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  1. I thought the interview was the same day as the announcement
  2. I hope she's ok
  3. Paula Abdul took a tumble off stage during her concert at the Hard Rock Live in Biloxi, Mississippi, on Saturday. [adinserter block="1"] Paula Abdul was performing dangerously close to the edge of the stage while singing her 1991 single, “The Promise of a New Day,” at her most-recent Straight Up! Paula Tour and fell head first into the audience. Concert-goers said Paula didn't appear to be hurt – just her ego – and continued performing like a champ. The THUD. Watch the video below: [adinserter block="2"] Follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
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    I need this bop in my life I don't even care if it's Chipmunkney. Also I had to remove the snippet from the OP because of copyright. Sorry!
  5. Out of alllll the songs in the world
  6. Piece Of Me era lives on. Post all the pictures + videos from the show here. Dominate us, Britney!
  7. Breathe Heavy has merch now https://breatheheavy.myshopify.com
  8. Normani and Calvin Harris released two new songs: "Checklist," featuring WizKid, and "Slow Down." [adinserter block="1"] Normani is officially a solo star! The former Fifth Harmony alum released two new tracks today in collaboration with producer Calvin Harris – fans were under the impression they only had one song on the way, so this is a pleasant surprise. On "Checklist," featuring WizKid, Normani lays on a bit of an accent as she sings over a frenetic beat crafted by the hitmaker. "Slow Down" has a similar vibe to other tracks Calvin's dropped this year – quirky and electro-tinged. The couplet follows "Nuh Ready Nuh Ready" featuring PARTYNEXTDOOR, "Promises" featuring Sam Smith and "One Kiss" featuring Dua Lipa). Listen to both new tunes below:   [adinserter block="2"] EARLIER // OCTOBER 19: You've basically read all there is to know. Normani confirmed the rumors that she does indeed have a song with the super producer headed our way. It'll drop on Monday, Oct. 22. Smart, because New Music Fridays are absolutely inundated with new tunes. If it's going to chart, it'll need more than a week to do so. We don't know the title of it yet, or what it sounds like, but if it's anything like Calvin's other recent releases, expired a groovy, island inspired bop. See the announcement below: Are you excited for the Normani x Calvin collab? Leave a comment below! And while you're at it... follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  9. Lady Gaga put forth a video for the A Star Is Born highlight, "I'll Never Love Again." [adinserter block="1"] If you've seen A Star Is Born, you'll know what "I'll Never Love Again" is all about. Damn I'm about to get emotional. For those of you that haven't escaped your lives to watch this piece of cinematic greatness, I'll keep my mouth shut about the details. Fortunately, the video Gaga put forth for the track doesn't give anything away. It's mostly scenes from the film detailing Ally and Jack's budding romance. Damn, there goes me tearing up again. Gaga told Apple Music's Zane Lowe that the final scene where she sings the tender ballad was inspired by some real-life tragic events from earlier in the day. "My very dear friend Sonja died of cancer that day," Gaga said. "We were supposed to shoot in 30 minutes, and I left the set because her husband called me and I could hear her in the background and I just got in the car and drove. I missed her by 15 minutes. I laid with her, with her husband, and their dog, and his son. When I came back, Bradley was so gentle with me and we got through it. I performed the song." "All I wanted to do was sing. I'll never forget that day. It was really a special scene, and I'll always remember that moment." [adinserter block="2"] According to Gaga Daily, "I'll Never Love Again" was co-written with Hillary Lindsey, who previously helped pen "Million Reasons" and "A-YO" on Joanne. The video is only available on Apple Music right now. This song has quickly become one of my all-time favorite Gaga songs. Alright, now let me go cry in peace. Thoughts on the video? Leave a comment below! And while you're at it... follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  10. Happy New Music Friday - October 19, 2018! [adinserter block="1"] Let's take a break from DOMINATION, shall we? On Fridays, music lovers are inundated with new songs and videos. Instead of posting about each item individually (the laziness is real), we figured a roundup would be best. Here's this week's New Music Friday highlights: Future featuring Nicki Minaj – "Transformer" (Song) Future and Juice WRLD's new album, WRLD ON DRUGS, includes a track with Nicki Minaj titled "Transformer." On it, Nicki goes in on these hoes (her words, not mine). "Four-four four albums in, pull a milli' for a show / While these bitches is servin' Milli Vanilli on the low," she spits. "Spent my money on some dope, where my money envelope?" I don't agree with all of Nicki's recent antics, but there's no denying she knows how to rap. Cher Lloyd – "None Of My Business" (Video) Cher Lloyd returns! The pop icon released a new song today titled "None Of My Business," a breezy but fiery bop about low-key mocking your ex-boyfriend's fizzling relationship with someone else. “Started at the top, and now you at the bottom," Cher croons, "but baby... this is none of my business.” Revenge is sweet when you don't even have to lift a finger, am I right? Listen to the Hitimpulse-produced track below:  [adinserter block="2"] Dua Lipa & BLACKPINK – “Kiss And Make Up” (Song) Dua Lipa is the new collab queen, and she dropped another banger - this time with K-pop phenomenon, BLACKPINK. Their new track, “Kiss And Make Up,” is an electro-tinged banger that'll inspire you to stop Netflixing and chill and be social for once. “We haven’t talked all morning. Bang my head, bang my head against the wall,” Dua sings in the intro. “Feeling we about to break up / Just wanna kiss and make up.” Panic! At The Disco - "Hey Ya!" (Outkast Cover) I didn't see this coming, but I'm so glad it's here. Listen to Panic!'s sparkly cover of Outkast's hit song "Hey Ya!" recorded at the Spotify studios. [adinserter block="3"] MØ – Forever Neverland (Album) Believe it or not, MØ is one of the most-streamed female artists on Spotify. She's pretty underrated, but hopefully the Danish singer's new album, Forever Neverland, wakes the GP up. The 14-track album features frequent collaborator Diplo, as well as Charli XCX, Empress Of and What So Not & Two Feet. Start with "Blur." Happy New Music Friday! What's YOUR favorite new tune out? Leave a comment below! And while you're at it... follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  11. P!nk turned down the opportunity to perform at next year's Super Bowl Halftime Show. [adinserter block="1"] Sis, what are you thinking?! Following the news that Rihanna declined an invitation to perform at the Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show, ET dropped (more like slapped me in the face with) a report that P!nk also said no as well. Why? What could possibly be a reasonable explanation to opt out and leave us with Maroon 5? Apparently the negotiations were taking too long. More from BreatheHeavy.com: P!nk Sold 100,000 Tickets To Her ‘Beautiful Trauma’ Tour In Europe In One Hour [adinserter block="2"] “Rihanna was the front-runner for next year’s super bowl halftime show," a source told ET. "CBS and the NFL reached out to Rihanna first, who after thinking about the offer, decided to pass due to the NFL and the situation regarding players kneeling." "The offer and exposure would have been great for Rihanna as she’s planning a new album and tour but she stuck to what’s right in her eyes," the source added. That doubles down on the original report. Read more about that here. Honestly, P!nk would be my first choice over pretty much any other pop star out there right now. Her catalogue is jam-packed with hits and she knows how to put on a high-flying show. Hopefully negotiations are quicker come 2020. Thoughts on P!nk turning down the Super Bowl? Leave a comment below! And while you're at it... follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  12. Due to high demand, P!nk added several shows to her newly-announced Beautiful Trauma World Tour. [adinserter block="1"] In just one hour, the "Whatever You Want" songstress sold 100,000 tickets, according to Eventim. Because they could, event organizers added two additional shows – a second date in Cologne on July 6th, 2019, and an additional performance on the 27th in Munich. [adinserter block="2"] P!nk's 2019 is fully booked up with shows! She'll kick off another North American tour on March 1st in Sunrise, FL, then make her way around the states and Canada through May 22 before taking a few weeks off and embarking on the European and UK leg of the tour come June where she'll make stops in Amsterdam, Dublin, London, Paris, Frankfurt and Stockholm, among others. Check out a list of tour dates here. Super impressive! Are YOU seeing Pink next year? Leave a comment below! And while you're at it... follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.
  13. Mariah just tossed a hit our way. [adinserter block="1"] The elusive chanteuse's new era is coming in hot! Following the feisty first release with "GTFO," and the ballad titled "With You," is what should have been the lead – feast your eyes on "The Distance," a hip-hop-tinged pop track that finds Mimi floating over a crisp, Skrillex-produced beat and smooth raps from Ty Dolla $ign. Said we couldn't go the distance, yeah / Look at us, we're going the distance," she sings. "They just wanna be us / They don't wanna see us / Going the distance." It's her best release thus far. "The Distance" marks the third single promo-single off Mariah's forthcoming album, Caution, out November 16th. [adinserter block="2"] Thoughts on Mariah's new tune? Leave a comment below! And while you're at it... follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.