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    Then came a brief reprise of “Work Bitch,” which was a perverse reminder of how good the show could have been if Spears had only taken her own advice.
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    “Let’s not kid ourselves: Much of the attraction at a Britney Spears show is to simply see Spears,” I’ve said this before. Majority of fans just want to SEE “Britney Spears”. They wanna be able to say they’ve done that. Check it off of their bucket list of things to do before they die. It’s like fulfilling a childhood dream to see her & the show or get a m&g pic. It’s nostalgia. The music is a fun escape from everyday life and brings up good memories. There are still fans happily willing to spend thousands of dollars, put up with so much only to get so little and gladly choose to overlook everything that’s wrong with this show and what’s wrong with Britney the performer, just to SEE her in the flesh. The either do not care that the show is crap or they don’t see what everyone else sees out of blind loyalty to Britney. It’s bizarre. But to each their own.
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    "and walked – literally – though “dance” routines that hardly taxed her." YES GP FINISH HA WAKE HER UP GIVE US THAT INSTAGRAM ENERGY U STUPID HO
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    Slay!!! https://www.menshealth.com/entertainment/a22130361/sam-asghari-fitness/ “She motivates me more than anyone. It’s crazy how I can be humbled by a person like her. If I could be that humble when I’m that high in life, that would be the best thing,” Asghari says. “I grew up with three sisters, and my personality is just to be a supportive person for my family and she’s family. I’m always going to support her. She is another blessing that happened to me.”
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    OMFG her and sushi didn't she try to make that happened with sushi with the other dancer guy from Make Me? when Britney invites you out for sushi you know u about to get it
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    She doesnt read it, Larry will say the reviews are all positive
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    Dont worry, she's doing the boob explosions in each song 30 times
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    I can see the money from the pepsi sponsorship was well spent
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    Hey guys. I'm Jordan Miller, owner/operator of BreatheHeavy.com. Every day, people message/email me inquiring how they can become a writer on BH. There's genuinely awesome people out there that deserve to get featured, and it sparked an idea. In the last month, we started featuring more of members' threads on the main page of BreatheHeavy.com, and the response FAR surpassed all expectation! Many of the threads linked on the main page are Britney-related, but I'd love to spark that same kind of interest with other artists and drive more users to the Pop Music News section. WHY DOES THIS MATTER? 1.) It's a great opportunity for your threads to be seen and heard by literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people. You can influence a wave in the pop music ocean. 2.) It will encourage NEW readers to sign up and comment and grow our ever-expanding family. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? Simple: post newsworthy content! If you're interested in having a thread featured on the main page, post an item that you feel is worth talking about (you must be a registered member). Think, 'would people be interested in commenting on this?' You can write an article like how we do on the main page, post a Tweet/IG/FB post from an artist etc and if we dig it we'll link readers to it using our social platform of more than 250,000 followers (in addition to the thousands that visit the main page). Looking forward to opening up BH to YOU, because YOU are the reason BH is still standing after 14 years.
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    Omg... her face looks exactly like ITZney here:
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    I’d go see Britney at Walmart. I could get a meatball sub from subway and try to finish it before she ties her hair up. Or maybe a 5 pound jug of cheese balls.
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    OMG SHE STICKS OUT HER TONGUE and she is still singing OMG YASSSS Our Queen is so talented, bitch when will your fave
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    Ever think the fans deserve better? It’s not about whether they enjoyed or not. Yes, the atmosphere does take it up a notch and you definitely enjoy while you’re there. But to get a messy showing like that, it’s a little disrespectful. Molly from Connecticut worked 12 hour shifts at Walmart to see her favorite in her city. But her favorite just hopped around fixing her hair. Jackson from Pennsylvania skipped on paying his credit card bill this month so he could buy tickets to his queen. But his queen wore sloppy outfits that didn’t go with the theme of each section. Being a stan is loving an artist regardless but realistically FANS PAY ALOT OF MONEY. And to receive a half assed show like that is so rude and inconsiderate. As a performer she should be giving 100% but it looks like this is just easy money.
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    I do agree there was NO reason to change the original Oops/Baby/Crazy choreography. If you cannot do something better, don't fix what ain't broken.
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    Even her hair looks like classic Brit there
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    I THINK IVE SOLVED IT. So, I'm not going to sit here claiming I have insiders. Instead, I'm going to open a discussion. I'm not sure If anyone remembered, Earlier this year there was a announcement that Britney would be launching her own Lifestyle and Homeware, A New clothing line & A haircare line? "Spears' personal involvement in all aspects of the collection will ensure authenticity across a number of targeted categories including fashion apparel, hair care, accessories, exercise and electronics. The anticipated retail launch for the Britney Spears Lifestyle program is Spring 2019." ------- Now, Go back to the original teasers on insta and focus on the tv screens in the background. THIS IS JUST A THEORY! Check out the screens on the original teasers. These are all mini adverts of there own: *Britney looking in a Black Lace Pattern Mirror (Lifestyle Range) *Britney's close up Hair Shots (Hair Care Range) *Britney on Exercise Weights (Lifestyle Range) *Britney in High Heels (Bottom Screen) - (Clothing Line) *Britney in Dresses (Clothing Line) *Britney posing with Polaroid Camera (Electronics Range) FOCUS CAREFULLY. Could the directors "Many films" comment be that britney is making multiple adverts for all the lines shes about to release? (This is just a guess!) The prerogative advert is JUST the men and the perfume on the screens. There's no scene on the actual advert of any of the other clips. This is all makes sense. These are all mini adverts in the teasers. The lifestyle collection is coming guys TAKE MY MONEY. TAKE IT ALL.
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    Suddenly, the stage transformed into a giant circus, as Spears dressed as a ringleader for “Circus,” I guess they're talking about the big screen. Since that's basically the only prop.
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    I love how you press play and the first thing you see is her touching her hair
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    i don't get the obsession on wanting Britney to look 15 years younger. I'd rather have her look like a healthy 36 year old
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    Leaked image of the hair care line: Prer oga tive Hair curler: a curler for ALL, anyone can use it to curl their hair