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    UPDATE: JON ASHER AND MELANIE FONTANA WATCHED MY MUSIC VIDEO! I TWEETED THE VIDEO AND TAGGED BUT I DIDN'T EXPECT THEM TO REPLY BUT THEY REPLIED! JON ASHER COMPLIMENTED ME AND MELANIE REPLIED BY TAGGING JON WITH A HEART SO I THINK SHE LIKED IT TOO! I'M SO HAPPY OMG HERE'S THE TWEETS: Hi guys! First of all, Happy 16th Anniversary to Breatheheavy! Breatheheavy has been a safe haven for me for for 10 years! I was active here (2011-2014) and I used to share my fanmade videos here. I was the one who made the "I Am Britney Jean Promo Video" and "Come and Get It" video. I became inactive (2015-2019) because of college and work but now I'm going back to my safe haven. From a 14 yr old Britney fanmade video editor/student, now I'm already a 23 yr old young filmmaker and it's all because of Britney! - - - - - To celebrate the success of Mood Ring, I decided to make a fanmade music video for it! You can watch it below but please read the synopsis! I really worked hard for this, especially on the lip sync parts. My concept for the video is sexy, psychedelic, mysterious, and it has black magic. I've always wanted Britney to do a dark and magical MV so I tried to achieve that idea here! SYNOPSIS: Britney attended an award show and sneaked away from the paparazzi. Wondering on the streets, she stumbled into a fortune teller shop. The mysterious fortune teller held her hand and offered her a magical mood ring for a fair price. Britney was lonely because of her recent breakup. Desperate of coping with her heartbreak, she impulsively bought and wore the mood ring, hoping that it would change her emotions and fate in love as promised by the fortune teller. She met a man outside and thought that maybe the mood ring worked after all so she crashed in his place and they had steamy ***. Later on, she found out that this guy is trouble, possessing illegal guns & stuff and has violent tendencies but she stuck with him because she believes that the mood ring in her finger will fix everything. The mood ring turned out to be cursed and evil. It is owned by a demon that will grant your wish but it'll come with a price - your life. Britney had a fight with his boyfriend in her place. While lying on the bathtub, the curse of the mood ring took place, taking the life of Britney in exchange for her wish to find a new lover. She began hallucinating and seeing psychedelic & creepy stuff like horned beings chasing her in a hall, seeing glimpse of her past heartbreaks like writing and burning letters. The story ends with a scene of an ethereal creature who looks like her looking at the camera. It's her guardian and she's about to defend Britney and reclaim her life from the demon. It's a cliffhanger hahaha. - - - - - I guess it's mindless dreaming but I really hope that Britney or Jon Asher or Melanie Fontana or Jordan would be able to watch this! Please leave your thoughts guys! I would love to hear your opinions so I could improve and maybe make another fanmade video if time permits because I'm kinda busy with work and other stuff. Thank you so much for reading until here hahaha. I hope all of you are well and please stay safe. This pandemic shall pass and everything will go back to normal. I love this fandom. Mwa! HERE'S THE FANMADE VIDEO:
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    What was the last hit Timbaland had? His opinion is irrelevant.
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    Coming for Usain Bolt's record again I see
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    Now we all know this is a lie She just wants to seem like she's a flop and proud when she isn't, she's just a flop.
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    To celebrate BH turning 16-years-old this week, I wanted to put together some highlights. People ask me all the time why I named this site BreatheHeavy. Some think it was cause of "Breathe On Me," but in actuality It was inspired by the "Slave 4 U" Light Your *** On Fire Remix with Pharrell Williams. 🔥 I remember listening to this remix a LOT on the long drive home from a gymnastics meet, and when she started, well... breathing heavy (in the breakdown) I was like BREATHE HEAVY. The name literally just popped into my head. The next day I bought the domain name. I specifically remember not wanting to have Britney's name in the domain name in case I decided to expand. Britney performed this version of Slave at the 2003 NFL event. When the flames light up around her and she's slithering around the stage. Iconic. I also recall my high school blocked the name because the system linked the two words together and automatically assumed it was a NSFW site lol. Even when I tell people now what the name is, their first reaction is like And now you know Related:
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    Next thing? The "Original Doll" album under Mona Lisa and we all die.
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    So, Britney finally caught the attention of Finneas, Billie Eilish's brother and producer. He posted on an Insta story: "I love you Britney Spears and I would really like to have coffee with you and just hear about your life and how you're doing." Although I've never really obsessed on Billie's music, I personally don't mind if he produces some tracks for Britney, just for a change in Britney's sound too. Would you like him to get involved in B10? Are you ready for Billie Eilishney?
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    In all the madness of 2020, Britney went and added Mood Ring to all versions of Glory. That meant I had to remix that's out of this world. I took the sultry vibe of the song and took it a few thousand lightyears away. Listen, like, subscribe, and download at the YouTube link below! Hope you like it.
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    As a Scottish fan who left his streaming playlist on loop for 4 days straight... I’d like to give myself a pat on the back for this one
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    I have no more money, I spent it all on MOOD RING tbh
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    "Ladies and Gentlemen, we interrupt our program of Dance Music, to bring you a special Bulletin from the intercontinental radio news. Our very own Pop Princess - now Queen of Pop, has a special announcement she would like to make..." #QueenBritney
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    Is she finally escaping? Ruuuun Britney! Bad joke She looks good
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    It must be staged up. A few weeks earlier there was thread if Britney still smokes because there wasn't any recent candid of her doing it. Lou I know you're here
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    She really lost every bit of dance talent she ever had. I know she is doing this for fun. But it blows my mind that once extremely talented dancer,has no sense of rhythm nor sense of coordination. She's been doing these "dance moves" since 2017 for every "freestyle" routine no matter what song or what beat there is. Sad
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    So I have noticed that nobody has talked about this but not only did Billboard update her sales for the 20th anniversary for OIDIA, but her all time record sales. Now, Britney has sold 257 million records WW pure She has also sold 150 million pure albums in total . Combined with TSPC, CSPC, SEA, Total streams...Britney has sold over 500 million records . So congratulations to Britney!she has sold around 375 million albums with TSPC, CSPC, SEA, Total streamsEven tho, she is mentioned as the 4th best selling artist, the author forgot to put Rihanna in the top 5 (riti has sold 300 million records)so I have edited the title And taylor swift fans have the nerves to compare Britney
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    I had this planned a bit ago, but then Britney changed the Glory album cover. Since the OG Glory cover was...that, I decided to remake her album covers using screenshots! I did change things like color/ positioning etc. The only ones I didn’t remake were Blackout and Britney (none of the screenshots worked ) Sidenote: Join the Mood Ring streaming party! What do you guys think?
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    I don’t want to take anything away from the victims, but I don’t like this trend of making wild accusations with no tangible evidence just to get someone cancelled on the internet. If there really is something to report, then report it. Literally any person can write a story on the internet. She also points out several times “this is when he was out of control” like it’s some sort of justification. I don’t understand what this is supposed to achieve.
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    Joseph Kahn will never tell, tell on himself. But he hopes we smell his Perfume video.
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    Me back! Thank you for understanding. I really missed all of you. 💛🧡💜 I finally got to read this thread. My DMs and IMs, and Instagram and Twitter DMs have been full of well wishes since day one. I'd like to thank @CrazyButItFeelsAllright @Mattyj7883 @blackoutbixxh @AmorProhibido @Prime @babyimmafreak90 @Born2Die @[email protected] @VCTR @reecejwilson first of all for your never ending love and support like omg and for taking a stand with me, for checking up on me almost everyday during my break - some literally everyday. And some for telling me about the existence of this thread. I appreciate all of you. Thank you to my co-Rangers 💛🧡💜 @JordanMiller @PokemonSpears @Urbanney @Dark.Knight @puppylo16 for standing up for me for your love and support and loyalty and patience and for checking up on me. This team. and to Jordie for his understanding. 💛🧡💜 Pink Ranger, reporting for duty. Thank you @JackSProductions oh my god this thread. I did not expect this. Thank you. Also, you can thank PokemonSpears cause he took a photo of the OP and sent it to me on Instagram. Sooo sweet. And the replies and reactions! @Alex_1991 @C0CKy @xkhingx my handsome loves I see you. 😘 I see you too @Arianna @Towelney @Kuzco Kuzzie! 🤗 @vzlafan I screamed reading the reference. Haha! @Toxic.Latin I love you, why you always do this to me with your gifs. @MSTAR I saw your Overprotected videos. Thank you! 💕 @Theonetheonly Vios, it's everything! @VCTR i told you not to tell them Liam and I are expecting. This moment reminds me of Britney revealing that Zoe was pregnant with twins and of course i'm Zoe cause i'm married to Star Lord. @CJMCH your new uploads kept me entertained while doing small activities like cooking or brushing my teeth! @Cheshire-B your voodoo worked cause i'm back! @Busybee i'm still your friendly neighborhood Barbie. 🦄💖 @brycetippe Born2Die always tells me i'm a Femme Fatale. @Winter _90 does that mean i'm a telenovela princess? @SlayOut omg you nailed it. I was thinking the same thing. That I was on the 2 week break that Britney took after the BRITNEY era wrapped up and that all I need is time and a moment that is mine. @OnlyFacts I hope you haven't been trying to steal my menses while i was gone. @rodrigobjs why you me? Are we gonna bang bang in to the room? @ShatteredBoy justice has been served, Marshall. @jennyj like i'm not even kidding but i was just sleeping all the time. Literally. In between binge watching Killing Eve. @Invitation SCREAMING at Flava Flav Taehyung and I are secretly texting while I was rewatching all of the Phase 3 MCU films with Liam - and the occasional baby making. @babyimmafreak90 omg I love the way you guys are doing Britney and Overprotected rituals for me. but what do you mean forcing your husband? Does he really not like Overprotected? Also shoutout to @Theo04t cause I browsed through my notifications page and I think he literally liked all of my posts on the Mood Ring mega thread while I was away. THANK YOU EVERYONE. I'M SO GLAD TO BE BACK! I just had my 4th Billboard Hot 100 #1! TEEHEE 💛🧡💜 I dedicate this song to all of you.
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    He always does this. Imagine how tired we are.
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    I don't know but watching Britney walk back and forth to Just Like Me is so funny, entertaining, and fascinating.
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    Queen of releasing 5 year old vocals for an intro to a remix and slaying an entire fan base.
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    Britney has become more relevant these past 2 years then since 2011,her iconic songs are gaining streams faster she is constantly in the news and going viral on twitter, it all started with the #FreeBritney Movement
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    Sam's with Britney for 4 years now, through really hard **** in her life, and he's still there. Kevin couldn't even handle her depression during pregnancy. A gold digger wouldn't stay through this, they'd find their next victim where everything would be easier and they'd be able to get engaged/married or have children, something Britney is probably not allowed to do. He doesn't mention Britney unless he's asked about her and he only talks about her career(fave song to work out to, slumber party,etc) so he isn't using her for fame. People hate on him because he's a model and his job is showing off in social media. Britney seems genuinely happy around him and not uncomfortable like she ALWAYS does, so people should shut up because we literally don't know what's going on. It annoys me when fans act like they know everything. Her own son said he's a cool guy, ffs. As for the people who say he's using her because she's not hot enough for him (yes, I've read it in his IG comments, or the pictures of them together in Britney's acc) if Britney wasn't a celebrity and she was a random woman walking in a room, heads would turn. Britney is still a beautiful woman even with all the ****ed up surgeries. She's also a great person. I remember y'all hating on Charlie daily, and now you keep saying how perfect he was, acting like you always loved him. And if you hate on him for his spelling or his English level, grow up. English isn't his first language and he's trying, while most English speaking people can't even speak a second language. It's not easy. He's a fitness model, not a teacher. Seeing her happy and in love should be all that matters. I might be wrong. He could be an as*hole. All I'm saying is that we don't know so don't act like you do. Wishing your idol to go through a breakup from the guy she's in love with just because you don't like them is the kind of **** we're trying to get rid of by freeing her.
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    It really is the worst. But I can't hate it cause it was a gift to me by my ex. So Marc, if you're watching, i'd like to say thank you, next.
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    where is this iconic mask, disappointed tbh she looks so fresh, love it
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    She loves those shorts doesn’t she
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    this is actually really good and the hot 100 might be a real possibility
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    I’d also like to give my Scottish self a big pat on the back for this. I bought it on two different iTunes accounts and also have been streaming the **** out of it.
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    One of those rich fans wth rooms full of albums with variant editions, merchadising and rare items should buy it and make it a Britney house museum
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    I low key have admitted here that I like her music but in regards to what she has said about Britney she can go have a seat.
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    Some of her 'fans' owe her an apology too.
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    I will never understand the need to tear her down when she’s trying to have fun and feel herself. Find yourselves a therapist. Keep doing you, B
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    As she should! After all these years of being humble, she has earned her right to be a diva finally! Now give us B10 Queen B!
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    Of course there will be millions of people seeing Scammy, and you love It
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    "her microphone is turned off but she really is singing live"
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    Woah people have too much time on their hands .... Get a life people ...... I swear we've raised a generation of hysterical overpanicked *****s ....... , Why does it matter how did she post it as long as she supports it , cancel culture posts have to stop finally , because they're getting more ridiculous with each time .
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    he gave us the bible, don't doubt jesus testaments
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    beyoncè,whitney houston, aretha franklin, rihanna, mariah carey, and the list can goes on, are all black female singers and they are so popular and talented and people love them. Don't use your skin color like an excuse to be a flop
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    hahaha awwwww she looks adorable, so happy and healthy
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