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  1. Yeah, that's what I was thinking too. It wasn't a big fire, and there wasn't a need to call the fire department I guess. And maybe they couldn't get the smoke smell out of the equipment or something so they decided to throw 'em away or something like that.
  2. Here's link to the article. Wayback Machine link Breathe On Me should have had a video, And Then We Kiss should have been a single, Strangest Love should have been released. Blackout deserved more, but as @Blackout2006 already said, Circus was much needed and helped to clean her image so.. Yeah. Unusual You & Mannequin should have been singles tho! Like, maybe have a 3 video trilogy with Circus - Mannequin - Unusual You with a cute story? Idk. Madonna feat could also have been iconic, I love MATM but I feel like there could have been something, idk, bigger? And maybe have a Human Nature remix where Britney is singing too? Glory obvs should have had more singles too.
  3. Been listening to this since it leaked, I'd say it's her best album so far. My favourites are We Appreciate Power, My Name Is Dark, 4ÆM, Darkseid.
  4. I'll go with Britney, Britney Jean/Circus coming next. While I do love Blackout photoshoot too and the theme, I don't think it's the best. I would love to see more from that priest and motorbike scene, those are HOT
  5. Idk why everyone is hating it? I think it's a cool pic and she looks f**king cool
  6. Uhm. I voted the "Curious" pic, I love her hair there.
  7. Definitely better than the official version, while it's not the ideal Britney video. Good job with the editing!
  8. Hello if u need to sneeze i have tissue

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