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    I had this planned a bit ago, but then Britney changed the Glory album cover. Since the OG Glory cover was...that, I decided to remake her album covers using screenshots! I did change things like color/ positioning etc. The only ones I didn’t remake were Blackout and Britney (none of the screenshots worked ) What do you guys think?
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    i don't get bothered because i didn't bother to read the comments. they can stay pressed. at the very least it shows the character of the majority of Beyonka's fans. "dumb people listen to Beyoncé" https://www.google.com/amp/s/consequenceofsound.net/2014/10/smart-people-listen-to-radiohead-and-dumb-people-listen-to-beyonce-according-to-new-study/amp/ i listen to some beyonka songs myself so that probably makes me dumb, but those who dedicate their whole life worshipping her are no doubt the dumbest EDIT: I did read a few comments but when i saw someone said "DIL sold 11M while BOMT only sold 10M" that's when i concluded that reading and mathematics are not their favorite subjects since they confuse BOMT single sales with BOMT album sales (which is actually 25M or 26M), while BOMT the single is 12M. the inaccuracies in their statements. and they even claim DIL is diamond certified. i mean Beyonka can buy them Grammies and Moonmen but she can't buy them diamond certifications. even with all the money she and Jay Z have, they can't buy 10M copies of her albums to help them get diamond certifications. because this circle right here is reserved for artists who actually made LONG LASTING IMPACT, and whose records are genuinely purchased by genuinely interested consumers and audience
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    Queen of Vmas
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    Queen of Bees 🐝 🐝
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    Wow, are the beyhive that delusional, desperate and tryhard that they are even trying to a play with numbers they saying DIL outsold BOMT is insulting The Best-Selling Teenage and Female Debut Album of ALL TIME, why are they so sad that Bey has not had or broken that record But dont wrry, i will take some bee spray and and show them the truth: Dear Beehive, I am writing this in capital letters so you can properly read this BOMT (That is Baby one more time, not dangerously in love ) has sold 34 MILLION COPIES DIL (Which is dangerously in love, not BOMT) has sold 12 MILLION COPIES Now lets talk about diamond albums ngl, i used to think that albums that INTERNATIONALLY sold above 10 million were certified diamond (srry for my flop moment ) however, this certification is only given to an artist when their album has sold above 10 million copies IN THE US! But just to let you know, Beyonce doesnt even have ONE diamond album, and the highest she has sold in the US for an album is 5 million copies Now, moving to Britney...Brit brit has 2 DIAMOND albums in which BOMT has sold 14 million copies and OIDIA has sold 10 million copies . I dont even know why the Beehive uses the international card, because we been knew that Beyonce has not been that popular outside of the US after the end of the Sasha fierce era but if international diamond albums were a thing, Britney would have 4 diamond albums (Bomt- 34 million; OIDIA- 27 million, Britney- 20 million; ITZ- 12 million) and Beyonce would only have 1 (DIL- 12 million). We all know that Britney is more popular outside of the US, because only 18% of her youtube views come from the US, Her best performing countries are in the South-east asian region and US is in the 89th place for her. Also, first week sales (internationally) ...lets compare that OIDIA first week sales WW- 2.5 million (sold 1.2 million copies outside of the US) Lemonade first week sales WW- 703k (Maximum of her sales came from US, she sold 50k copies of lemonade internationally ) In the zone first week sales WW- 1.5 million (Sold around 900k copies outside of the US) Beyonce first week sales WW- 746k (118k sold internationnaly, the last time she was decently successful) Britney first week sales WW- 1.7 million copies (sold 1.1 million copies WW) B'day first week sales WW- 736k copies (Britney alone in US, outsold selling 746k however, B'day sold 195k outside US so thats really good. This was when she was popular WW) Circus first week sales WW- 819k (sold 314k copies WW) I am...Sasha Fierce first week sales WW- 633k (sold 151k in its first week. Wasnt this the same era they said was more successful than Circus? Fun Fact: Greatest hits:my prerogative despite being a complitation album sold 378k copies outside the US, outselling Sasha fierce. Anyways, this was the last time, Bey was VERY popular internationally) The only places Beyonce is fairly popular are in Brazil and northern europe
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    Tell them this lyrics and they’ll know what TF is good: that real *** ain’t keep ya man home. They are mad ‘cause Britney is such a legend betch doing nothing, while Beyonka.... gurl, you’re married with that one because he’s buying your Grammys and Vmas. We all know that.
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    LINK: I love this part: "There's only one b----. The real one... BRITNEY."
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    I'll believe it once Britney herself hints at it on her Instagram. She's been promoting Pride Month and even shot a video to thank her LGBTQ+ fans. If there really is something coming up, we would've gotten posts with captions like, "soon 😉" or "i'm so excited" or whatever. There will be breadcrumbs. There will be a trail. But right now there's none. Just random releases and to me that's just what they are. Random releases.
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    Britney has become more relevant these past 2 years then since 2011,her iconic songs are gaining streams faster she is constantly in the news and going viral on twitter, it all started with the #FreeBritney Movement
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    Hey Exhale, I apologize for that post. I posed the question about possibly halting Slave 4 U performances because in my mind I felt like I was being sensitive towards the BLM movement. I see now why it came off like I was trying to cancel the song and cancel Britney. I love Britney and have nothing but respect for her. I built a career in-part thanks to her and I’m very grateful. I made a mistake. Hope you guys can forgive me. 🙏 However, if you can’t I understand too and will work hard to earn your respect back.
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    She said "boycott Britney in the zone" Please people. The name of the place is THE ZONE without IN. I have to say something because I see some people on Exhale and on Twitter who refer to it as "in the zone" when it's not in the zone, it's just The Zone. I don't want the basic gp to think we're boycotting the album.
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    queen of being unproblematic queen of talking about Beyoncé during her own acceptance speech queen of unreleased songs queen of casually burning down her own gym queen of making up a random birthday just to clap back at haters who say she can't sing queen of subtle biblical shade queen of Korean:
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    I never had a problem with the OG lyrics. But then again, I don’t get bothered much. 🤷‍♂️
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    Queen of 2000s pop girls.
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    all i can say is #BLM and Britney is the original #QueenB. Period.
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    One of the best THINGS Britney have created. Such an underrated song in the Britney community
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    The blatant disregard of Britney’s wishes. The woman is still on strike! Team CON:
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    Rumor: Britney has started rehearsing with Wade Robson, says she wants to dance like she did in her prime, planning to film 4 back to back music videos to bless her fans with, is planning to get fillers in her nose to make it look more like her original nose, has started wearing an Invisalign to fix her teeth
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    Yeah how convenient is the timing for this rumor? Now nobody has to feel bad about supporting Team CON. Buy Mood Ring (by demand) again guys! People will rationalize this in whatever way makes them not feel guilty.
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    Especially towards 5H
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    This can't be her old team, she must have new people because her old team would never be as clever as whoever is in control of this now
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    Queen of releasing 5 year old vocals for an intro to a remix and slaying an entire fan base.
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    I stan Heidi Godtag! 💛🧡💜 Stream Body Language. #FreeBritney #JusticeForBodyLanguage #JusticeForSuperficial
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    Britney is the only artist that can get the world excited for one line of new vocals in 4 years ICONIC
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    sis i understand your concern. but shouldn't we be more understanding of their situation? that's as far as their capacity to think can go. i mean they are literally attacking Britney even if Britney didn't say anything disrespectful to Beyoncé. it speaks about their hypocrisy tbh since most if not all of them are supporting BLM yet they go around bashing Britney on her mental health. i'm personally not afraid of them cause i encountered one way back 2017 i think, and twitter was on my side and eventually suspended that hive's account. but it takes really a lot of energy dealing with them simply because they're dumb. i mean seriously getting pressed about a title that Beyoncé self-ordained herself with is on a whole new level of petty. you wouldn't want to stoop on their level of thinking because that will somehow affect you and you may end up saying dumb things too. just be like Britney, no matter how many times people slandered her in the past, she never slanders them back. our Queen B taught us to be classy so let us remain that way. it's like if Ariana, Miley, or Selena suddenly post that they think they are the princess of pop, i would laugh and cringe but i wouldn't waste my time going over to their ig and leave distasteful comments about their lives or career.
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    Queen of Exhale
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    Queen of sarcasm v
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    I'm a huge fan of both artists and love them so much. The truth is that both of them use to (let's say) honor each other. We can't say that they're close friends, but they have a great and respecful relationship. And come on... Beyoncé didn't have the patent of the letter B... People fight for such stupid things! Don't they have anything better to do? They should've release a single together,it could be as iconic as Pepsi Ad. Double Queen B Slay!!!
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    When Beyoncé Debut Sells 30 Million Copies And She Actually Starts Making Decent Music Then I’ll Agree With The Hive. Until Then, The ONLY Queen B I Know Of Is The Legendary Miss Britney Spears!
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    Her album slaps hard to this day. Not a single filler from beginning to end.
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    Queen of cat suits Queen of comebacks Queen of hairflips Queen of making funny faces Queen of making shade faces Queen of blowing kisses Queen of laughs
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    Queen of Starbucks Queen of Hawaii Queen of Mercedes G Wagons
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    There’s only one ***** the real one BRITNEY I told y’all Covidney was coming for blood the Pride remix slayed my entire existence and I already bought it on iTunes and sent out mass texts. If you don’t buy or stream forget about me
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    Uh, I don't really know why anyone cares. Move on, y'all, there's nothing to see here - just pathetic losers being pathetic losers.
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