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  2. She was just never ALLOWED to do what she wanted. They shielded her and made her afraid so that she felt like she needed them. Either way, its all just a mess. Poor Britney.
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  3. You obviously don't pay attention to stuff because if You did then you would know that Britney was forced against her will by her father and she stated that in court and made it clear that she wants the conservatorship to end. Britney is not nor will she ever be ok with this.
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  4. To play devils advocate How about if britney did have a mental illness and to shelter her from sensitivity & trauma they put her in the conservatorship. Originally I thought it was to allow people to speak on her behalf so she wouldn’t have to do dispositions or be put under any stressful negotiations , or court orders. It also seems that since the conservatorship her career has been more along the lines of how she wanted it . She wanted less fame and wanted more stability ... she’s got to work less, yet make more money. If anything the conservatorship has done wonders do her having the career she’s wanted . It provided stability for her and her family . On the other hand I think she doesn’t care anymore about her career so she doesn’t want the conservatorship... and I think that’s what we’re dealing with now . The conservatorship should’ve only been for business reasons and not her personal. I think she wants to live free but she also doesn’t want the fame or success . But that’s just my opinion .
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  5. Three art experts critique Britney Spears’ $10,000 painting AMANDA WRIGHT, ART THERAPIST “This person isn’t depressed in my view and seems quite energised. There are four flowers, so there’s some sort of relationship going on, perhaps a family. There’s a little, fifth flower outside, which is a mystery, it’s unformed, as though something is coming in and the other flowers don’t seem aware of it. Whatever’s coming in is not on the earth, it’s perhaps just a concept or a thought, but it’s not rooted. It could be a new idea, a new project, that is not in place yet – or the other group of flowers could be rejecting whatever that little flower means, throwing it out. The middle of the flowers are orange, not yellow, it’s sort of a joyful, sunny disposition, but the fifth flower hasn’t got a middle – it’s outside the group, so it’s intriguing what that little flower represents. There’s no horizon, it’s very in the foreground, so I’d have thought the artist is not exactly visionary, they live in the day-to-day. Looking at the colours, the pink denotes feeling, femininity, and the mauve purple colour can mean creativity. It looks as though the flowers at the top are sort of dominating the flowers underneath – it’s maybe a powerful person, but also an emotional, feeling person, incorporating a bit of wisdom with the purple.” https://www.dazeddigital.com/art-photography/article/47524/1/britney-spears-art-painting-exhibition-analysed-art-experts
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  6. As much as I believe the system has some corruption. There has to be a reason the conservatorship is still in place. Maybe because it’s gone on for so long it’s harder to dissolve idk. I do not believe her dad doesn’t have her best interest. they don’t get along and he’s crazy but at the end of the day she’s his daughter and he’s not going to keep her in a cage against her will. Idk I wish she would say something but since the beginning of her career she hated talking about her personal life and just preferred to play the role of Britney Spears the *** vixen
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  7. She wants the freedom to do as she pleases and make her own decisions concerning her life and career. It sounds like she had some more freedom when her brother stepped in 2016 as we can how excited and into it Britney was that year.
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  8. As im a swiftie too,I know Taylor is a britney fan. Shes said she wore her perfumes at school and she sang Lucky at one of her concerts.
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  9. I thought last one was The Cure - Lullaby just like Taylor
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  10. They also did Toxic in an episode last year with Blake Lively, Carrie Underwood and Henry Golding but it’s been taken down from YouTube.
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