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  1. 'we don't want those sorts of fans' why do the spears family think we're fans of all of them? WE'RE ONLY FANS OF BRITNEYS!!!
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  2. Yes, we are all dealing with conservatorships and fighting our own father in court.
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  3. Breaking news: Britney's loathed business manager, Lou Taylor, has officially resigned. Britney's father, Mr. Spears, attempted to hire a new business manager without giving Britney notice, according to new court docs via Britney Hiatus, but Britney's lawyer/legal advocate, Sam Ingham, rejected this. He is requesting the independent trust firm, Bessemer Trust, handle her business dealings moving forward. The court docs state: TRISTAR SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT GROUP has resigned as Britney's business manager without prior notice to Britney. It goes on to say: "Tristar cannot wait to effectuate this change until the process of putting Bessemer in place as co-conservator is complete..." Mr. Spears tried hiring a man named Michael Kane to serve as Britney's new business manager. Britney was not made aware or asked about this. "There was no opportunity either for Mr. Kane to be interviewed or for alternatives to be considered. There is no indication as to any of the terms of his engagement by James, including his compensation." This is huge.
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  5. Britney doesn't have a history of appearing in music videos by D-List stars and it's best she keep it that way.
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  7. Britney Spears not only supports the #FreeBritney movement, but wants her conservatorship case open to the public. Britney severely mistrusts her father Jamie, who is currently conservator of her estate. Her legal advocate Samuel Ingham filed docs requesting a trust company replace Jamie and oversee her fortune instead. Her lawyers also filed docs opposing her dad Jamie's motions to seal parts of her ongoing conservatorship case, TMZ reports, because she wants people to know what's going on. They write: "Britney is fighting her dad's move to appoint a co-conservator of her estate [handling business matters] to a lawyer who was deeply involved in her conservatorship for years. She wants someone independent to take the reins." Britney also doesn't feel the court hearings should be kept a secret as there are no medical issues or sensitive issues with her children to protect. She wants transparency. The lawyer says, "... Britney herself is vehemently opposed to this effort by her father to keep her legal struggle hidden away in the closet as a family secret." The lawyer adds, "Far from being a conspiracy theory or a 'joke' as James [Jamie] reportedly told the media, in large part this scrutiny is a reasonable and even predictable result of James' aggressive use of the sealing procedure over the years to minimize the amount of meaningful information made available to the public." Britney's lawyers also included an article about the Free Britney movement and stated she's trying to get some personal autonomy back in her life. They say Britney "welcomes and appreciates the informed support of her many fans." LINK TO THE FULL DOCS BELOW Link Related:
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  8. Lol tmz is in her team's pockets. This is disgusting. How terrible can her illness be??? It seems her conservatorship is behind the cause of any illness. Please! Funny how they only now have something to say when the petition got 100000 signatures but they haven't said a peep before that. **** these people. She can't go on tours and make albums and not have freedom over her life. Justin Bieber and Kanye aren't stuffed in a conservatorship despite being "difficult" with mental illness. Give me a ******* break. I'm literally so mad. But should have seen this coming. At some point we knew they would try to cover things up again.
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  9. You *****es better appreciate this, it took me some time to translate it. Don't let it flop
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  11. Does anyone think global warming is a good thing? I love lady gaga I think she’s a really Interesting artist
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  13. Yet she has the ability to record and release 4 albums, memorize choreography, go on world tours, have a Vegas residency, and be a judge on the X-Factor.
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  15. What happened to you TMZ???????? Did someone forget your fat paycheck for month 9?
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  16. all this talk about Britney dying makes me so ******* uncomfortable
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  17. You better stan the queen who built your channel.
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  18. Cher comes to Britney Spears' defense in light of the #FreeBritney movement. The iconic singer Tweeted the following in regards to a story about Jamie Lynn becoming the trustee over Britney's trust fund. She Worked Hard,Was The Golden Goose,Made Lots Of Money,Got Sick,Now She’s The CASH COW.Does anyone Who’s Making Money Off Her Being Sick,Want Her Well?! Someone Who Doesn’t Want Anything From Her Should Look Into Her Dr.& Her Meds. DuckDuckDuck......Is It a Duck?! Related:
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  19. It's exciting to listen something new by Britney, of course. And I got all the hype from the snipped but I'm not going to support it. The whole release and timing is disgusting and I'm not going to buy it. #FREEBRITNEY and then, I'll give my money and streams to the brand again.
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  20. Be wary of others The ones closest to you (oh) The poison they feed you And the voodoo that they do But in rebellion There's a sparkle of truth Don't just stand there Do what you got to do You'll find it in rebellion Your body starts breathing They're not believing what they're seeing 'Cause you're rebellion You'll find it so compelling With everyone yelling 'Cause your soul, you're not selling 'Cause you're rebellion
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  21. "You want to talk about Britney's conservatorship? What a coincidence, I'm texting her right now"
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  22. We don't deserve her. A teacher that taught one of Britney's sons wrote a super sweet comment about Britney on a #FreeBritney post. "One of her sons went to my old elementary school and she was the only celebrity parent I EVER saw come to any recitals, events, or meetings. Even with all the kids gawking at her she'd still come and was nothing but sweet and caring to her son and the rest of us. This was in the middle of her Vegas show years btw, probably the hardest time for her to be able to get out to see family back in LA. All of this is ****ing awful, she deserves basic humanity at least and active support for her freedom from anyone who's ever claimed to be a fan (or a decent person)" Related:
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  23. I feel like #FreeBritney gave Britney a lot of power and uplifiting and made her realise that she can do it and that it's worth fighting
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  24. OMG sam was hilarious doing this it actually made me laugh Also it's so interesting to see Britney gets that white background out for insta shoots, she's so CUTE! She also looks good in that outfit, I can't wait to see it posted on her instagram in 2 - 5 working days
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  26. OMG!! Hopefully she’ll soon be chillin’ in jail ft. Jamie Spears
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  29. Is this a joke? Who prefers the old cover over the new one?
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  30. Imagine allowing this to happen to your probably only stan. Also Jamie Lynn's reply is like "Thanks for the money ho, bye"
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  31. A new court document reveals that Britney has no developmental disability. The main reason why Britney is under a conservatorship is her father's claim that she has dementia, among other things, but this new court document says that she "does not" have a developmental disability. These aren't baby steps anymore. This is a huge leap and milestone for her freedom. Related:
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  32. Ok so I just had a chance to read everything, re-write the articles, post on social media and all that jazz. I honestly can't recall her ever EVER publicly supporting this movement until now. So damn cool. I'm really grateful for all of you guys and Exhale. I feel like this place was on the right side of herstory and am just grateful to be part of something that'll hopefully change this beautiful woman's life for the better.
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  33. Hello all! I want to start a thread summarizing the #FreeBritney movement. There is so much information we have, but it is scattered in so many places. I want to try to narrow it down to a summary of facts, data, and summaries of fan suspicions that we have so that anyone can use this as a point of reference and an easy way to talk about the movement with friends and family. Below is a summary I've started so far. Please note that this is a work-in-progress, so some parts are unfinished, and updates are being made frequently. ------------------------------------------------------------ January 4, 2019: Britney announces she's cancelling her upcoming residency, Domination, after her father and conservator, Jamie Spears, had been hospitalized and "nearly died." Britney goes absent on social media for months. Source: Instagram March 4, 2019: Andrew Wallet, one of Britney's conservators that had been in that position for over 10 years, resigns "immediately.” This resignation happens even though Wallet had just sought out a pay raise to get $426,000 at the end of 2018. Source: BreatheHeavy Source: Page Six April 3, 2019: The media reports that Britney checked herself into a wellness center voluntarily due to struggling to accept her dad's illness. Source: Fox News April 4, 2019: Britney makes a social media post about having "me time." Source: Instagram Credit to @Watch Me Work It April 12, 2019: the original 2016 music video for Make Me... leaks on to the internet. This is relevant later on. April 16, 2019: A paralegal that worked for Britney's team calls into a podcast, Britney's Gram, to whistleblow that Britney was actually forced into a rehabilitation center because she wasn't taking her drugs and was driving around with her boyfriend despite not being allowed to. This countered media reports that she checked in voluntarily. Source: Britney's Gram The #FreeBritney movement begins. Main argument: How is Britney able to release multiple albums, go on multiple world tours, have years of a Vegas residency, perfume lines, shoot videos, be a mom, etc. but not able to have the normal freedoms of an adult due to her conservatorship? Conservatorships are meant for the extreme elderly or people in a "vegetable state." Britney is clearly nothing near that. According to court documents, Jamie Spears originally filed the conservatorship because he claimed Britney has dementia. It is unlikely Britney actually has dementia given Britney's age and her career accomplishments over the past 10+ years. This questions the entire legality and legitimacy of Britney's conservatorship. Source: Court Documents Suspicions arise that Andrew Wallet, Britney's former conservator that resigned (refer to bullet #2), must've resigned because he knew Britney's situation was either illegal and/or immoral, and didn't want liability for it. April 18, 2019: Lynne Spears, Britney's mom, likes multiple comments in support of the #FreeBritney movement on Instagram. Source: Newsweek April 21, 2019: Sam Lutfi (Britney's shady former manager from 2007) released very personal pictures of Britney and Lou Taylor never released before, along with supposed screenshots of Britney emails from 2006-2008. The emails said Lou Taylor was stalking Britney and telling Britney she was "possessed and that she needs to come and kill these spirits." Britney (assuming the emails are legit) says in the email she is scared for her life because of Taylor. Lou Taylor has since become part of Britney's team. Fans begin suspecting that the video of Britney from 2006-2007 making fun a woman telling her to "go to the light and see Jesus" is actually about Lou. Source: The Blast Link to All Emails Here “Go to the light and see Jesus” video here at the 1:00 timestamp April 24, 2019: Britney posts a video of her saying "all is well" and she just "needs time to deal." However, the caption on the video went on this long rant about Sam Lutfi's "fake emails." This was really weird to Britney fans because no one in the general public had any idea who Sam Lutfi was or knew about the emails. Fans suspect that maybe Britney is only getting fed certain information (hence the video saying she just needs time to deal) and that her IG is being controlled/written by her team (hence the long rant caption about Sam Lutfi that was not connected to the video at all) Source: Instagram April 29, 2019: David LaChapelle (director of the original Make Me... video and has worked with Britney since she was 17) said in an Instagram comment that he found it "very suspect" that the original Make Me... video leaked while Britney was away (hinting that Britney’s team may have leaked it to distract fans). He also said that “the only direction Britney ever gave me for this video is for me to film her in a cage.” He finished off his message with “#FreeBritney” Source: DailyMail Screenshot of LaChapelle's comment here May 10, 2019: Britney and Lynne (Britney's mom) appear in court to fight against Jamie and the conservatorship. The judge orders an expert evaluation of the conservatorship set by Jamie Spears (red flag) and a court-appointed lawyer. Britney fans protested against the conservatorship outside the courthouse during the hearing. Source: TMZ May 13, 2019: Britney claims in court that Jamie forced her to take medications against her will, even though he was not authorized to do so under her conservatorship. Source: The Sun May 15, 2019: Forbes reports that Britney reportedly earned $672 million during her career up until 2016, yet her annual conservatorship filings reported her net worth as of early 2018 to be $56 million, only slightly above her reported 2007 net worth, of $54 million. Source: Forbes Credit to @CripplerCrossface May 31, 2019: Andrew Gallery, photographer of Britney: For the Record, shared a letter Britney wrote between 2009-2010 that she wanted shared publicly, but couldn't until recently due to legal contracts and the conservatorship trying to destroy the letter. Britney wrote about how she was manipulated into getting her kids taken from her, how she was being silenced and her conservators were using her kids as blackmail to keep her under their control, and how multiple people around her were benefitting with millions of dollars from the conservatorship. Credit to @C0CKy and @Fenixxx123 here June 26, 2019: Jamie Spears sues Anthony Elia from Britney fansite, Absolute Britney, for defamation because Elia claimed that Britney's team was manipulating her Instagram to create the illusion that she needed help. Source: TMZ Credit to @CripplerCrossface August 22, 2019: Jamie Spears files legal documents asking to be allowed to file the conservatorship over Britney in 9 other states/regions (Alabama, Arizona, Washington D.C., Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia). Jamie had already done this for Florida, Louisiana, and Hawaii, and Britney's conservatorship is based in California. If permitted, this would allow Jamie to have legal control over Britney in a total of 13 states. Source: TMZ Credit to @CripplerCrossface September 3, 2019: Jamie Spears, Britney's dad and conservator, is investigated for child abuse against Britney and Kevin Federline's son. Federline had reported to Ventura Co. Sheriff's Department an abuse incident where Jamie Spears broke down a door and grabbed his grandson, though no bruises or injuries were found on the child. Source: TMZ Credit to @CripplerCrossface September 6, 2019: Jamie Spears asks to step down temporarily (until January 20, 2020) as Britney's conservator due to "personal health reasons," and wants to assign Jodi Montomery to take his place. It is suspected that Jamie did this to avoid having the conservatorship challenged by Kevin Federline or Britney due to the recent child abuse investigation. Source: TMZ Credit to @CripplerCrossface September 9, 2019: Britney's doctor dies just 10 days before the judge in the conservator case would be given a report about whether Britney's medical treatment is appropriate or not. Source: TMZ Credit to @Dirk March 4, 2020: Britney's son, Jayden Federline, goes live on Instagram and says that his grandfather (Jamie Spears) "can go die." Source: Page Six Britney has repeatedly spoken against the conservatorship, both in court and throughout her career. She spoke out against it in Britney: For the Record, in her letter to Andrew Gallery, and reportedly in a 2016 interview with Johnathan Ross (that ultimately got removed from the released version) where Britney implied she was forced to do her last couple albums, FF and BJ. Britney also tried to get legal defense/attorney against her dad back around 2008. Multiple sources here (Thanks @Applejack) Britney has no control of her finances, isn't able to drive, can't get married, can't have children, has business decisions negotiated for her, her conservators can file restraining orders against people for her, can have her visitors restricted, and more. There are constant conspiracies about how Britney's team is controlling the media's perception of her and Britney herself, especially given that they kept lying/changing the story around Britney's rehabilitation. In the height of the beginning of #FreeBritney, news articles about Britney were slanted in favor of the conservatorship, saying it saved her life, that people around her were worried for her well-being, articles written slamming Britney as unstable just for being barefoot while walking to her vehicle after a court hearing. This made fans suspect Britney's team was paying the media to slant in favor of keeping her under conservatorship. Again, fans wonder if Britney is really in charge of her Instagram, if she's writing her captions, if she's being forced to do certain videos (like the recent one where she's rocking back and forth nervously while reading fan questions), if she's being made to look more unstable than she really is, if she's only being given certain information since legally, she's not supposed to have unlimited access to a phone/internet, etc. Celebrities publicly supporting the #FreeBritney movement (sources coming soon) (thanks to @HuffingAndPuffingOnStagefor this): Miley Cyrus Paris Hilton will.i.am Tinashe David LaChapelle Aaron Carter Courtney Love Rose McGowan Ariel Winter ------------------------------------------------------------ For a very clear, concise timeline of the conservatorship from the start, check out this Google Document created by @leanne0019 For a detailed document with a detailed timeline of the conservatorship since its beginning and more details, check out this Google Document created by @Applejack ------------------------------------------------------------ I need YOUR help to keep this updated and factually correct. Please tell me about things that should be corrected, added, or redacted. I will be continuously updating this post and summary to make it as correct, clear, and up-to-date as possible. My goal is to eventually have a clear timeline of events with direct sources to back up each bullet point. So, if you have sources for any of the bullet points above (for example: a link to an instagram post), please share those as well! This is meant to be like a Wikipedia page on the movement. DISCLAIMER: This is not a thread for bashing or making false accusations against Britney's team or anyone else. I'm not claiming that anything in this post is true or false, I'm just simply reporting what has happened based on media reports/sources and adding in the opinions of fans based on posts I've seen here on Exhale. Sign the federal government petition to investigate Britney's conservatorship here (Thanks @khaleesi!) Related:
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