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  1. I'm going to have to stop you right there. Your comment comes off super negative. BH members/readers mean the world to me. I'm venturing into subscriptions territory because ad revenue is on the decline for everyone AND it's a step in the right direction towards offering more original content and expanding. No one cares about breaking news - it's readily available everywhere. I promise you other sites will follow suit in the future. And if I wanted to do porn, then I would. But I would rather follow my passion. Love always, Jack
  2. That's really sad then. Whoever running her IG account obviously doesn't like BH - when all I've tried to do for 15 years is write about her in a positive light. Sure, there were ups and downs, and I made mistakes. I was a kid growing up and figuring out how to be a journalist, how to be an adult, how to write with compassion and understanding. I grew up, I changed. At the end of the day I know more people than not appreciate BH and it's influence it has in the Britney community. I used to want everyones' acceptance and for her Team to goshdarnit just like me. It was hard, but I let that go. We just don't see eye to eye and you know what? That's OK. What I think we share in common is that both sides want what they feel is best for Britney, and somewhere along the way Britney's voice has gotten lost in all that. Regardless of her caption, or how the video came to be, or when it was filmed etc, it was nice to hear from her.
  3. I posted that one not that long ago. The @breatheheavycom account I think they deleted. Which I am sure would've had at least a 100 likes so it'd be near the top. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Omg Team B is gonna be reading this thread tomorrow and seeing my thirst traps. Maybe I'll get a video from Brit
  5. Unless someone can find it, I think they deleted my IG comment too, which was just a bunch of hearts and the word Stronger (I know, cheesy, but extra cheesy henny)
  6. lol the Trouble audio thread woulda done well 4 weeks ago but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Are we sure the 4/23 court date wasn't already scheduled? This doesn't appear to be new. Wouldn't it say exparte if it was sudden.
  8. It was more along the lines of people wishing death on her father which is truly disgusting to me and I don't want members on this site that say that.
  9. I'm assuming the emails were mentioned because her team doesn't want to be painted in a bad light. The death threats n sh!t talking was abhorrent and should have never happened. I'm glad I tried saying something prior to Brit's vid
  10. I'm down but her team would NEVER. Which is a real shame
  11. So do we think this video is old or new? I hate that I'm even asking
  12. Anyone wishing death on Jamie or talking terrible about Jamie Lynn is not welcome here. It has to stop. Regardless of your viewpoint I don’t want that on Exhale.