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    God I missed you all. I missed THIS exhale! WE’RE BACK ******* Regarding yesterday, I feel like no news is good news. It seems like every time after these hearings, when things go their way, Jamie and Team Cship are quick to put out stories of their victory (TMZ, The Blast, Radar Online). The fact that it’s been almost 24 hours and nothing has been said makes me hopeful. Maybe something didn’t go their way for once. Be optimistic. Change is coming. #FreeBritney Also... Cher is a ******* legend!
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    I hope Jordan doesn't expect us to go back to that terrible "community"
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    Who would’ve thought in 2020 that Cher would be helping #FreeBritney more than Jordan? 🤷‍♂️
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    OF COURSE they were gonna pull that off, and actually I don't know why they didn't use it earlier That argument can always be countered by, if she's already doing great, why does she still need a conservatorship? And it's a never ending debate. Or most importantly, how did they even decide that she needed it in the first place, when all she did was shave her hair and refuse to give back her kids one time. And if the latter is a reason enough to deem her as mentally unable, then her father who shut down a door to scold his grandson should be sent to a mental facility immediately. The moment I hear Britney with her own mouth saying she's ok with the conservatorship, not in a sarcastic way, not reading it from a prompter, THEN I'll believe it. And EVEN if she thought it's ok, it doesn't mean it's ok. This whole "business model" falls on the illegal side almost, and the precedent needs to be set for other cases of conservatorship abuse that exist out there.
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    I mean I thought I was the only one who figured he was paid by Team CShip to destroy this forum, until I realized the other day that A LOT of exhalers who used to frequent think the same thing. I almost hope he was paid tbh. I don’t want to imagine that somebody can make THAT many awful decisions to their website in less than a year
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    As other people here said, we don't know what Britney had been told about her rights inside the conservatorship. We know nothing, what if they threatened her to take full custody of their children if she made any kind of movement to get rid of this? We have no idea how manipulative these people can be, there's a lot of money at stake here.
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    Do you guys remember when that psychic Antphrodite said that he saw her getting free this year, and that a big female singer was going to come out and support her and it was going to really help? It was CHER Don't lose hope guys! I really hope The Talk talks about this tomorrow now that Cher has said something and brought more attention. The Talk is one of the only shows keeping updated on Brit's case and where they are basically in support of her getting free.
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    Nor negative movements. Just no movements at all. Only that prepaid article. The calm before the storm...
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    I gave the new forum a chance but its not the same. Regardless how it looks, the community isn’t there. When @breatheheavy first launched this new site it was all about ‘I’ve finally realised that it’s the users that make Breatheheavy what it is today’ and that was just a smokescreen now to bulldoze our hub for this ridiculous new forum. Jordan, listen to your users. We want our old home back like it is right now. It’s not perfect, no, but is home.
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    imagine believing that Britney wants to be in the conservatorship because she never applied to end it 🤡🤡🤡 some people still talk about #freebritney like it's a conspiracy theory. pathetic.
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  14. 4 points
    Even if she didn't do anything to help Britney herself, having Free Britney in her mouth would be MAJOR for the movement.
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    If the person under the conservatorship becomes able to handle his or her affairs, someone involved or close to the case would have to ask the court to end the arrangement. The court investigator would then look into the case, and a judge would ultimately decide. The court can also remove a conservator who isn’t fulfilling his or her duties.
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    this place is much better. no news but new hearing. i hope Britney is doing ok. was rewatching for the record. she was saying so many things i didn't felt at the time. she really was speaking her truth at the time. after that we never heard anything more personal.
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    Hopefully the OG exhale will start to pick up soon! I love this new styling. Anyways we managed to trend ww and in several countries! Great job!
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    I think the people who live in LA & aren’t going should stand outside with tshirts & placards, ‘check’ themselves in on insta etc so when people check the location pics etc it comes up with the free Britney protest not the zone
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    Hey guys, this is a good sign that the GP are getting wise to #FreeBritney Just stumbled upon a thread on Reddit’s r/UnresolvedMysteries sub with a post from today titled “The Mystery Surrounding Britney Spears” with almost 1k replies so far: *If you have a Reddit account make sure you upvote it to help it stay on the main page, found it scrolling through the “Popular” tab which is a good sign!*
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    The timing and beat are same but chord progression and melody are different. I think it was more "Oops" I made a hit again
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    Wow this feels so weird to be back here, been on the new one the whole time assuming everyone abandoned it. But I feel So at ease here! The background for once!
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    Omg the old exhale is back. I can use the wacky emojis again
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    Cher tweeted about #FreeBritney??!? No WaaaaYyyyy!!! One LEGEND to another!! Cher LOVES Britney. In like a mother/daughter way and thats very sweet.
  28. 3 points
    WHAT THE HELL?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS let's stan Cher for life!
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  30. 3 points
    This layout and the old exhale is so organized compared to the new one. The comment section in the new one is just like youtube , a nevet ending scrolling. Thank you for opening this again though jordan.
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    It's more like "Oops, I did it again" as in she continues to give us smash hits
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  34. 2 points
    I just check how long a flight is from California & it’s approximately 15 hours & 30 minutes
  35. 2 points
    It sounded like Britney to begin with but the more I listened the more it just sounded like really good impression. Like, everything she was saying sounded really well rehearsed and you unnatural. Also the laugh sounds different to a Britneys. But eh, who knows
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    Kris Jenner does not need Lou M. Taylor, but I guess they know each other or Larry. Travis Scott (Kylie's ex and Stormi's dad) is Lou's client. Back in the day, when Kimye had their beef with Taylor Swift, Kris adviced Kim to call Taylor and be friendly. Kim didn't do it, obviously. (Kris gave her the advice because she was on good (work) terms with Taylor's mom) I didn't remember this thing, lol But, Kim and Kourtney are Britney's fans. Kim attended the Circus tour twice or something, promoted Glory on Twitter, and... She's really focused on these kind of cases, so she could show interest. Kim would get attention and love. Britney could get help. It's perfect, they both win. Oh, and Kanye has been open about mental health, his medication, the way he was treated when he was in the hospital, criticized the U.S mental health system...
  37. 2 points
    Another thing is that there are many things that were supposed to be some way, and weren't. Like the fact that she had to be notified that she was gonna be put under a conservatorship beforehand, but instead they tricked her into going to that psychiatric guard voluntarily, and told the judge not to notify Britney since that would distress her. If a real investigation was actually done, the judge should see how shady and illegal the whole process of how they placed Britney under the conservatorship was, and it should be nullified. How invalid were the reasons they used to make it happen, and eventually make it go for an indefinite amount of time. Plus, she did try to at least shorten it back in 2012 when she got the multi-millionaire contract for the X Factor, and was ignored.
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    Banana Alice was 100% Britney. She speaks the same as Britney and has the same laugh. She actually sounds a lot like 2007ney. The first one doesn’t sound like Britney so much more like someone putting on her voice. Poor Brit I wish we could hear her this real and candid again.
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    Come on guys... even a divorce can take years to settle. Be patient. We dont know whats going on behind the scenes and these things take time. Honestly it was unrealistic that it would end today. Maybe this year but not today. I mean if it was THAT important Im sure Lynn and Britney would have been present. They knew there would be another hearing so I dont think its a bad sign.
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    Okay I think up until now Miley Cyrus was the biggest celebrity in favour of #freebritney but Cher just popped up out of nowhere
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  42. 2 points
    I just got out of work, a 10 & 1/2 hour shift. Ladies, what’s happened? I just rolled a bunt and I’m ready to stay up all night reading the realness.
  43. 2 points
    They'll probably start selling #FreeBritney tshirts themselves
  44. 2 points
    Hmmm, Kim Kardashian is a fanatic of Cher. We all should tweet her about it. She claims she's focused on law and helping people right now... and Kanye's problem with the industry could make her sensitive about the case. Idk but, let's be real... Do you imagine the visibility #FreeBritney could get? Just saying.
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    i feel like we're a community again with this forum back and the layout
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    @breatheheavy if this exhale is being kept and this is the new layout, i'm here for it. also find out the news for us, you must have sources.
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    I still kinda wish the new Exhale had a thread layout like this one. Maybe it'd be easier to use?
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