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    [Edited and updated for clarification] Doing a little bit of digging from a prior thread, I noticed as a surprise, that Britney has only had 2 songs at #1 running on the iTunes US charts so far for more than 24 hours until Friday May 29th with 'Mood Ring': Hold It Against Me - 10 days Scream & Shout (accredited to Will.I.Am since Britney is a feature) - 6 days Mood Ring - 2 days This is already an achievement in itself considering there was no promo on it, and it's still technically not a single. Sources: https://www.itunescharts.net/us/artists/music/britney-spears/ https://www.itunescharts.net/us/artists/music/william/songs/scream-shout-feat-britney-spears/
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    Queen of having a 4 year long Era. When will Taylor and Beyonce.
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    if he doesn't ill be burning him and his house down with vanilla candles
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    This is typical Britney😂😂😂 she was posting non stop videos of herself and Sam and when her song is #1 she won't promote 😂 remember the infamous fishing trip while HIAM was #1 on the Billboard hot 100
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    I’ll quote myself from another thread to answer it: The reason I don’t feel bad for supporting this is Glory felt like something she wanted to do and she loved to do and she was excited about her project. It had more Britney than anything we got before recently unlike FF or BJ If it was one of them, I wouldn’t support this And just put the “gym fire” video and the “thank you for making glory #1” video next to each other. You can tell she was genuine in the “thank you” video
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    Chances are, it was designed weeks ago, and it's not her or her team's job to make sure the little snowflakes of the internet don't get offended. Find a hobby outside of Twitter, thank you.
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    I do! I think it’s her best cover of any album. I did like the original Glory “screenshot” cover though too. In a perfect world, I’d want this to be the new Glory cover: The color of the sky is more cohesive with the Make Me... single cover. It also makes the title of the album easier to see and just looks cleaner imo. But beggars can’t be choosers
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    still #3 in my flop country. those twitter alters are all chromatica and all i can do is promote Mood Ring on grindr in exchange for ******s.
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    It’s funny bc Brit and Sam could just do the video at home with a strobelight. But whatever lmao. And if the video isn’t going to be released within 5 days, her team failed. New cover, single.... No follow up. I miss Jive records. Everything had a purpose.
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    2020 IS WILD If last year you tell me that world is basically crumbling with a deadly virus, the US is having an anarchy style meltdowns over police brutality, China seizing control of Hong Kong and a ******* 4 year old *** bonus track by Britney Spears is hitting no1 on Itunes for 2 days in a row blocking a brand new dance pop Gaga album, I would call u crazy but here we are
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    Nnnnnnnngh so that's why glory didn't reach number one! It's because ITunes delayed its notification for four years!
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    Added: It looks like we are missing quite a few numbers of bonus songs that haven't been added to streaming services. We need Quicksand
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    Mood Ring is #1 over 14 countries still top#3 over 21 countries Still top10 over 30 countries and still top15 over 40 countries. slay
  19. 9 points
    I love a dramatic goodbye We'll see him again for the release of Mood Ring's music video
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    i find it SO strange she's been quiet - she'd usually post a video or something unless she's trying to be respectful due to everything going on in the world rn.
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    I'm getting so tired of these cancellations, and this is the last time I'm replying in a thread revolving around one. Was it bad timing? Yes, absolutely. But why does it matter? How does this affect anyone? It's not that deep, and I really don't understand how these losers manage to survive in the real world when they get offended by everything they see on the internet. Bye, I'm out.
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    Mood Ring is the first single off of Britney's very own Future Nostalgia record. It's literally nostalgia from 4 years ago but released in the future.
  25. 9 points
    i had to log in after two years, just to witness all this. i haven't been this entertained by something britney related since 2016 BBMAs.
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    I'm banning the Exhell vibe. I'll be damned to watch my country implode AND this forum. Nope. Exhale is not meant to divide people. It's meant to be a safe space for people to come and express themselves without disrespecting others. If that doesn't sound like something a current member can agree to, then this isn't the forum for them.
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    Also Make Me was #1 for les than 10 hours. Mood Ring sat at #1 for almost 2 days.
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    Did you all not see how Gaga got dragged on Twitter for talking about the release of Chromatica? If Britney posted something, political Twitter would find some way to drag her for it. Her best option is to stay quiet and speak on Mood Ring in a couple of weeks.
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    Came back here after seeing Britney at number 1, so glad to see so many of you still here for Britney, I teared up.
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    i'm looking forwad to the first live concert on mars
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    Mood Ring, Quicksand, Amnesia, Outta This World, Scary,.. Can't wait for all those new songs to be released
  33. 8 points
    The gays are pulling out all the stops
  34. 8 points
    Still #1?! What is this sorcery? But ughh is it so difficult for them to send it to radio, do a banner and submit to a couple playlists? I hate her marketing team
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  36. 8 points
    If it was a slow week then whatever. But the point is that Gaga just dropped a full album, and has collabs with popular acts and even dropped a music video and Britney is still outselling her with a 4 year old bonus track with no promo at all. You don’t think the Little Monsters are trying to take Britney down? It’s impressive whichever way you see it.
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  38. 8 points
    When I hear mood ring and wathc the new Glory cover it's like heaven so don't waste your time and go to stream moodring on Spotify
  39. 8 points
    I love you, but how are twitter fans more successful than us exhale fans? Mood ring is #1 on iTunes. There’s a post about how we should make it go viral on tik tok. We had a really positive AMA with Jon Asher. I’m just confused on how we’re not supporting her? Twitter fans are ruthless and started the blackout campaign on the same day as the justice for bionic campaign. ”Mood ring” is a Japanese bonus track from 3 years ago. The fact that it’s #1 on iTunes is a HUGE FEAT! So it’s not “flopping”. It’s not a single, it’s not getting sent to radio, and it’s not getting a video (that we know of). We’re all streaming and buying it. We’re doing all we can. If Britney wants it to be a hit, respectfully, she needs to promote it. But we can’t do more work than Britney does for her music, ya know? But I love you, so please don’t take this as me coming for you! I’m just curious as to your perspective 🙂 #streammoodring
  40. 8 points
    Why don't they just go all in? Give us Gimme More (Funeral Version) and the original video for Perfume too
  41. 7 points
    Its not falling, its more like Rain On Me is catching up And for who is worried with the red updates: Some of yall really think she'll overtake the industry with this? Honestly, the song was out and we are sending a message. That was the point all along. Its impossible for Mood Ring to stay at the top all week specially when Chromatica is out and Gaga + her team + Interscope are putting a lot of effort and money to promote everything Chromatica related. If RCA decides to do something about it, then they should wait a little bit to see if the song falls into GP taste and keeps selling. If they decide its feasable to promote it THEN we worry. First thing they should do it is to put up a banner, put the song on some hot playlists across streaming platforms, then send it to radios. Its a 4 years old track with no plans to become a single, they SHOULD be very carefull with it cause Britney is not working at the moment. Till that happens, lets keep doing our part as usual with humble expectations
  42. 7 points
    I always envisioned a tour performance like this
  43. 7 points
    We need all of the bonus tracks on Spotify tbh. The thing that annoys me the most is the fact that Girl in the Mirror, You Got It All and Amnesia are all missing from Spotify UK DESPITE THE FACT they were bonus tracks in that country
  44. 7 points
    Britney gave a statement to Billboard about Mood Ring hitting #1! "This is incredible! 'Mood Ring' is one of my favorite songs on Glory, it’s so vibey and sexy," Spears tells Billboard exclusively. "I’m so grateful to the fans for pushing for its release, and then for making it go to No. 1 on iTunes. I have the best fans in the world! I love you all!"
  45. 7 points
    she doesnt need to be perfect, her gap is giving her some personality, i think it's cute
  46. 7 points
    Is this a real question?! It’s instantly ICONIC! I love it!
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  49. 7 points
    Honey we beat out brand new Gaga music. It can drop to the bottom of the sea and we still proved a point. Lmao.
  50. 7 points
    You nailed it! We have a responsibility as consumers to put our money towards good and ethical causes that align with our values. Vote with your wallet because it’s the only vote that counts! I’m boycotting the Britney brand until she’s a free woman.
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