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  1. I do realize there's another side to this: that he's protecting the trademark from falling in the hands of Lou Taylor, for example. However, it's interesting that he could be the gate keeper of the commercial use of this trademark. He probably wouldn't, but he *could* stop people from using it. The potential to is what I find interesting and worth thinking about.
  2. I am not going to oppose this. It's not my place to. I also feel uncomfortable reaching out to him as he's publicly talked bad about me/BH. I tried to advise him way back when to *not* pursue a legal battle with Lou Taylor and apparently that was bad advice lol. I mean, I felt her wrath later too and I think I handled it in a way that was way less of a headache, but what do I know lol. Ultimately it boils down to this for me: will trademarking the hashtag help Britney Spears? People accuse me all the time of using Britney for personal gain and profiting off the Free Britney movement. It's a fine line. I think straight up throwing #FreeBritney on merchandise... that's dicey and it doesn't sit well with me. Ultimately, it doesn't matter whether it sits well with me or not so Bryan is free to proceed. He can print it on hats and T shirts but I imagine her lawyers will put a stop to it quickly.
  3. JLo is such a queen, but sis is so out of touch some times She announced a new social media challenge. I think you're supposed to throw away all your valuable belongings and then take your top off? I'm not really sure. The comments are all dragging her cause, well, we're in a pandemic, it's winter and she's at the beach, and most people can barely afford rent and she's out her tossing jewelry. Any of you down to participate? Related:
  4. 002: Receptacles 005: Adhesives 022: Games, Toys and Sporting Good 023: Cutlery, Machinery, Tools and Parts Thereof 029: Brooms, Brushes and Dusters 037: Paper and Stationery 038: Prints and Publications 050: Merchandise Not Otherwise Classified IDK why, but something about this doesn't feel right to me. This is why I have said I feel uncomfortable being credited for starting the term. Because I don't feel as if I or anyone should take ownership of it. And now someone is literally taking ownership of it. From an intellectual property standpoint, to keep it "protected" from the conservatorship team... that's an interesting concept, but ultimately... her team could counter and say you cannot trademark a phrase with the name "Britney" in it because it is her likeness. My spidey sense are tingling.
  5. It appears The Weeknd is releasing a Greatest Hits, and fans are speculating it's the same as his Super Bowl halftime show setlist. It's 18 songs, which is huge for a halftime show, but his is going to be longer than the usual 12 minutes. Pepsi decided to cut some of their commercials and gave him the time to perform instead. It's going to be epic. You think Ariana will make an appearance? Thoughts on the setlist?
  6. President Biden repealed a decision made by the Trump administration that banned transgender people from serving in the military. Biden also hired a transgendered woman to serve as the assistant health secretary. We love to see it Related:
  7. I kinda remember the meltdowns. But there were always meltdowns so it's kind of hazay
  8. I honestly can't remember a single thing she said Not being shady. I legit don't remember lol. I think just her saying it was crazy she was going on tour with Britney - something like that. Unless I'm inventing that.
  9. Haha yea the FF era was a rollercoaster of ups and downs. I can't confirm he didn't know about the song leaking, but based off his facial expression that was the first time hearing about that
  10. I would appreciate it if the trolls would stop commenting on Exhale tbh. I'd rather lose traffic but have a kinder, cooler Exhale than more traffic/comments but there's a bunch of negative comments. Working on that. And yea that moment with her manager was a kii. I was like
  11. I suspect it will be mostly neutral, offering explanations from both sides, but overall I think there will be a slight Free Britney lean. If there was nothing weird going on, NY Times wouldn't make a doc about it (imo)
  12. Omg. This is how you 100% know I didn't have coffee by the time I posted this. SMH. Fixed
  13. It's such a weird place to be in this fandom. You want to make great content and generate revenue in the process and you're labeled a Britney user. Making money isn't bad imo. How you do it is what matters.
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