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  1. Message from the insider BlackoutZone on ATRL who provided this: I don't want to post full purely raw track, cause Britney records songs in short takes so it's hard to put it together, but I think her solo lead is cool to hear. This is also the original tempo of the song she recorded the vocals in, first there are some adlibs and then there is the chorus, you can hear a bit of the original track in the background when she was recording kii If someone denies Britney being on the lead, I give up. They are just more layered and there is quite much of vocoder/autotune on the final
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  2. BOYCOTT THE BRAND REMOVE JAMES SPEARS INVESTIGATE LOU TAYLOR Don't let this release makes us forget what is REALLY happening. I'm saying this with respect, not attacking anybody
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  4. Bey wished Britney a happy birthday on her website cute Beyoncé (beyonce.com)
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  5. Who does this absolutely irrelevant, one-hit wonder think she is to shade Britney? Considering she is buddies with Lou, if Britney hadn't been put under a conservatorship, she probably wouldn't even have a "career" to begin with.
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  6. Anyone else feel hard pushed to believe that one of BRITNEY’S PRIORITIES would be to ring BILLY B on her BIRTHDAY?????
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  7. Imagine being pressed about THAT. Only a jealous and envious loser can say such a thing. It's always the lessers who have a lot to say towards somebody who is doing better than them. Britney is BELOVED and a legend not just because of the skills she has (or lacks) but because she is an unproblematic legend. If you take away all the glitz and glamour, she is just a pure and kind soul. Many people saw that and that's only one third of why people fell in love with her. She has the X Factor. It is VERY SHALLOW to think success is just all about being THE BEST technically at everything because just in case you missed it, Madonna exists. And just like Madonna is a legend, Britney is too. And what an invalid comparison. I listen to K-Pop but if you're REALLY genuinely struggling to understand how come an artist like Britney Spears is more popular than BLACKPINK? Girl, you need to read a lot more and go out and live more.
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  8. Hey Exhale! First off, I just want to say thank you so much for being a part of this amazing community. You are appreciated in my heart more than you know! As Exhale continues to grow, we're beginning to see a little bit of a shift towards negativity again #Exhell. Positive comments still far outweigh the mean-spirited ones, but in the last week or two, I've noticed a decline. A lot of new users might not understand how the community functions, so I want to remind you all that by joining Exhale, you've agreed to the terms and rules. You can review them here. In a nutshell it says: BE KIND. I also want to point out that I've seen a lot of disrespect towards the @Super Moderators team. Please keep in mind that they are helping moderate this forum out of the kindness of their hearts. While no one here is "above" anyone else, they are owed the utmost respect. If you have a particular issue, please direct message me privately. Do NOT post rude/mean comments aimed at any of them (or any member, really). I know that forums aren't rainbows and sprinkles. I'm not asking you to be fake. I'm asking for you to go the extra mile and be kind. When you hit that submit button, make sure your words are chosen carefully. If I continue to see hate flung at other members, I will be issuing a suspension. If it happens to you, your account will not be able to post and in some cases I may decide you can't view as a guest either (IP ban). Let's not take it there :] Now, let's all go for a little swim in the stars tonight, shall we? - Jordan @Blaze @Ember @Fire @Flame @Inferno @Phoenix @Solar Flare @Spark @Twitter Team
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  9. To the *****es saying she wasn’t singing the last part of the chorus. you can HEAR she worked on her voice tbh. I think they are different cuts but still. I hope she for her next album works even more on it. She has suuuuch a beautiful tone, I’d love to hear something more raw. Good Job Britney.
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  11. Is there a reason why I am tagged here or did everyone on Exhale get tagged in general? Lmao.
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  12. So much better. These producers are becoming rather annoying with vocal effects and drowning her vocals with back singers.
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  13. I thought it was pretty obvious she is living in an abnormal situation where she can’t freely speak to us like that hence why she spoke to us on court documents. “Britney welcomes and appreciates the informed support of her informed fans..” etc. Her father owns her social media accounts. The same father who has had her in a conservatorship for over a decade of her life and she’s expressed how afraid of him she is and how aggressively he’s fighting her battle for independence right now. She can’t just be like “hey ya’ll today was wild in court huh” Her situation is unlike any other pop icon right now so we can’t compare her to others.
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  15. Britney Spears' new song "Swimming in the Stars" is officially out! Thoughts?! Related:
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  16. Not the first comment Welcome to Exhale. Look, I'll just give it to you straight. Exhale is getting a little toxic again with all the new signups. If your posts are going to be consistently negative like this, your account will be suspended. Thank you.
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  17. I'll never forgive whoever approved of the 2016 CD cover. This is gorgeous.
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  18. It goes way deeper than her speaking out. You have to also understand she is most likely severely traumatized from what has happened to her. She has been in complete isolation from the outside world aside from who she has been given permission to associate with for over 12 years now. We have no clue what has been going on behind closed doors. She isn’t the same Britney anymore. She was harassed, beyond ridiculed and humiliated globally during her most vulnerable time and it seems nobody was there to help her. Ever. I don’t blame her for never speaking out. She probably feels it’s useless. She spoke out many of times back in the day before all of this and it changed nothing. It just got worse for her
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  19. Crucified on a cross made out of tabloids? Oh my god that woulda been so iconic and like... disturbing. But like in an artsy kind of way.
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  20. Queen of having hits even while not performing, while her own social team or label didn't even promote the song, while having no music video (at least not yet), while people continuously make fun of her, while some of her own fanbase is boycotting the brand, while in a c-ship, while in a war with her family, and while riding sam's big D and living life unbothered. When will your favs
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  21. Finally, the day has come - we celebrate our queen!!! She has been such an inspiration to us all and so iconic over the years. May we continue to support and celebrate her on this day SPREAD THE LOVE!! How has Britney changed your life? When did you discover you were part of the Britney Army? First concert? Tell it alllll
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  24. Britney leaving the studio after recording this song
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  25. a 2014 song that is not begin promoted and also released at this period and time were Britney is battling in court against the gross conservatorship
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  26. This should have been the album cover alone with the original video. I promise this album would have sold more. It’s all about presentation
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  27. I would be lying if I said I'm not excited to hear "new" music from her after so long. However, I'm sad that it's getting released in this context, that we aren't hearing her thoughts about it, and that the fanbase has become so divided on the matter
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  28. This is the same man who claimed Britney asked him to leak two songs, one of them having the "musicmafia" tag. Why would Billie B claim that Britney asked him to leak music and then claim Britney was hurt about fans illegally downloading this newly released song.
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  29. I hope Larry "it just didn't work"Rudolph is fired from the team after brits freedom because from the looks of t they are out to sabotage her if this is what the og album would have looked like.
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  30. Weird they didn’t include Baby, but I’ll take it. And no Beyoncé, Katy or Gaga mentions
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  31. Jayden looking like 2001ney and Preston looking like 2004 Kevin
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  32. Here is a first look at the Vinyl! It confirms the Backstreet Boys feature! Back cover:
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  33. -> even this URL is called Smile Not you finally using Exhale to promote Katya Purina's latest album Smile SmileHeavy has officially infiltrated Exhale The entire forum is tagged to #Witness this historic moment to see Katya #Rise
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