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    Maybe this will FINALLY put to rest whether or not it’s actually Britney in control of her social media. She is not, she never has been and she won’t be in control of anything in her life or her career as long as she’s on legal lockdown through the conservatorship. The videos and photos on her IG is obviously her but the captions aren’t. How are people still allowing the wool to be pulled over their eyes??? How do (some) fans still not see it?? It’s Lou Taylor pretending to be Britney, as I & others have said for years! Yes other celebs have social media managers. This is not what’s happening. There’s no social media manager unless you count Lou. Why does it matter if it’s really Britney posting on social media particularly Instagram? It matters because it shows how controlled, isolated and manipulated Britney is (NEARLY 12 YEARS UNDER A CSHIP) as well as it shows that Lou & C’ship people con the fans too!! Those spastic, emoji af captions is all Lou. She’s deranged AF! A damn psychopath. Britney The Zone = Lou “The Zone” Taylor. I bet this was her idea. No, idgaf what the people behind it says official. 😒This Britney The Zone **** reeks of Lou ******* Taylor and I ******* hate it!!! It’s Lou’s zone with Britney’s name on it. Lou has taken over. Can’t people see this? I read fans comments on IG and I’m like do you really buy this? Even now? The media is very cautious and plays along but I’m sure they know something isn’t right, they just can’t prove it -yet -and fear lawsuits! Lou has her hand all in Britney’s money too. No, Lou’s not officially part of the cship but her company is doing the accounting. Jamie’s still consv of Britney’s estate but who’s his back up now that Wallet is gone? It’s likely Lou, she’s is in Jamie’s ear. I swear it. Why’d Jamie Lynn have to pull her vids of her with Britney just hanging out being sisters?? Lou has control over both of the Spears sisters but only one of them doesn’t seem to have a problem with that and that’s Jamie Lynn. JL’s so UGH! Anywayz Nothing is genuine about Britney Spears’s presence on social media. It’s all an illusion. Britney The Zone is another Lou/C’ship team cash grab that’s a way to make it look as though Britney has something going on (she doesn’t), it’s a distraction from the court proceedings & #FREEBritney movement. Lou & crew are simply biding their time until they think fans have calmed down and the media isn’t reporting on FREE BRITNEY or the cship anymore. Once they think the heat is off them they’ll put Britney back out on the stroll in Vegas or wherever pays them the most. Lou is basically a pimp. Pimping out Britney’s name and likeness to keep money rolling in for herself and those other **** heads on her team. I detest dafuq out of Looney Lou and all of those MoFos!! Free Britney, *****!!! p.s. happy new year! ☮️
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    He’s funny, he’s your friend, he’s Jordan
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    As if they'd listen anyway. Besides, not spending ANYTHING on Team Hostage until she's free.
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    I doubt it. All I see on Jamie Lynne's Insta is her and Lou Taylor kissing each other's *****. "OMG love you soo much Satan." "Love you too *****. Money's on the way! Keep Britney slavish!"
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    That damn crazy lady I hope that if Britney is free Jam 22nd that she shuts that down
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    Honestly thank god we have people like Britney's Gram and many more that archive all her Instagram posts. I still can't believe these really happened even if it was just her social media handlers f**king with us It hurts to see how much she wants actual. legitimate and unfiltered freedom
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    Haha no theres no ****. Just junk food ect cereals teeth whitening strips magazines blah blah. Ones on the back of a script. The others on scraps of paper.
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    Jamie Lynne deleted her IG posts of Britney dancing and Britney racing her... I wonder if she posted then against Tristar's rules just to show us Britney is having fun. I noticed Lou did not comment on them but she comments on anything else JL posts. Hopefully JL is getting hip to her.
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    For those who still check this forum from time to time, I just wanna take a moment to say I really miss interacting with ya'll. The new exhale... it's just not working for me. January is going to be a very important month for our girl, I hope we don't miss anything!
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