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    It seems like he’s used to being woken up by something going in his mouth like that.
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  3. 26 points
    Gurl no. Not the time. Not theplace. And has nothing to do with her race.
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    It's not her color, and it's not her gender either. It's her bank account.
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    Britney shared a couple of new videos to Instagram on Tuesday, and they're both equally revealing. In one, Britney annoys her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, while he's catching some sun. She said: The second clip shows Britney, soaking in a tub, smushing a piece of soap sculpted in the shape of a delicate rose. There's probably some hidden double meaning there, so let the conspiracy theory games begin. Related:
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    Also I just noticed how Jordan wrote 'Britney's instagram account posted''
  9. 17 points
    OMG the soap video was a metaphor for her not being the real Britney. Clone-ney confirmed. #NotaRose #NotYetaSoap Chaotic and Everytime vid collab sequel confirmed?
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    Why do we have to make it about the color of our skin? Can we just not accept that its an inhumane thing that's happening to the person named Britney Spears.
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  13. 16 points
    I also miss seeing primeney on tv, but life goes on
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    Happy - Leona Lewis 💛🧡💜 There's only two songs in the world with the power to make me cry and this is one of them. The other one, I already shared days ago and it was There You'll Be by Faith Hill. This is one of my all time favorite songs. It talks about wanting to be happy yet it is such a sad song. Powerful.
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    I can sorta believe this. Jupiter and Saturn have aligned this year, and this happens every 20 years. Usually, this brings huge changes into society (Saturn), but Jupiter demands from people to look deep into themselves and wake up. That is why we're seeing an expansion of people rebelling against the system, people realizing just how corrupt and evil our politicians are, and that they genuinely don't care about us. We also started to realize that we're somewhat powerless in the face of disease, and that our doctors, in fact, don't know much at all. This is why BLM is so active and happened so suddenly, and this is why #freebritney happened too. These two planets demand from us that we open our eyes, and they offer change, meaning it's not them who will bring it, it's us - they will just make it easy. If humanity doesn't fully wake up in 2020, then the next 20 years will be a living hell of absolutists ruling over the masses and absolute control over us
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    Shakira and Jennifer Lopez's Super Bowl Halftime Show, which feels like a lifetime ago, earned four nominations at the Emmys! • Outstanding Variety Special (Live) • Directing For A Variety Special • Lighting Design/Lighting Direction For A Variety Special • Music Direction Wowwwww as a Shaki fan I’m so happy! Shakira can hopefully add this to the giant closet of awards she has, (she has 15 Grammys btw).
  21. 14 points
    Slayingggggg. The album grows on me more and more. I don't normally love this type of sound, but IDK this one just got me.
  22. 14 points
    Have you guys noticed she posts Monday - Friday and never on the weekend? I shouldn’t say never because I can’t be bothered to go digging for evidence but I’ve noticed that pattern lately. I guess Lou likes weekends off
  23. 13 points
    Let's stream Hung Up for the good times.
  24. 13 points
    Speak for yourself, I’m in a perfectly happy place right now.
  25. 12 points
    I'm gonna get dragged but y'all sure love to overanalyze stuff uh Not everything has to be a "hint" or a reason to "be worried"
  26. 11 points
    The army can be aggressive and we love our haterade but supporting #freebritney is the quickest way to our hearts. I don't know much about Mia but I got her back now. You're one of us now honey
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    My friend is a football player and he is str8 and asked me the other day, “why are you listening to Britney Spears and Nicki Minaj, bro? Are you gay or something?”I had to lie and told him “I listen to them because they are beautiful and have a great a.ss, brooooo”. Shall I tell him that I stan Britney Spears and I’m lusting over her b-armies in exhale?
  29. 10 points
    Just wait until something shocking happens in the Britney world, her team will release it to bury the shocking news like they did with the original MM music video they’re saving it for the best occasion
  30. 10 points
    My Opinion is No. I Have Always gotten a Vibe that She is not Very Humble. Even During interviews she Seems Almost Cold. And Then There is the IG Live that Alexa Nikolas Did. I feel that Jamie Lynn Manipulated Britney into yelling at her. if you have not Seen that video i will link it
  31. 10 points
    And meanwhile, on the other thread, a lot of people guessed 280-400k was probably how much Taylor's album was going to sell within the first week and a lot of people disagreed and said "you guys are being way to generous! I'm pretty sure it's lower than 200k 😂" Oh boy how wrong was that... 
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  33. 10 points
    LOU everytime britney wants to post something.. SEARCHING FOR ANY HIDDEN MESSAGE BEFORE POSTING IT
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    It’s a good ballad and should be appreciated more. What do you guys think?
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    Hi Exhale! Of course y'all were here for a smex theme as it's one of the days with the most entries. You dirty hores. Confirmed. Britney Spears is indeed a smex icon. She got the most entries with six (6) followed by Rihanna, Prince, and Ariana Grande each with three (3). If you ever need some tunes to get you in the mood or I don't know, maybe you want to seduce someone and need some background music, this compilation is for you! 💛🧡💜 A song that gets you in the mood for love Let's start! DAY 28: A song that makes you think about life. *** ONE SONG PER EXHALER. *** You may use a song already posted by your fellow Exhaler. TEEHEE 💛🧡💜 Roxxy
  37. 9 points
    - She said that Britney is like a kid, a kid who does not know how to express emotions, because her whole life was controlled by someone else. - She is the only one who can break free from the conservatorship but she needs more inner power. - She is always afraid, they constantly threaten to take her children away. - They constantly remind her of all the "bad things" that she did in the past and make her feel guilty. - Her dad is not not a bad person but he has problems, when the conservatorshop first started it was to protect her, but now it's all about money. - Her father makes her mother feel guilty about everything that happened in the past with Britney, they don't listen to her. - Sam really loves her, he cares about her in a spiritual way, he's not with her because she's "Britney Spears", he loves simples thigs etc. - Sam was the one who made her wake up about the conservatorship. - The only thing that he can do right now is protect her - Sam is her only support right now, but he's tired, he feels like he's in a prison with her. - Last year she was in her best condition ever, she was in talks with lawyers to break free of the conservatorship, but they put her in a psychiatric. - Something really big happened last year, like a big fight before canceling the residency, then they lied to her and they told her that her father was sick. - Her kids rebelled against her dad because of the consertorship, they want to see her happy, that was the reason of the fight between Jayden an her grandfather. - Sean Preston will do something crucial in the future, he is waiting to grow up, maybe in two more years. - She is sending messages through her IG. - She has no phone but Sam is helping her. - Somthing positive will happen in december about the conservatorship, there will be positive changes . - The "Free Britney" movement is very positive for her. - There is an important woman who will generate changes about it, its not someone from her family. - Her family will collapse.
  38. 9 points
    Please be nice to her https://www.change.org/p/****hub-justice-for-mia-khalifa
  39. 9 points
    Not gonna lie the tub one was a lil odd and I feel like I saw blood, unless, it was coloring from the soap.
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  41. 9 points
  42. 9 points
    She looked so pretty. But this photoshoot will always make me think of the dog poo and fried chicken story.
  43. 9 points
    The official close of her greatest and best era. #Peakney #Primeney
  44. 9 points
    There's literally no way to tell whether the conservatorship would end faster if Britney was a different skin colour and the BLM movement is seperate from the Free Britney movement idk why you are trying to combine them. There are also lots of black people who support Britney's freedom, myself included.
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  46. 9 points
    So great to see everyone’s faces! I miss my pre-Covid dyed hair 😭
  47. 9 points
    And she’s 14 years into her career. This is her pre BJ era and she’s showing no signs of stopping
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