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  1. "I want people to know this story. This story is a part of who I am." Noah Cyrus just released her first EP titled Good Cry, a six-track body of work that details life as a budding musician who, despite fame and fortune, has to deal with matters of the heart like anyone. If you've ever fallen in love, but circumstance and time ripped you apart, you'll know where Noah's at right now. She and ex-boyfriend, rapper Lil Xan, recently called it quits. Us Weekly probably has a half-a-dozen articles with all the juicy details, but I got the chance to chat with Noah about it, and she unapologetically and earnestly wore her broken heart on her sleeve. How are you? Like, really... how are you? I'm great. Honestly. I've got an EP coming out on Friday. I've got a tour happening on Saturday. A Pizza Slime collab tomorrow [where you can literally buy a bottle of Noah's tears for $12,000]. I'm just really really excited for what's ahead and what's to come. It's all positivity right now. Super good. What's your mindset going into all of these projects? It's definitely been quite the month. I'm a little tired (laughs), but I'm just going in positive and excited. Honestly the most exciting part of this whole tour... I just can't wait to get the f--k out of L.A. I cannot wait to not get on a f---ing airplane. Road tripping, being in a f---ing bus, I cannot wait to be moving all the time and not be in one place, and that's so weird because people always say, 'I'm never in one place blah blah blah,' but for me being on the bus is therapeutic. I think when I was on the Witness Tour, I was going through a really hard time, but the bus was my place where I went and I got comfortable, and I got in my room, and I snuggled up in a blanket. That's where I got comfortable. I'm a bus baby. I grew up on a bus. I f---ing love touring. I love the feeling of the road, and sitting up with the bus driver, just smoking a J, going along the road, listening to James Taylor. I'm just so excited. I think when people are going through tough times, a change of scenery is a really great move. Yeah! And we have our studio set up in the back of the bus, so if I want to write music... my keyboard player will be on there to just make me some easy piano track if I decide I need to write a song in the middle of the night. You know, I'm not going to force myself to start writing on the album, but maybe I'll start something small, or just put out some stuff while I'm on the road of things that I recorded on the bus... who knows?! There's so many things that I can do. <span data-mce-type="bookmark" style="display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;" class="mce_SELRES_start"></span> So the creative process... that doesn't end just because you're putting out an EP. No! I want to keep going because I'm in a really good headspace right now. I know where I'm at, I know what I want to make, I'm so inspired by so many people, so inspired by the world. There's so much that I want to write about and make. The mind doesn't stop! Yeah, It's important to know where you came from, but it's even more important to look forward! Everybody has their demons, which I love writing about. I love writing about my past, and I love writing about heartbreak. I've been through a major heartbreak. I was with somebody for two years who I loved so much, and I have so much love for, and it's hard whenever you can't be with that person that you really want to be with just because of timing and indifference. There's a song called "Topanga" on my EP about that, which is a one-take song actually; it's a voice memo, and I did it in my backyard. Use the crickets, because everybody is like, 'are the crickets real?' Yes, the crickets are real! It's a one-time thing off of my friend's iPhone. I wrote it in my backyard, and [my friend] just played the guitar, and we recorded it off the iPhone. It's going on the EP under "Topanga (Voice Memo)," so that'll touch on that subject a lot. I can relate to what you're feeling – about breakups – it's the worst. It's like mourning. It's like losing somebody - you mourn that person. It's like your body is in it. Like, it hurts physically - when you miss somebody - there's so many emotions in losing somebody that you spent so much time with. There's so many times I can think... like for the EP, the intro to my EP is called "Where Have You Been?," and there's a voice memo of me in there just crying, and that was real tears when my ex and I of two years... when we broke up. And I just wanted to capture the hurt because I had never felt more loss. Even though it was a mutual agreement – we need time to grow, and we need time to be who we are, and we need time to grow up a little bit for things to work – then it was just the feeling of ache and loss. It's very personal. A lot of people are like, 'are you scared of being personal? Or are you nervous...?' I'm like hell no. I want people to know this story. This story is a part of who I am. It shaped me. Everything about this EP is what shaped me of who I am today. It would be inauthentic if you didn't go this route of being vulnerable and honest. Absolutely! Was it bittersweet to put out the "Live Or Die" video? [It features Lil Xan] Ummm... I didn't put the music video out. Oh???? Yeah. I just woke up one day and that video was on YouTube. I don't know. [Noah's rep jumps in and kindly asks that I ask about the tour now] I will clear up that I did not put that video out! What's your mindset going into this tour versus tours in the past? To have fun. Make sure I do things and not sit in my hotel room and cry over things I shouldn't be crying over. I have a goal for every city I go to. I'm going to try their most famous restaurants, or something like that, just so I do one thing in each city. Cause usually I lock myself in my hotel room and I cry, and I was sad, and I wanted to go home because I was depressed, but not this time. I'm going to have a good time on my first tour. What does being successful in music mean to you? Having people connect to your work. It doesn't exactly mean the amount of people that listen to you. If it gets through to somebody. If it makes you feel something. What do you want fans to take away from the Good Cry EP? Just the personal side of it. For them to really hear the personal side to it, and for them to relate to it. I want them to sit back and be like, 'wow, I really relate to this... and maybe that helps them address something... maybe it helps them feel... something.
  2. Influential international queen!
  3. Was listening to the fan-made "Get Naked" edit in another thread and stumbled upon this dope Blackout megamix. What she says in the beginning Best album.
  4. I must confess, I still believe
  5. Mariah Carey is interested in performing at the Super Bowl! HARD SAME. The elusive chanteuse was soaking up some glorious attention from paparazzi after seeing Beyonce and Jay-Z‘s On The Run II Tour at the Rose Bowl, and they casually asked if she would be interested in taking center stage at the Halftime Show. "I mean... I would love to," she said! And here we are.   [adinserter block="2"]   More from BreatheHeavy.com: Cardi B, Billboard Queen, Reportedly Wants To Perform Solo During Maroon 5’s Super Bowl Halftime Show Mariah Carey’s First Live Performance Of “GTFO” Was Very Very Chill Yours truly created a petition that deserves your signature to inspire Mimi to really take this commitment seriously. Can you imagine Mimi strutting around the field in some six-inch heels crooning "GTFO," "Emotions," "Honey," the list goes on and on. It would really be something. If you're reading this, and you don't take a second to sign it, well... you're a monster. SIGN HERE. The Lambily thanks you. Are YOU here for Mariah to perform at the Super Bowl? Leave a comment below! And while you're at it... follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
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    music Fan made Get Naked Remasterd

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    rumor Possible new Blind Item

    Or Mariah
  8. 9/25: She tied for highest score on her first episode. EARLIER:
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    news Cardi B References Britney & 'Piece Of Me'

    Honestly I'd be here for a Britney x Cardi collab
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    news JLo Broke Britney's Record

    Jennifer Lopez, Alex Rodriguez Party With Selena Gomez, Jessica Alba and More at Recording-Breaking Vegas Show https://www.etonline.com/jennifer-lopez-alex-rodriguez-party-with-selena-gomez-jessica-alba-and-more-at-recording-breaking
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    video Britney Talking About 'Blackout'

    I just now watched the whole thing. The message at the end Her saying "engulfed" I-
  12. I know it was posted but can't find it heh. https://www.calendarclub.co.uk/entertainment/female-celebrities/britney-spears-official-a3-calendar-2019-r237538
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    Demi Lovato Spotted!

    On the mend! UPDATE // SEPTEMBER 24: There she is! Demi was spotted for the first time in nearly two months since her overdose on July 24, and by the looks of it she appears to be in a much better, happier place. TMZ reports she's nearby the rehab facility where she's currently receiving treatment. See the pic below:   [adinserter block="4"]     EARLIER // SEPTEMBER 20: Demi Lovato's mother Dianna de la Garza recants the harrowing moments upon finding out her daughter had an overdose. de la Garza found out like the rest of us – through a report on TMZ. With Demi's blessing, Mama Lovato spoke to Newsmax TV about the ordeal, and to raise awareness on the opioids crisis in the U.S. “I literally start to shake a little bit when I start to remember what happened that day,” she began. “I was actually looking at my phone and all these texts started coming in. Just text after text after texts. And I thought, ‘What is going on?’" TMZ had posted the news first, then friends of de la Garza's began to text her. "The first lines of these texts were saying, ‘I just heard the news, I’m so sorry, I’m praying for your family, I’m praying for Demi.’ I was in shock. I thought, what is going on? And someone said, ‘I just saw on TMZ. I’m so sorry. Please tell me it’s not true.’ And I mean, my heart just dropped. I didn’t know what I was looking at. And so I thought okay, I have to get on TMZ on Twitter and see what they’re saying. And before I could get on TMZ to see what they were reporting, I got a phone call from Demi’s assistant at the time, Kelsey."   [adinserter block="2"]   More from BreatheHeavy.com: Stream Queen: Demi Lovato Is Re-Releasing A (Deluxe/Redelivery) Version Of ‘Tell Me You Love Me’ With Three More Songs Fighter! Demi Lovato Breaks Her Silence, Pens Emotional Letter Following Overdose A Demi Lovato Roundup: Rehab, Selena Gomez, And The Drug In Question She continued: "And I answered the phone and Kelsey was rambling like she had obviously been through something terrible, and she said, ‘I need to tell you what’s going on. You’re going to see a report come out. Well, it’s already come out.’ And I stopped her and said, ‘Kelsey, just tell me what’s going on.’ And the next words that came out of her mouth are words that are so difficult to hear as a parent. She said Demi overdosed. So I was in shock, I didn’t know what to say. It was just something I never, ever expected to hear as a parent about any of my kids. And I hesitated to ask but I had to ask her, I just remember it felt like the words took forever to come out of my mouth. I said, ‘Is she okay?’ And she stopped for a second and she said, ‘She’s conscious, but she’s not talking.’ And so I knew at that point that we were in trouble.” "[My daughters] Dallas and Madison and I jumped out of the car at the emergency room and ran into the emergency room to be by her side. She just didn't look good—at all. She was in bad shape. But I said to her, 'Demi, I'm here. I love you.' And at that point she said back to me, 'I love you, too.' So from that point on, I never allowed myself to think things weren't going to be okay."   [adinserter block="3"]   She mentioned they didn't know "for two days if she was going to make it or not." de la Garza credits everyone's prayers and well wishes, and the team at Cedars-Sinai, for Demi's recovery. Today, Demi is getting the help she needs and is doing better. "I can honestly say today that she's doing really well. She's happy. She's healthy. She's working on her sobriety, and she's getting the help she needs. And that in itself encourages me about her future and about the future of our family." This marks one of the first status updates on Demi since she OD'ed in July. Relieved to hear she's on the mend! Watch de la Garza's interview below: Leave Demi some positive vibes in the comments.
  14. Cher and Madonna's feud continues into 2018. We thought the two iconic legends buried the hatchet following the 2016 election, but apparently not even their distaste for Trump could keep their reunion withstanding. Cher made an appearance on Ellen, and played a game called the "5 Second Rule." In a rapid fire round, Cher was asked who she'd like to have a duet with. She started out so promising, then threw shade for no apparent reason.   [adinserter block="2"]   “Adele, P!nk and... not Madonna,” she said. So messy. Madonna's name wasn't even mentioned and the game was to pick three artists she WOULD duet with, but she knew this would drum up some attention, so, really, who won this round? Also, stream this mashup of Madonna's "Hung Up" with Cher's ABBA cover of "Gimme Gimme Gimme." Watch below:   Thoughts on Cher's shade? Leave a comment below! And while you're at it... follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  15. She's probably at the place where it's just easier to give the dude some extra coins to stop all this legal drama. He's lazy and she works hard and it's not fair, but I think for her peace of mind this is better - just end it and move on and know he's lazy lazy lazy.
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    video Britney Talking About 'Blackout'

    The self awareness in that answer.
  17. Mariah Carey whispered her way through the first live performance of "GTFO." I'm not hatin, just sayin. The singer just released a new (don't call it the lead) single, and performed it at the iHeartRadio music festival in Las Vegas this weekend. Her 30-minute performance also included some of Mimi's biggest hits, including "It's Like That," "Emotions," "Honey," "Shake It Off," "Obsessed," "Beautiful," "Always Be My Baby" and "We Belong Together," but it was her breathy rendition of "GTFO" that brings you here today.   [adinserter block="2"]   More from BreatheHeavy.com: Mariah Carey Lounges Around In Lingerie In The “GTFO” Video: Watch It's worth mentioning the performance was relatively boring and the song doesn't translate well in a live scenario (she just, well... stood there), BUT I'm rooting for Mariah so give our skinny legend a stream. BreatheHeavy reached out to Mariah's rep for comment, and they responded with why you so obsessed with her? The first video is "GTFO" and the second is her full set. Thoughts on Mariah's performance? Leave a comment below! And while you're at it... follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  18. Lady Gaga has seen and done it all. Well, almost. The pop star has sold millions of albums, traveled the world more than most could in several life times and touched countless lives, but fame nor fortune can suffice for becoming a mom (aside from Little Monsters, of course). In a new interview with France's Public Magazine, Gaga was asked what she's missing in life to achieve true happiness.   [adinserter block="2"]   "A child," she said. "Being a mother, starting a family." "I am ready to live this adventure fully, and as my mother did with me, I will practice talking with my children," she added. "I believe very much in the virtues of dialogue." Naturally, the Internet exploded, urging Gaga to release LG6, 7 and maybe 8 before being blessed with the ultimate gift. I'll compromise at 6, but I expect a joint album with Tony Bennett comprised of lullabies at some point.   Agree that Gaga will be a great mom? Leave a comment below! And while you're at it... follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  19. Exactly. At least it's some new music. I want it!
  20. Rita Ora dances the night away in her new music video for "Let You Love Me." The pop star just announced (FINALLLLLY omggg) that her new album, Phoenix, drops Nov. 23 (see the album cover here), then unleashed one of the new songs/videos on us. It's titled "Let You Love Me," a tropical-tinged club banger about wanting to fall in love, but remaining too guarded to let such a beautiful, scary thing like that actually happen. Too real.   [adinserter block="2"]   "And every time it gets too real / And every time I feel like sabotaging," she sings over the infectious beat. "I start running again / And every time I push away / I really wanna say that I'm sorry / But I say nothing." More from BreatheHeavy.com: I’m Turned On: Watch Rita Ora, Cardi B, Charli XCX & Bebe Rexha’s “Girls” Video Rita Ora And Liam Payne Defy Gravity In The Stunning “For You” Video Rita Ora’s New Song “Proud” Will Uplift And Inspire You: Listen   [adinserter block="3"]   There's a visual for the track. In it, Rita dances the night away and flirts with an unsuspecting man who probably saw their entire future together. Unfortunately for him, Rita evades the situation without so much as a verbal goodbye. Love is a motherf---er ain't it. Right, Rita? Watch below:  Thoughts on Rita's new tune? Leave a comment below! And while you're at it... follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.