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  1. This all or nothing mentality is a slippery slope imo. It's like saying if you stream any song of hers then you are helping the conservatorship. But it's not so black or white. I personally think it's possible to want to support her music and show support for a little campaign to get more people to hear "Wish" this holiday season AND not support the conservatorship or her decision to not perform. Britney has already lost so much because of this situation. Are we really going to strip her of her music now, too?
  2. Maybe there's a little theme change for Halloween coming
  3. Dua Lipa is performing a livestream concert titled Studio 2054 on Black Friday, November 27th. Here's some press release jargon: Shot live in a massive warehouse location “Studio 2054” will be a celebration of the unconventional and unique and will see Dua move through custom built sets; surreal tv shows, roller discos, ecstatic raves, trashy rocker hang outs, voguing ballrooms and diva style dressing rooms. Accompanied by a cast of musicians, dancers, skaters, aerialists and acrobats, Dua will be joined by a host of surprise superstar guests to deliver a euphoric blast of happiness and good times. Featuring tracks from “Future Nostalgia”, “Club Future Nostalgia” and her debut album, “Studio 2054” is a kaleidoscope of the past, present and future; real time and the imagination, adrenalin and excitement - all merged to create a whole new way to enjoy a performance. Tickets are available Friday, October 30th. Tickets range from $10-20. Stream #1 – UK & Europe // 20.30pm London / 21.30pm Paris / 22.30 pm Moscow Stream #2 – South America // 19.00pm Lima/ 20.00pm Manaus / 21.00pm Rio & Buenos Aires Stream #3 – Central & North America // 18.00pm LA / 20.00pm MX / 21.00pm New York Stream #4 – Asia Pacific // 16.00pm Bangkok & Jakarta / 17.00pm Manila / 18.00pm Seoul /20.00pm Sydney / 22.00pm Auckland. Exhale, are YOU tuning in?
  4. Haha glad you guys like it. I figured it was a good day for snow considering all the Britney Xmas topics out
  5. I hear you, but I disagree. I think now is the most important time to release something light and cheery. Even though it's already been out two decades, the world deserves to have Britney brighten up 2020 :]
  6. Well, I think it's important to pose the question. And tbh I am personally torn, yes. I know that Britney is refusing to work right now, but to me that doesn't = she wants people to not support her music. Say she hit #1 with this, do we really think she'd be upset or happy/honored? I do think she had some input about Mood Ring and the Glory single cover. That happened during all of this as well. I don't think Britney wants fans to stop supporting the music. I think she doesn't want to perform or create new music moving forward until there's a change. All my opinion of course. I think a lot of fans have this all or nothing mentality. Either you don't listen to a single song until she's "free," or you're supporting the conservatorship. I do think it's possible to protest her legal situation and also support her artistry. My two cents.
  7. Yea, I don't see this smashing the charts cause there's just too many people turned off by what's happening. Tho, it could have the opposite effect and the GP decides to show some Britney love.
  8. I think they are trying to give it an official "push" much like how Mariah did for her 25-year-old Xmas song last year.
  9. Britney Spears is reportedly releasing her 2000 Christmas classic, "My Only Wish (This Year)," on November 6th, according to new buzz. We can look at the prospect of this getting an official push in several ways: RCA is hoping to ride the #FreeBritney wave and get some extra spins A call to action for the GP to support Britney by getting her on the charts (much like the way they did with Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You" last year, which blasted to #1 If true, it's unclear what exactly is being down to promote the song, or whether Britney has any knowledge of this happening or not. It's worth reminding you that Britney is not working right now as an act to protest the conservatorship / legal situation she's in. As fans, do we support this? I'm torn. I would love for Britney to make an appearance on the charts this year because behind all this legal stuff, she's an artist, and she belongs on the charts because she's incredible. I'd like to support this if true because I want to celebrate Britney's music (even if that means team con gets a few extra coins ugh. I feel confident they won't be in power that much longer). But on the other hand, it also feels like a money move that I know lots of fans won't want to be a part of. Exhale, thoughts? Related:
  10. Sam Smith is looking forward to parenthood. They reveal they're excited to have kids one day. They said they can't wait to be a mummy. It's interesting because they are non-binary. I never thought about whether non-binary people are also called moms or dads. “I want kids. I want all of it. I want to have kids," Smith tells Apple Music's Zane Lowe. “I want to be with the kids and I want to watch them grow and be with them every day. I want to be mummy.” So I guess mum's the word Smith continued: “I'm definitely going to do that at some point, but I've still got more in me. I've still got ambition. “I try and settle it down all the time and play it down, but I'm ambitious and I would still want to sing to people and do this job. It's an amazing feeling.” They can live their life however they want and call themselves whatever they want - just found this bit interesting. Thoughts, Exhale? Also...
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