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  1. Non binary and trans are two different things. I don’t think she was being insensitive to the trans community. I think she was referencing the various new terms people are identifying with. It’s a new wave and some people don’t understand fully.
  2. Personal use I’m not intending on making profit I’m just looking to do it for fun show my friend maybe put on YouTube. Whatever use is legal lol
  3. Hey everyone! So this may be a stupid question but I saw a topic on breatheheavy that had some blonde guy recorded his own version of Welcome To Me demo of Britney Spears. i have been looking into talking a producer one of my brother has recorded with and I’m looking to record 2 unreleased Britney demos Black Widow and Vertigo on my own. i guess I’m looking for some professional advice on the ins and outs of doing this.
  4. I love when Britney Spears looks like she's wearing lingerie in her vegas show, does anyone know what the name is of the waist corset she keeps wearing. I want them Lol
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