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  1. I feel weird about not celebrating Britney's music though I feel like boycotting things like this doesn't ultimately help her?
  2. Mariah Carey shared a preview of an alternative rock song she made in 1995 just for fun. This sounds AWESOME.
  3. Anne Winters wants to play Madonna in the queen of pop's upcoming, self-directed biopic. Winters, 26, famous for her role in 13 Reasons Why, dressed up in some of Madonna's past iconic lewks. At first I was going to drag her, but not going to lie she looks a lot like younger Madonna. Low-key here for it. BTW, Winters wasn't officially cast or anything - she's basically hoping Madonna would love these looks so much that she'll land the part that way. What do you think, Exhale? Related: Related:
  4. Camila Cabello is playing Cinderella in a new live adaptation. See the full cast list here. Photos from the film / on set hit the Internet. How are we feeling about this, Exhale? I know Camila is controversial here so please keep it cute. Related:
  5. folklore is the official soundtrack of 2020 fight me. Not sure that's a good thing though
  6. After being accused of physically abusing Britney’s 14-year-old son Sean, Jamie stepped down as Britney’s primary conservator, per People, with her longtime "care-manager" Jodi Montgomery temporarily taking over Jamie’s duties.
  7. Appreciate this, thank you. It actually takes a decent amount of work to set things up. It’s not as simple as upload an XML file and call it a day. I appreciate you showing your passions for Exhale though!
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