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    (while she's transitioning from Everytime to BOMT) (DWYCO)
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    Yay I've been dying to know more about how her diet and her sons are doing
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    I thought Britney's grandma had received a worrying voicemail
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    Yes I am really good at procrastinating and not doing anything productive so instead of doing my homework I decidedly to draw Britney. I came up with some tour outfits and redrew modern versions of some older outfits that I wold like to see her in. ...Baby One More Time This one was based off of DWAD Boys but it could also be cute for MATM This could be for Work ***** or Til The World Ends These two are both for Slave Excuse the sloppy coloring and lack of creativity in some of them it’s late and I didn’t feel like doing too much.... but also felt like doing enough not to do my work??? Yeah I know that’s confusing. I also drew an outfit for Pretty Girls and one for Lace and Leather but I didn’t feel like coloring them. Feel free to leave ideas for another day when I feel like wasting time. Update #1: Thank you very much for the suggestions and compliments, I’m gonna try not to procrastinate as much today even tho I’ll definitely be in the main #freebritney thread Here’s my rendition of the iconic oops outfits that would have been scrapped if someone didn’t ask for it This was my idea for the overprotected darkchild video outfit but it doesn’t look that different tbh and just looks like it did a fusion dance with Femme Fatale S&M/...Baby that also had a baby with Rihanna’s opening outfit from the Anti World Tour, which isn’t a bad thing actually I wanted to do the DWAD overprotected/Elvis jumpsuit but it’s so good I couldn’t think of anything to change Update #2: The Pretty Girls outfit previously mentioned. Originally it was gonna be less alien-ney but it’s true that these men are from Mars so I had to make it bizarre This is the Lace and Leather/S&M outfit with the return of lazy coloring! I didn’t even bother with this one but you get the general idea I was going for Update #3: This one could be used as an alternate to the redone ....Baby costume but also for Outrageous As someone mentioned this could be used for Slumber Party or for the always included mimed rendition of Everytime Update #3.5: No one asked but here’s the snake outfit as a dress
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    Replacing the pole for a piece of fabric so she can bring that with her when she goes on tour. Smart movement from Britney's team.
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    It’s getting real ladies. See you ***** in prison.
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    You may remember my post that I shared with Exhale about a month ago. It was embedded with a video, which shared my living situation with my boyfriend and how he surprised me with meet and greet tickets for the August 23rd show. Being a fan for eighteen years, this was a dream that was about to come true, but I felt I should be prepared to know the reality of it as well, and the fact that a lot of money was spent for my thirty seconds with Britney, but all in all, it was a great experience and I got some information that many of you may be interested in hearing about. I won't tell you about what happens during the meet and greet, because the story does not differ from anyone else. However, I'll go more into detail about stories of Britney, the show itself and how Fe is simply the sweetest woman. I think my boyfriend and I could agree that I may have been slightly more excited to meet Fe. We all know who she is. She was formally her assistant, but now is in charge of the whole meet and greet experience. Meeting Fe We picked up our passes at 5:30pm, and waited to enter around 6:15-6:30pm. As soon as we got to the Axis, Fe was there. I was so excited I just wanted to go up and introduce myself right away, but I figured I needed to slowly make my way over to her. It's funny because as soon as she started to conduct the backstage tour, she told us that her name is Felicia, but she prefers Fe. I was about to call her Fe before that, and I thought it might be rude, so when she said that, I felt great. I guess it's a common thing to want to call her that as we all have watched those interviews, documentaries and videos of Britney and Fe bounding together. I felt like I was meeting an old friend, even though I don't know her personally. General Summary of POM We finally got on stage and walked across the cat walk. Fe spoke about everything from the band, the history of the theater, the dancers, and everything about the show. Interestingly enough, Fe stated over and over that the theater is the biggest in Vegas, and it fits 4500 people, plus an additional 1900 seats (around that number, I can't remember for sure), but it's used for equipment, lasers and so on. Angel Wings As many of you know, the angel wings place Britney in a seat. That weight isn't on her. There are thousands of LED lights that they can do anything with. It's so intricate that they could write anything on the wings with the lights, but Britney wanted to keep it simple. Apparently you could light multiple Rockefeller Center trees with the lights used in the wings. The guy who designed Victoria's Secret's wings also created these wings for the show. Technology Fe said Britney wanted to push the envelope this time around with technology. That's where the decision was made to add lasers. Fe was so funny, because she explained how she was worried about the lasers hitting people's eyes, but it turns out that they're fine. The lasers give a feeling that everyone has their own laser. So you can stare at them, and nothing will happen. Magic for POM For the revamp, Britney had the idea to bring back magic like she had in the Circus Tour. Fe explained that it was all Britney's idea and brought back the guy who worked with her for Circus. He designed the opening prop for the show. Wardrobe As far as wardrobe, it's all Britney's idea. Every night she can make a switch or add anything that she wants. Fe explained that Britney had an outfit with the number 17, I believe it was the outfit she brought back for the revamp? She cut one of the sleeves off, because it was uncomfortable, but then she did it again to the other sleeve, and later to the bottom of the shirt. It was pretty much ruined then, since it was originally a sweater. Fe also explained that A lot of Britney's outfits were placed in storage units across the states where she performed. All of these were scattered across the country until her father built one big storage in Louisiana. It has everything! But Fe, also mentioned that many were donated, too. Some of them were also sent out to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame to keep them preserved. At that point, I asked about her opening Dream Within A Dream outfit, and if they still have it. They said they had two of them, but one of the capes were stolen. Fe said it was a very heavy cape. That begun a whole conversation about that tour and the jewelry box. The jewelry box utilized new technology to open it, and weighed about 80 tons. Fe also pulled out Britney's VMA 2016 boots, which was the only part of the outfit that remains in their possession after the rest of the outfit was donated and a piece was given to a fan (I believe the jacket. I remember that contest.) What I told Fe At that point the backstage part was done, and we had to meet back at 8:15pm for the meet and greet. That was when I took a photo with Fe, and told her that she's so sweet and I think one of the best people in Britney's life. She was full of energy, and very touchy feely in the way of giving hugs. Meeting Britney If I told you that you have a lot of time with Britney, I would be lying to you. It's literally five seconds, if that. As you know, no hugs, kissing, grabbing and so on. There was twenty of us, so they said if they gave us five minutes each, the show would have already started. We lined up, and after waiting a bit, the first person was back in seconds. I was like, "seriously?" And then the next, and the next. It was so fast! All I knew was that I needed to say more than just "I love you, and it was nice meeting you." So out of everyone else, I said a bunch of things that I wanted to say. It was so surreal, I wish I could explain more. She was wearing a pink shirt, she looked beautiful and honestly looks like a doll. I went over and said "Hi Britney!" We shook hands, and she said "what's your name sweetie?" I said "Mike." And she said "it's nice meeting you." We took our picture, and I turned around and said, "Did you hear Will & Grace is coming back? She replied "Oh, yeah, I love that show." I said, "you should come back as Peg, or even yourself!" She replied, Thank you sweetie." And then I started walking away and said "I love your vocals on Just Luv me! They're so raw." She thanked me again. And that was it! I swear it was 30 seconds. My boyfriend came out five seconds after me, and just said "it's nice meeting you." We couldn't even comprehend what just happened, but everyone I talked to said almost the same as what he said. I think after that I started panicking about my picture, how it looked, and if I may have been slightly too talkative. It wasn't until I talked to Fe again, where I found out some interesting stuff. Meeting with Fe Again (A Must Read) We picked up our pictures, and after stressing how mine looked, it wasn't bad! My boyfriend put his arm around her, but I didn't. I just thought it might upset her, so I left my arm down. I even worried about what I said, but Fe told me it was great what I said to Britney. We then talked to her for 25 minutes. I'm serious! We talked so long, that we ended up leaving with Fe. And for all of us, I brought up Glory, a world tour, and new music in our discussion. Interestingly enough, Fe said Britney isn't recording right now. I think I was shocked about that. And she also said that the residency thing is in the air. Piece of Me would come to an end because everyone needs a break and needs something fresh. Sets are starting to slowly deteriorate because of moving them in and out from storage and using them for years now. As we know, POM ends in December, so what does that mean for Britney? Fe said she wants at least a two month break, and then if they did plan for a new show it would take eight months to a year to see something. She said that there are a lot of bids for her to have her residency somewhere else in Vegas, but they haven't figured out if she'll do a world tour or just a new show in Vegas. So I asked, "what about new music?" And she said, she technically doesn't need new music for a show. I don't see how she would do a whole new show with no new material, but I hope she considers the world tour option with a new album. I also stated that Glory is amazing, but should have had more singles. But, she said that it all had to do with sales, Billboard and how music has changed today. We talked so much about how they started working together (20 years now). She even talked to me about Britney being shy and that she's always been like that. She says she just likes to speak through her music. She doesn't want her to seem aloof, but she's just shy. In general, she plays off of energy, and is very humble. Britney doesn't see what everyone else sees in her. We briefly spoke about her singing "Something to Talk About." I told her that I loved that she did it, and that I hope we'll see it again. Fe told me that it was her choice to do it, but she only wanted to do it for that night only. So if you're expecting her to do anything like that in the upcoming shows, chances are that it might not happen again. We also talked about documentaries and how they all made me laugh. Fe reminisced about Chaotic (I was surprised!) and said she remembered filming it, and Britney was asking her if it was okay to use her footage. Fe laughed and said yeah, as you all have seen since it made the cut. There were just so many laughs, and I'm so glad I met Fe, because we bounded and had a blast. Fe simply told me she's sticking around to do this because she loves it. She's laughed and said she's the good Will ambassador for Britney. So my advice for all of you is don't just get wrapped up in meeting Britney for those few seconds. Make friends, stick with Fe and just enjoy it for what it is, and you'll love it! This is weird! One of her security guards was with me, because I had to leave backstage to use the bathroom, but we talked about meeting her, and he said "what will you say?" I told him I wasn't too sure but I had an idea. He replied, "why don't you ask her about Original Doll?" I was like "that would be a bad idea!" He said "why? You're a Britney fan, right? You know about it." It makes me wonder if I should've asked, but I didn't. It's interesting, but also water under the bridge. The show was great, but also it's been the same from the past two times I saw it. The only difference was this meet and greet and seeing her perform Make Me, Slumber Party and Do you want to come over? Her confidence and her presence keeps getting better and better, but I can finally say I'm done with this show! I wonder how she feels?!
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    nice try sis but its more believable that our girl will perform in Mars with aliens as backup dancers than Superbowl
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    She'll scrap her work hiatus because it just didn't work
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    All staged if you ask me. Paid article, Sam put there on purpose so they can say she has some 'freedom', messy hair to remind us she's not ok mentally and that she needs the cship...disgusting ****
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    So I met her in Paris yesterday (29th). I had no expectations at all since I met her during the FFT and my experience was great (hug, kiss, little discuss). But still, I prepared a fun pose to ask her, and a little word. During the FFT I was 22, I was young and nervous, and even more since it was the first time meeting her. But I could ask for a hug, introduced myself etc Yesterday, I was way more relax and prepare, but... When my time arrived, it was so f**king rushed. Bodyguard stopped me before I entered the room because I had chewing gum in my pocket... Then he told me "No touching Britney, No asking her", so I walked in, she looked at me in the eyes, and I told her "Hey Britney, I'm really happy to meet you" she just said Hello and photographer screamed "PICTURE!!" I didn't even know where I was supposed to be, I just pose next to her with no pose, then she said thank you, I thanked her back. Before I get out I turned my head to see her a last time, she was looking at someone of her team, with scared eyes I never saw some eyes that scared before. Another fact, in the waiting line we saw some dancers, they smile to us and everything. Then behind me there was King Alex, and Larry came and discuss to him. Larry didn't tell anything to the fans, I looked at him and smile to him but he didn't even replied. He is such a douchebag clearly here to milk fans. Then Alex was asking him about that Marta drama, and he said that she touched Britney many times without asking her and that now Britney doesn't want someone to touch her body anymore. That's it for the picture experience. All I hope is my picture is fine... I'm happy with my night cause I met some super people during the MG, and the Paris team gave us a standing area in front of the stage. I'm not disapointed cause I had no expectations, and I already met her. But I understand the people who are. Also, I won't buy any Meet and Greet for Britney anymore while she doesn't cure her issues. UPDATE: Pic.
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    They really are scared AF right now and you can tell. I think what they didn't expect is for her fans to, for once, not give a **** about Britney the performer and actually care about Britney, the person. For them it might be unfathomable, but as fans, what we care about NOW is Britney the person and her mental well-being. They're shocked that at this point NO ONE is here for her yet again being thrown on stage like a zoo animal to make money for her team as soon as possible. Rudolph saying that is good news in my book. I think Britney has finally reached a point of no return where she's like, "I've had it." I'm sure she loves music, she loves performing, she loves being on stage with her fans etc. But I'm f**king ecstatic that she's no longer willing to do any of it under the conditions and restraints she's placed under. If you ask me, she understands that they're ALL taking advantage of her and she's reached the point where she's like, "ENOUGH." After all, no matter how much I love my job, if at the end of the month, all the money would go into someone else's pockets, I couldn't help but grow increasingly resentful and unwilling to do the job; again, no matter how much I love it. And she's done it WAY TOO LONG. When all of this is finally said and done and Britney is free, I'm 10000000000% sure she'll come back to us - and most importantly, she'll finally be in a place where she can do as she pleases when she pleases. And THAT will make her happy. And we'll be here for her when that time comes. So proud of you, B. Keep fighting!
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    Maybe we should all learn that we should be careful of whom we look at as an "idol" and instead find our inspiration in the real people around us.
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    So I got the Britney hoodie from urban outfitters a few months ago and I really love it. It's beautiful and comfy (duh). My brother, who is 15 years old, often borrows clothes from me. Since I showed him that many celebs had been wearing that hoodie he really got into it. He knows how obsessed I am with Britney and he's one of those siblings that are annoyed by that fact lmao. He's also the cool type in his school (not saying that to boast or sth) and he's str8. (we live in new york btw) So when he wore that hoodie at his school one of his teacher was so surprised that he liked britney and she told him that she's going to britney's concert in new york (same date I'm going). Two days ago my brother went out with his friends in manhattan and he wore my hoodie again, and he called me while I was at work to tell me that 12+ people stopped him and said "It's Britney, *****". After all these incidents (and more) he's really realized the fact that Britney is super iconic and in her own league. But for real guys, we all know this wouldn't happen if it was a Madonna hoodie, or a Lady Gaga hoodie(Gaga is my second fave but lbr). I'm not gonna even mention the current celebs like taylor, ariana etc. It wouldn't even happen with a beyonce hoodie and we know how loved she it. Britney just got something special about her. Something that transcends through the newer generation and people cannot just ignore her.
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    You have to give her props, her voice didn't crack one bit while falling.
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    Every single one of them. No exceptions.
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    He always makes big promises. I still remember how Britney was going to sing every song live during POM. DIDN'T QUITE WORK OUT
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    “When was the last time you cried?” ”happy tears, when my son Sean Preston was born” Queen of not crying in 13 years
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    Is this a joke? Who prefers the old cover over the new one?
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    So, the energy is there, but that choreo I'm not feeling it. it's the same thing we've seen.
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    O2, London - 24th August - Capacity: 20,000 - SOLD OUT O2, London - 25th August - Capacity: 20,000 - SOLD OUT Telenor Arena, Norway - 10th August - Capacity: 25,000 - SOLD OUT Mercedes Benz Arena, Germany - 6th August - 17,000 - SOLD OUT Borgata, Atlantic City, - 19th July - 3,200 - SOLD OUT Borgata, Atlantic City, - 20th July - 3,200 - SOLD OUT Borgata, Atlantic City, - 21st July - 3,200 - SOLD OUT Goransson Arena, Sweden - August 11th - 10,000 - SOLD OUT Radio City Music Hall, New York - July 23rd - 6,015 - SOLD OUT Radio City Music Hall, New York - July 24th - 6,015 - SOLD OUT 3 Arena, Dublin, Ireland - August 20th - 13,000 - SOLD OUT SSE Hydro, Glasgow, Scotland - August 22nd - 13,000 - SOLD OUT Can anyone tell me anymore to add to the list? As I am going to constantly update this!
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    We're not buying it until Lou, Larry and Jamie are fired
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    After reading so many M&G stories lately i feel really bad for these fans. From the spanish girl to the boy from France. And i feel bad because i can see what they mean since i met Britney on Nov 28th 2011. I remember posting here on Exhale about my experience but i wasn't completely honest back then... I just thought it would've been better to pretend it happened something else. But now i'll be completely honest... I was the first one in line and i had never seen Britney in concert ever. So i got to meet her live for the first time before the show. When i entered the room and saw her standing there i was so shocked i remember opening my mouth cause i just couldn't believe it and then i covered my face. I was literally SHOCKED. As i was walking to her i was going to hug her but instead she gave me the Tourbook i told her she was my biggest inspiration (i couldn't think of anything else i was shocked) and she did that thing she does when pressing her lips and moves her head up and down They took the photo and that was it. Then i enjoyed the concert but it felt weird. I was dissapointed, she wasn't rude but not very nice either... For some reason i didn't want to tell that to anybody. Why am i telling this now? I'd like for you guys to be more supportive of other fans. I understand when they said they felt dissapointed or like that guy from France said "heartbroken". Do not blame them. But also... don't blame her. She doesn't have to hug you or even touch you. You paid for a picture and that's exactly what you're getting. If she's feeling good maybe you'll get a little extra. At the end of the day you know who she is but she has no idea about who you are... I'm still a fan even though i feel there was a before and after that day. Growing up i was very insecure and i suffered from depression for so many years and she just made me happier and that's why i will always be a fan, no matter what. I got her off that crazy pedestal and i'm happier that way. I genuinely enjoy being part of the Britney army The end.
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    not official unless it comes from fiebre or a pool party
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    Well she's showing to the media and paps that she is happy despite the ongoing drama. AND HER LAUGH She's also contradicting Larry's stupid statements. I'm living for this
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    Britney lives in an alternate universe where Boys and Do Somethin were hits and Breathe On Me, TOMH, DYWTCO,Clumsy were released as singles.
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    Thats what happens if you stop giving a **** about your career in general and do residency only, then go on tour with your sloppy washed out version of the residency show in the most hideous lingerie ever with coaled eyes and various ticks. then we haven't talked about that shitty announcement and no music in over 2 years now. shows how much she truly cares about everything. good luck to the people that do go.
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    Because if you claim to be a fan of someone than you’re not supposed to hate on everything that this person does.Britney can literally post a photo of scenery and y’all will be like “omg that post was so weird,omg she is unstable” like shut the **** up.That’s the Britney we all know and love.She has always been cringy and dorky.It’s not something new or something because of her mental issues(if she even has any considering she hasn’t been diagnosed). anyway my point is that y’all were complaining when she wasn’t posting,now y’all are complaining because she is posting like come on guys,decide what you want and then come to Exhale.
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    She looks STUNNING and seems SO happy. I’ll bet y’all she knows she’s getting out and that her team is going down.
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    Driving - check Cellphone visible - double check Great job, Team B! (Be safe tho, Britney)
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    she is getting competitive again and wants to beat Christina who took 6 years off between records. Britney will take 7.
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    dont forget about the angel wings she uses for everytime
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