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  1. ariana-grande-thank-u-next-review-valent


    Ariana Grande is the newest princess of pop, and her most-recent release, Thank U, Next, is Sweetener's rebellious twin sister.

    Ariana dropped Sweetener in 2018 with plans to promote it on tour, but tragedy struck and stopped the pop star in her tracks. The untimely passing of ex-boyfriend Mac Miller amidst an expeditious engagement to SNL actor, Pete Davidson, who battles mental health issues and publicly threatened to take his life following the end of their relationship (an affect from an unforgiving cyber witch hunt) only compounded Ariana's trauma. She held a meeting with Republic Records and relayed she was unfit to tour. It was a bold move to tell the higher ups who's actually higher up. In an effort to stay grounded when life tried taking her happiness, Ariana licked her wounds in the recording studio despite having just released an album five months prior. She recruited a couple of talented singer-songwriter-producer friends, including Victoria Monét, Tayla Parx and Tommy Brown, and hid away in the studio for several months to channel the angst of singledom into another album. All they needed was an endless supply of champagne, a pen, paper and Ariana's wide-ranging vocal talents to transform her many emotions (what's a fancy word for 'relationships are exhausting and I'm super over men right now?') into song. It produced her first-ever No. 1s with the album title track and "7 Rings," which currently sits at the top of the Hot 100 for a third week and holds the record on Spotify for most streams in a single day by any artist ever.

    Ariana Grande's self-empowering new album, Thank U, Next, was made for the lonely hearts on Valentine's Day. I imagine this year Ariana is somewhere low-key hating the Hallmark holiday. Nearly every new track details a shade of fury, sadness or resentment, a huge contrast from Sweetener. She actually had something to say this time around besides "did you miss me?," and she did it with a candy-coated uppercut. Her opponent? The tiresome highs and lows of being with someone (cliff notes: the only person to fall in love with today is yourself). If you're in a healthy, happy relationship, Thank U, Next has bops, and if you're not... they're anthems.

    Read the full review on the main page! It'd mean a lot :) 


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  2. BLACKPINK announced a US tour and immediately started promoting their presence with back-to-back performances of monstrous banger, "Ddu-Du Ddu-Du." It marks the group's first time performing on U.S. television.

    In the video for the track, the lead single off their EP, Square Up, the foursome swing from chandeliers, dance in a rain of fire and strut down a hallway of concrete and neon lights. They tried capturing that magic in a bottle for their live performances, but it didn't translate. It was awkwardly obvious the girls relied heavily on playback, which is fine I suppose because they had four-minutes worth of choreography to execute, but they seemed a tad exhausted. Nonetheless, the song is a major bop and I'm here to help spread their success stateside.

    Watch their performances on Stephen Colbert and Good Morning America below, and keep an eye out for them when they take the stage at Coachella this spring.

    Watch the GMA one on the main page and the SC stint below:



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  3. britney-spears-danja-deep-dive.jpg

    A close look at Britney's beloved Danja-produced songs.

    Britney's tenth studio album, executive produced by Justin Tranter, could feature new songs crafted by producer Danja. According to an unearthed publishing on Danja's profile on Primary Wave, touted as one of the largest independent music publishing and talent management/production/entertainment companies, Danja has worked on multiple new songs with Britney. The posting is filed under the year 2019, likely because that's when his profile was updated to include Britney's new songs. Primary Wave has since deleted the posting, but the Internet is forever!

    Related:‘Britney, Kill The Lights’: A Britney Spears Setlist That’s Pure. Satis. Faction.

    After news broke, the world of Britney erupted in celebration. It felt like the universe handed us a crumb of sustenance in a time when we are starved for new Britney music.

    It's important Britney and Danja's new tunes, if they ever see the light of day, sound reminiscent of the old stuff, but with a fresh take. Let's take a walk down memory lane and dive into the songs Britney and Danja cooked up together. I hope you're hungry!

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