the words "process of eliminating the conservatorship" back 08
  7. Meaner03? I didn't know untill today honey, truly the last of 2020 came with the revelations
  8. How come you are supporting an account that agreed that the conservatorship is not abusive?? Care to answer??
  9. How can you say that when they have literally said that there is no abuse going on? That makes you look bad. And why did you delete? You are only making it worse for yourself
  10. From what I saw meaner tweet yesterday/today they were tweeting in support of LFB because they were getting dragged because of their continuous and ridiculous support for Sam Ingaham. Because of that people also started to bring back receipts of LFB saying that the conservatorship was not abusive. At this point meaner kept on tweeting in support for them. When all the big accounts posted the exposé, meaner tweeted that he was done and mentioned something about being unhappy with the names being exposed and that he was done with the movement. Next thing you know his account is gone. I believe he was somehow connected to LFB, panicked and deleted. As for the LFB account, it might have been mass reporting but at this point it wouldn't surprise me if they did something to themselves just to claim that Britney's Gram is after them.
  11. Accounts are not "going down". Meaner tweeted that they were leaving the movement right before his account was down (because of the exposé), and I'm pretty sure LFB is just pretending that their account was hacked for sympathy points
  12. Oh I'm not saying that he is. I don't know, what made me say this was the fact that he was defending LFB on twitter and saying that he doesn't want to a be a part of the movement anymore when we have other reliable accounts all agreeing that they are not on our team. I believe those accounts because I already saw that they were shady weeks ago so this only confirmed what I already knew and I am not surprised. So the questions is: why would meaner be the only one defending them? Only time will tell
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