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  1. Where there's smoke... there's fire. Amazon has some crazy high prices like this listed, too.
  2. I started watching the series, too! I'm on the Costa Rica episode. Save the planet Zac
  3. Azealia Banks is asking fans to stop streaming her debut record, Broke With Expensive Taste, because she claims 100% of the revenue generated from listening goes to label Prospect Park’s chief executive, Jeff Kwatinetz. That sucks cause the album is pretty fantastic. Azealia claims producers haven’t ever received royalties from the record since its release. “Jeff Kwatinetz stole all the money and sent a $15k check for album that has been streamed over 200m times,” she said. “I worked so hard on that record. But every stream goes into his pocket.” She adds she has the master recordings and plans on releasing a physical re-issue. In 2015, Banks left Prospect Park's management and claims she was unable to release music until March 2016 because of a contract dispute. The music industry and these crazy binding contracts are a nightmare.
  4. Lil Nas X and Iggy Azalea are toying with the idea of a collaboration together. The two traded some love on Twitter. To be honest, I'd be here for it. Lil Nas X is working on new music so a collab might happen sooner than later. Plus they're both super talented. Iggy doesn't get enough credit for her flows and epic visuals. LNX is also obviously gifted at creating a moment. King of the Hot 100 coming to reclaim his throne! Exhale, are you here for this? Related:
  5. Ok why do these both go AWF My vote is for Gummy Bear tho
  6. I remember being entranced when this visual album dropped. It aged well, too. Still a sour sip.
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