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  1. 61 points
    Is this a joke? Who prefers the old cover over the new one?
  2. 55 points
    OMG. The fact this actually happened and her evil team wasn’t pulling her away... this made my day!
  3. 53 points
    Unless Brit is answering the question it's all speculation and opinion. One thing I can say loud and clear is that in my 20 years of history with Britney I have never sold out and spoken about her personal life. I have been there through every single thing you can imagine with her but it's not my place to say. We may not be in contact now but we once were close friends and I would never betray a friends trust and talk publicly about their personal life. What I can say is that I treasure all of the versions we see of Britney.
  4. 53 points
    Well, ooh lala charted at #54 Beyonka's new LION KING song charted at #98 LION KING The biggest animation movie title And BEYONCE , the one that is considered a "goddess"
  5. 53 points
    UPDATE: https://xray.britspears.net/ We already have 380.000 pics from 500.000. Some categories are a bit unsorted but everything will be fine soon. Keep checking back! UPDATE: Since no one could help bring back old XRAY...I decided to you use the britspears.net Gallery. https://xray.britspears.net/ You will see the next days/weeks a looot of changes. All 500.000 pics will be back soon. Thanks again for all the people who still care about XRAY. I hope you will like this version of XRAY as well. Just give us a bit time. UPDATE: The worst case happened. We almost lost all pics. We are 90% sure that this error was caused by the "outdated" database Xray used. on Breatheheavy.com Somehow Jordan did not noticed it and nothing was saved after 2016. Guess cause he never cared about XRAY. It will take a lot of time to bring back 500000 pics again. This is the 4th time I have to bring back all the pics. I'm so sick of it. Right now I'm not sure if I want to do agin... I'm devastated. But thanks again for all the nice words! ------------------------------------------------------------- Hey guys, unfortunatly we have to leave BreatheHeavy.com. Jordan is going to be switching servers soon, and he cannot take XRAY. So we found a new cute place for us. You can still visit us here: https://xray.britspears.net/ (Not yet but soon) BTW It's not the first time my team and I have to go on... Back then I started with UntouchableBritney.net and Killthelights gallery. Jordan gave us a new home when we lost UTB/KTL Now we have to go again. Hope you guys still visit us! Pray the moving will work out fine!
  6. 53 points
    I haven’t heard her speak like this (so seriously) in years. I love it.
  7. 53 points
  8. 53 points
    Jordan fix Exhale please. #BringBackExhale
  9. 48 points
    This might just be the most personal thing we’ve heard from Britney in a damn decade and I stan.
  10. 47 points
    Did you know you were taking the lead vocals on BJ or was that something you found out later?
  11. 47 points
    Jordan - you've really lost sense of what Exhale users actually want, haven't you? I respect that it's your website and has been your life for the last 16 years but this along with the recent e-mails about merch etc, it just feels like you've absolutely lost touch with the users of this website and forum. Exhale is more dead than ever and that certainly isn't a coincidence. It isn't just because of Britney's inactivity. I think we all want you to succeed and do well, but none of what you're doing is why we are here. In February, I'll have been a member here for 12 years and I've never seen this place so deserted or so far from what it feels like it should be.
  12. 47 points
    Literally imagine thousands of people are worried about ur life and have a whole website making up theories and dissecting every little thing about ur life while ur enjoying luxurious self In Hawaii not giving one **** this is the skinny needle that I love lmfao
  13. 47 points
    So since the 2019 VMAs are drawing in, MTV made a countdown of The Top 10 Mic-Drop Performances Ever. And you ask me what’s wrong? At #2 is Britney’s Iconic 2001 I’m a Slave 4 U performance. An at #1 is Beyonce’s 2016 Lemonade Medley. Oops!... They Did It Again A normal 15 minute performance over a young Britney Spears slaying choreography and featuring live animals including her adorning a yellow albino Burmese python across her shoulders and swaying it around the stage First it was the 2011 VMA Vanguard Award acceptance speech Then the 2016 VMA Make Me performance overshadowing And now they’re shading their most iconic performance ever by putting a nothing extra special performance which no one remembers over it The Queen of the VMAs Britney made he show what it is today And this is how y’all repay her? MTV is Cancelled
  14. 46 points
    Jamie. How does it feel for your grandchildren to have a restraining order against YOU??!! Karma is coming!!
  15. 45 points
    I screamed It's like logging in Exhale and then closing like "no THANKS. I CHOOSE MY OWN MELTDOWNS".
  16. 45 points
  17. 45 points
    SO, one of my friends "went" way deep into the pre-recorded vocals that Britney used on Billboard Music Awards at 2016, and now we can hear them very clear and we can all enjoy these new vocals of Work *****, Womanizer, I Love Rock and Roll, Im A Slave 4 U and Toxic! NONE of these vocals were used before... and im loving them! my favorite parts are: 1:03 / 1:37 / 1:46 / 2:28 / 2:46 / 3:04
  18. 45 points
  19. 45 points
    Because Madonna "uses" anyone that's famous at the time
  20. 44 points
    Yes, the top spot is unavailable to others forever. And it’s not even my choice. It’s just the way it is.
  21. 44 points
    WTF but good on Britney for doing the incredibly mature thing and removing her children from Jamie and taking them back to Kevin. Also good on Kevin (for once) for filing a police report. Now if brenda allows someone who is hiding money, stripping her of all rights, threatens her, and abuses her children to run her conservatorship well.......
  22. 43 points
  23. 43 points
    Our story is long and personal. I stepped away from Britney for a moment during the Blackout era for reasons that her and I only need to know. We reconnected for the Femme Fatale era and due to death threats from fans, constant hate messages and a loss of love for the music industry in general I decided to walk away from the Femme Fatale tour. It was a difficult decision to make but my sanity and happiness were more important. Fans loved to ridicule me for comments I made in an MTV interview and then blame me whenever they didn't like a Britney performance which is ridiculous to me. Luckily Britney and I were able to reconnect on X factor US. Who knows if we will ever work together again. That is up to Brit... we would need to sit down and talk and make sure we're on the same page though.
  24. 43 points
    I’m surprised we haven’t gotten an IG post from “her” today saying: ”Hey guys !!!!! 💅🏼💅🏼💅🏼 My son went live yesterday and said some things ... SILLY BOY ... !!!!! 👶🏼👶🏼👶🏼 !!!!! There is a lot he doesn’t understand but he is gonna be a DJ one day !!!!! 🦋🦋🦋 !!!!! Had to have a talk today about his language !!!!! Little scamp !!!!!! 🦐🦐🦐 he and my dad are best friends and love to go fishing !!!!! 🏅🏅🏅. FLOWERS ARE AWESOME !!!!! 🌺🌺🌺”
  25. 43 points
    She went brunette so that Lou and Team **** can no longer upload Britney videos from 2018 saying they're current. Yay you Britney!!!!! I prefer her blonde tho...
  26. 42 points
    Thank you so much for all of your questions everyone. I am so sorry I didn't have time to answer them all though... thank you for being kind to me as well. I was definitely afraid to come on here considering all of the negativity that has been thrown my way from Britney fans. As a Creator and Choreographer the work we do for artists is as much ours as it is theirs. To say that we are using them for fame is just untrue. I am proud of all of the work that I did with Britney and it is my right to share it and shout it from the rooftops if I want to. I hope to see you all LIVE on Saturday at 12pm PST when I teach I'm A Slave 4 U from my home! It will be up for 72 hours so don't worry if you can't tune it on time. I'll be sharing more stories and will teach it slowly. What better place to learn than at home where you can make mistakes Get tickets on https://brianfriedman.veeps.com and I will see you there! Also, a portion of ticket sales are going to Unicef USA to support our healthcare workers x Thanks for having me BREATHE HEAVY!
  27. 42 points
    Obviously this is a question and an answer that I believe everyone knows. Hold it against me was definitely the most difficult. The request was that the choreography be difficult. I had been quoted saying that Britney was killing it in rehearsals which she was. If you've ever done my choreography you know that it is very hard and with so many details and full bodied movements, you have good runs and you have bad runs of the choreography. Britney was killing it at times and other times were a struggle. That doesn't take away from her capabilities as a dancer. She is an incredible dancer as we have all seen that
  28. 42 points
  29. 42 points
    This is just ridiculous at this point. Like this-has-to-be-a-joke levels of ridiculous. Of course the new conservator is just as whack as the previous ones. What were we expecting. I just don’t understand why Britney has had to face so much bullsh** in her life. How hard is it to just treat somebody like a human being?
  30. 42 points
    Guess you'll have better Meet & Greets with Britney when you're not paying lots of money But seriously though this video is for everyone who says Currentney hates her fans
  31. 41 points
    UPDATE: JON ASHER AND MELANIE FONTANA WATCHED MY MUSIC VIDEO! I TWEETED THE VIDEO AND TAGGED BUT I DIDN'T EXPECT THEM TO REPLY BUT THEY REPLIED! JON ASHER COMPLIMENTED ME AND MELANIE REPLIED BY TAGGING JON WITH A HEART SO I THINK SHE LIKED IT TOO! I'M SO HAPPY OMG HERE'S THE TWEETS: Hi guys! First of all, Happy 16th Anniversary to Breatheheavy! Breatheheavy has been a safe haven for me for for 10 years! I was active here (2011-2014) and I used to share my fanmade videos here. I was the one who made the "I Am Britney Jean Promo Video" and "Come and Get It" video. I became inactive (2015-2019) because of college and work but now I'm going back to my safe haven. From a 14 yr old Britney fanmade video editor/student, now I'm already a 23 yr old young filmmaker and it's all because of Britney! - - - - - To celebrate the success of Mood Ring, I decided to make a fanmade music video for it! You can watch it below but please read the synopsis! I really worked hard for this, especially on the lip sync parts. My concept for the video is sexy, psychedelic, mysterious, and it has black magic. I've always wanted Britney to do a dark and magical MV so I tried to achieve that idea here! SYNOPSIS: Britney attended an award show and sneaked away from the paparazzi. Wondering on the streets, she stumbled into a fortune teller shop. The mysterious fortune teller held her hand and offered her a magical mood ring for a fair price. Britney was lonely because of her recent breakup. Desperate of coping with her heartbreak, she impulsively bought and wore the mood ring, hoping that it would change her emotions and fate in love as promised by the fortune teller. She met a man outside and thought that maybe the mood ring worked after all so she crashed in his place and they had steamy ***. Later on, she found out that this guy is trouble, possessing illegal guns & stuff and has violent tendencies but she stuck with him because she believes that the mood ring in her finger will fix everything. The mood ring turned out to be cursed and evil. It is owned by a demon that will grant your wish but it'll come with a price - your life. Britney had a fight with his boyfriend in her place. While lying on the bathtub, the curse of the mood ring took place, taking the life of Britney in exchange for her wish to find a new lover. She began hallucinating and seeing psychedelic & creepy stuff like horned beings chasing her in a hall, seeing glimpse of her past heartbreaks like writing and burning letters. The story ends with a scene of an ethereal creature who looks like her looking at the camera. It's her guardian and she's about to defend Britney and reclaim her life from the demon. It's a cliffhanger hahaha. - - - - - I guess it's mindless dreaming but I really hope that Britney or Jon Asher or Melanie Fontana or Jordan would be able to watch this! Please leave your thoughts guys! I would love to hear your opinions so I could improve and maybe make another fanmade video if time permits because I'm kinda busy with work and other stuff. Thank you so much for reading until here hahaha. I hope all of you are well and please stay safe. This pandemic shall pass and everything will go back to normal. I love this fandom. Mwa! HERE'S THE FANMADE VIDEO:
  32. 41 points
    Absolutely not, Britney is notorious for not being political and thats the way she should stay. Just because you feel passionate about something does not mean Britney must say something about it. Hope youre not one of those people supposedly dragging her for not talking.
  33. 41 points
    The free Britney movement is something I am on the sidelines for. I am not in Britney's life right now and haven't been for some time. I can't really comment on what's going on behind closed doors when I don't know the facts. What I can say is that if Britney wants and is ready to take control of her life then I support that fully. I only and have ever only wanted the best for her and for her to be happy.
  34. 41 points
    The lightness is coming to give back everything the darkness stole. Literally.
  35. 41 points
    In an interview with a TV magazine connected to The Sun newspaper here in UK, Jonathan Ross said, "I do get start-struck sometimes... Some people just have a real charisma or quality. A couple of years ago we had Britney Spears on... When I met Britney, there was something about her. We just connected." Kween of connecting. Kween of interviews. I feel like Jonathan is trying to lay the ground to interview her next time she visits UK. Maybe she'll be able to talk c-ship without being censored next time?
  36. 41 points
    https://www.etonline.com/britney-spears-debuts-brunette-hair-during-date-night-with-boyfriend-sam-asghari-131504 If only we'd get a Brunetteney era :-(
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  38. 40 points
    Inspired by iconic user @C0CKy's eye opening thread about Lou M. Taylor's domain name buying habits: I bought the domain name loumtaylorisafraud.com check it out (Lou M. Taylor Is A Fraud). For just $0.71 American dollars a month ($8.52 for a year) Although I did also buy the "personal details protection" for like $9 per year because of who we're dealing with I feel like I've done so much to #FreeBritney
  39. 40 points
    The only thing that supports this theory is that it would be the perfect chance for Beyoncé to yet again overshadow her with a 2hr Lion King medley where she'll reveal she secretly had a baby and is calling him Simba
  40. 39 points
    Already preparing her makeover for her exit out of the conservatorship in 3 weeks.
  41. 39 points
  42. 39 points
    The fact that she recorded wb for the first time ever in 2016 Slave with current vocals is even sexier
  43. 38 points
    What was the last hit Timbaland had? His opinion is irrelevant.
  44. 38 points
    if he doesn't ill be burning him and his house down with vanilla candles
  45. 38 points
    I think at the end of the day they’re just a normal family.. they fight, have problems but well.. it’s better to be this way. Britney is still trying to get her life back out of the conservatorship. I thought it was a really sweet video to be honest, I love their house full of Britney memories, I got emotional watching it
  46. 38 points
    Her voice sounds like when she was announcing "A morning to remember" at GMA
  47. 38 points
    Source: Jamie Lynn’s IG story. Jamie Lynn says: “I wanted to address something even though I shouldn’t because it’s so stupid. Someone got into my account and blocked my sister. I never blocked my sister and I never would. Britney is the absolute **** and I love and support her in every single way. Also, if I had a real problem with her, don’t you think I’d call her up or go see her, do you really think that I would block her on a social platform? come on people, the Spears sisters are fine, I did not block her, someone with way too much time on their hands - little **** stirrer - did. Love my sis and I love her post!” Very interesting. She clearly states that it was someone who went onto her account to stir the pot. LOU IS THAT YOU?
  48. 38 points
    I hope everything goes well with the move. Like another user said, the work you do should be appreciated more. Archiving all these Britney pictures is so important to fans so I want to say thank you so much. Sometimes I’ll go on Xray and just spend all day looking at pictures and remembering cool times in Britney’s life, seeing all the people she’s met and touched throughout her career all in photos. It’s really interesting and without your hard work we wouldn’t have all those pictures in one convient place to look back on. Even if a lot of people haven’t said it, we really love xray and appreciate it, so thank you so much to Niki and your team! We’ll always support your site no matter where it is!
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  50. 37 points
    What the **** is this utterly delusional fan fiction? This is nothing more than a description of a Britney fan's wet dream.
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