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  1. On 6/15/2019 at 8:02 PM, Chaoscontrol said:

    I tried messing around in My settings but I can’t figure it out. And also, this may sound like a d!ck but I’m just going to say it because I can’t be the only one thinking it: 

    Between these notifications, ‘Club General’, and the New Pop Music section setup, one would think he’s purposely running this place into the ground :frenchy:

    I don’t mean any shade by that either @breatheheavy. I want to see you and the forum do well. I absolutely love this board and the users. But change isn’t always good, nor necessary. And you have deleted comments from me and others ( @really really cool guy comes to mind) in the past few weeks complaining about these changes so we know you have heard our concerns. 

    Again, I don’t mean to sound like a jerk. It’s truly not my intention, but I don’t know how else I can say how I feel when myself (and others) have just been ignored for the past few weeks. 

    Heyo. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. I have not deleted anyones' comments :)

    I disagree with you on the notion that I'm running Exhale into the ground based off some of these changes lately, though. The notifications (if it's not already fixed for you) is an easy fix. Club General was a beta test. 

    Sorry you're feeling ignored. We are actually working on something pretty huge for Exhale, and I would be shocked if anyone disliked it ;) 

    Like, game changer. :gimmemoar:

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  2. Hey guys, 

    Exhale has been such an important part of BreatheHeavy thanks to you, the loyal members, and the Mods team @Vixen, @NotAPassenger, @Rope_Bunny & @CashmereCat

    I've always dreamt that it could be a bigger force to be reckoned with, and the stars happened to align with my longtime friend @RyanMasao. He's been telling me for years that I need to dedicate more time and energy to build this community, and so we started working on ways to elevate Exhale to be more inclusive while expanding. Ryan has worked in entertainment forever and has experience with both online communities and coding. He's agreed to help me build a more user-friendly experience to give all Exhale members more options to express themselves.

    Pretty soon, you'll see new changes (for the better), which means you'll also see more of Ryan. He will also be expanding the features on Exhale – he's the guy you'll want to reach out to for feature requests or site-related complaints (not member-related please).

    There's a Support forum here: https://www.breatheheavy.com/exhale/index.php?/support/

    It'd mean a lot if you guys could give him a warm welcome! :hiii:

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  3. 47 minutes ago, PokemonSpears said:

    It used to be though :gelis:


    But I had to change it after one of the updates of Exhale. Actually Jordan had to change it for me because without any warning, one day I was just unable to log in (it said my username didn't exist). So I created a temporary second account, I think it was @PokéSpears (I don't remember that password anymore) but the admins couldn't help me, so they told me to email Jordan himself, and I did and he kindly helped me, and ever since I'm PokemonSpears without é and without space. 

    The ironic part is that the second account did have the é but that didn't cause me any trouble while I used it lol 

    Yea there's something about these characters that are just not good. I shouldn't have ever enabled that setting in the first place sighhh

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  4. 4 hours ago, kurome said:

    eh? what is inaccurate?be more transparent.also how is going from usernames working just fine for 15 years to not working anymore beneficial?why don't the characters work anymore? What benefits for every member?We are entitled to know.You're welcome.

    Yes you are entitled to know :) just not the full details quite yet. When I said your comment was inaccurate, I was referring to you saying that members who pay will be able to use characters in their username. I turned a blind-eye to calling me greedy and saying RX offers no value, but I'd appreciate it moving forward if you held off on saying things like that please.

    Soon, users will be signing in through what's called an SSO (single sign-on). It won't allow usernames with weird characters in the name. 


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