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  1. We share the same opinion on Glory, Brave New Girl, and maybe Chaotic 🙂
  2. Amazing! ❤️ You really did a great story The edit was nice too!
  3. It would certainly gained a lot of views. Youtube was released in 2005 (the same as Chaotic). If the videos were directly released in the platform, they would be considered as "Youtube classics" by now even if Chaotic was generally panned.
  4. I love the male version of Britney
  5. I remember Don't Go (Knocking On My Door)
  6. Wow. Thank you for compiling this.. Reading the October-November 2006 portion makes me think that there was already something negatively going on between them (which was odd knowing how Britney was soooo clingy to Kevin) I highly suspect that Britney's post-partum depression from 2 successive childbirths (alongside other things) played a significant role in what happened in 2007. Kevin was such a huge part on how her life turned around. I wish that i would never meet a Kevin Federline of mine in the future.
  7. Not surprised. Only the fans made effort. Her team did not give s***.
  8. I know most of you don't like Sam Asghari but i want him to have an AMA.
  9. I like to pretend that the " original" Glory cover (or should i say, screenshot?) never existed. Oops
  10. I love Rebelney. If it happened, we got to see who she really is to the maximum level. She would have really exposed the "voodoo that they do" if you know what i mean. Original Doll would have been released fully. It might not be a hit on GP but it would be a truly fan favorite. I really wish that she had been a strong, independent woman. I'm so sad that it ended up her being in c-ship I miss her personal letters to her fans. I wish social media was widespread at that time. Imagine her uploading songs from Original Doll on soundcloud or instagram or wherever she likes. Imagine what her twitter account would look like. She would have reached out to her fans way better.
  11. I totally agree. Even as a little kid i had a glimpse of the world before social media and internet took over. I'm living in the Philippines, a third-world country. The 2000s were like the extension of the 90s. Our family did not even have a personal computer until 2008! (Imagine?) I remembered the hype of Britney around 2002 because back then, there was no choice but radio, TV, CDs and cassettes only. You actually have to buy posters and physical magazines on stores. It was different, people were not busy with their phones 24/7. You will really crave for Britney music because you'll only hear them when you switch on the actual media players.
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