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  1. Sounds good to me!! Just fyi #JusticeForBionic is happening June 8th that's why I mentioned that
  2. Featured on the homepage @iAlwaysSingLive
  3. Featured on the homepage @Bmtaggart! Just as long as it's not ON June 8th
  4. I interviewed them years ago and I totally forgot about it til I saw your topic
  5. Really appreciate that insight The BH Community was.... a choice I think I was just so desperate to try and get people to pay attention to the other things I was writing about that I stopped listening to the members who actually care about this place. I remember in February Britney had some conservatorship hearing, and I posted about it in the BH Community (since Exhale was closed) and something went wrong. Replies were appearing in random order and I just couldn't understand. That platform (powered through Wordpress) was so confusing, and I literally snapped and re-opened Exhale without even explaining anything and here we are
  6. So happy to have you here @PokemonSpears AND be part of the team You're cheating on Exhale with YouTube?! haha. It's so interesting to me that so many people lurk for literal YEARS before wanting to join. I look forward to the day there are more members on than guests.
  7. Totally disagree 😇 People know the story we've created in our minds. We don't really know her story from her point of view.
  8. Thank you! Super crazy right? Officially half of my entire life.
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