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    Yeah, idk what it is. Especially now more than ever, her IG videos either seem forced or she comes off as really lonely, which makes me sad for her. Like, that video with her picking up and holding her dog in different spots in a very stoic manner and glancing at the camera...Or the posts where she’s apologizing for having gained two pounds or apologizes for not wearing makeup (when she clearly is??). But then again, she lives such a different life than we do and maybe having been famous for so long, the things that seem weird to us are just how it is after being in that circus of Hollywood. Idk.
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    I agree. I hate to say it after everything she's been through. She only deserves happiness. However, I find her instagram posts super immature, cringey, and unlikeable. It's made me almost want to stop keeping up with her as a fan the posts are so unlikeable to me. Part of the reason I became such a big fan was how genuine, sweet, and smart her personality was in FTR. Now, she seems more immature and shallow than she ever did, even when she was 17. It's embarrassing and makes me embarrassed to publicly support her.
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    I really don't get this fascination of Insta like it is the epitome of peoples' lives. This culture of having your picture perfect lives displayed on an account is pretty sad and majorly superficial. We all know that Britney herself and her life are somewhat..... different to a regular person. Everybody wants Britney to be this Beyonce/Ariana/Lana type of person and she just isn't. SHE IS BRITNEY. I find it refreshing, she posts content that she wants to post, she doesn't do it for the clout or the popularity, she literally does not give a single ****. If you don't like the content, unfollow her ***. All of y'all content is probably also cringey and **** but nobody is complaining about it because you're a nobody so just move along. I'm not popping off at anyone in particular btw, I just think her Insta posts is something hella stupid to be picking holes at, Britney has had people picking at every aspect of life her whole life and y'all literally adding to it. Now go and fixate on more important **** in life like earning $$$ or inner peace
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    Sure, some posts can be a lil cringey at times but in no way should it make anyone dislike her and if it does, then u need to remove the frozen stick from your *** and stop being an uptight, judgmental douchebag, I mean, who needs haters when u have fans like some I see on here even in this here thread?!??! Not everything has to be serious all the time even if your an adult, in fact, considering the state of the world we currently live in, I find Britney’s version of cringe to be a breath of fresh air. Even the posts I do find embarrassing, I just laugh it of and think to myself...oh Britney, just like I do with family and friends who post **** I consider embarrassing cuz it ain’t that deep, if someone’s social media is seriously making you reevaluate their worth ESP. if they’re not posting anything hateful or offensive, then you need to reevaluate your priorities. Also, to compare Britney to any other artist is EXTREMELY UNFAIR cuz those other artists aren’t under the UNFORTUNATE situation Brit has been under these past 12 years, they don’t have to live under the constraints she’s forced to, for Christ’s sake yesterday was Thanksgiving and she prolly didn’t even get to see her kids thanks to her own father, maybe she’s always posting fashion shows and workout videos cuz that’s all she can f**king do, so try to have some compassion and ease up on the woman, in fact maybe even open up your mind a lil bit, imagine you were living in her shoes, how would u be if you were a 37 year old mother of two and a worldwide known pop star forced to live under a conservatorship, simply cuz u made some mistakes 12 years ago, if those of u who judge her so harshly over something as petty as Instagram can’t even dig up the tiniest amount of compassion even after doing that, then y’all are clearly heartless.
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    Cringey, absolutely. But unlikable? I don't see how what she posts could possibly make someone not like her. She's just super awkward, which I find endearing on a human level. I will say though, the posts about her being desperate to lose 2 pounds and obsessing about her weight were slightly disappointing, mostly cause of the sad realization that she still puts stock into **** like that. But those posts were more an exception than a rule, she's generally not like that. Immature and cringey, totally, but not unlikeable.
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    Jordan - you've really lost sense of what Exhale users actually want, haven't you? I respect that it's your website and has been your life for the last 16 years but this along with the recent e-mails about merch etc, it just feels like you've absolutely lost touch with the users of this website and forum. Exhale is more dead than ever and that certainly isn't a coincidence. It isn't just because of Britney's inactivity. I think we all want you to succeed and do well, but none of what you're doing is why we are here. In February, I'll have been a member here for 12 years and I've never seen this place so deserted or so far from what it feels like it should be.
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  9. 4 points
    Sometimes it's okay for a father to have the kids for thanksgiving
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    Is there a way to retrieve 2008 threads? I’d like to see exhale reactions when Womanizer leaked
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    i give her credit for going to spend the holiday with Sam’s family. It must be hard for her to not be with the kids.
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    I thought this was going to be an article/social media post by Urban Outfitters as well
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    Only old members can relate... the chills of hearing it the very first time ever live ever with exhale reacting is a highlight... music on demand...
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    "I am a manager. I am a stalker. I am rich. I am your master. I am Lou Jean. "
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    You do realize they are living with him right?
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    I bet that makes her sad, poor Britney! She's such a good mom too!
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    I don't know about the actual singles themselves but a lot of the B-Sides have noticeably different mixes compared to the versions that were first released (Final chorus changes at 2:54) (Different intro effect)
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    Wowww I fully expected a lot of hate for this I'm ngl. I'm just glad to see I'm not the only one who has this opinion. I just want to make it very clear, I'm a huge fan of Britney and I will always invest in her life and anything she produces. But to say that her Insta posts aren't embarrassing is just a serious level of delusion. My friends and co-workers all laugh about her posts, unfortunately, she's becoming a laughing stock instead of the legendary superstar we all know her as. And as for that unbelievable stupid voice (don't @ me, we all know that her voice has changed every year since 2007 lmao), I can't stand it. Like nails on a chalkboard. Hopefully this is just another Britney voice that will soon pass because what the **** Anyway, my point is, she needs to get a grip on her social media. She's not a child, she's a grown woman and should act accordingly. God I wish we could go back to the days without having to worry about this lmao
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    Immature and shallow? Lol. Her instagram basically consists of inspirational quotes and some random pics and videos, if you consider it “shallow” I don’t even want to know what you think of the Kartrashians, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj etc. And some of you are really taking “stanning” too far. You remind me of those fanatics who obsess too much over their idol and end up killing them, ie Mark David Chapman.
  23. 3 points
    It's insane how her personality as a dancer has changed
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  25. 3 points
    Uh, no. No, we really can't. Perez Hilton is a f**king disgusting person and there is absolutely no reason for him to be on a Britney forum after all of the terrible things he's said about her over the years. If Jordan didn't want the hate, he should've thought more about what he was doing and less about the money he was getting. He deserves all of the hate Exhell can give.
  26. 3 points
    If she ever comes back playing the same *** kitten mom tired act then no one will care but maybe us hardcore fans left. Her image is so outdated and everything about her career need a deep rebranding. Time will tell I guess.
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    Britney is a human first. A mother/daughter/sister second. A pop-star/businesswoman third. A public figure fourth. As a human, she clearly went through something (and like all humans is probably still going through stuff). This doesn’t mean she deserves to be reduced to a pathological diagnosis and subject to ridicule and judgement. As a member of a family, no doubt her parents tried to help her through it. And no doubt there are difficult dynamics at play within the family. Every family has it’s dynamics/difficulties. I believe that their help was intended authentically, and although it may not have been ideal, it was almost certainly helpful in at least some ways. As a business/brand there is a whole other set of priorities and goals. There are layers of stakeholders involved, some with good intentions and some with selfish intentions. That’s business, and especially show business. Britney has always seemed to me like the type who prefers to leave that stuff to her team. Maybe she wishes she had more control over aspects of it, but overall she has a team for a reason, and I don’t believe she wants to be responsible for navigating the complexities and realities of business. As a public figure, there are even further layers of complexity. There are expectations to act a certain way and say the right things, not only from the fans, but from the stakeholders, her family, and her own expectations on herself. We don’t know the full story, but if we can see it from a holistic perspective we can understand that Britney is a human being, living in a VERY complex world. She has said it herself that her circumstances are complicated but that she is strong and gets what she wants. I believe her. I believe that she has a good grasp on the whole picture and is happy to be managing it all as best as possible, given the immense complexity. She is stronger than people give her credit for, and even if things in one area are challenging, she’s a boss *****, and she knows how to fight when she has to. This “fanbase” has such a limited perspective and is not helping with all this conspiracy crap.
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    Well Jordan got a hit thread after like 5 months, maybe he should bring in Lou next
  29. 3 points
    He released several videos praising the conservatorship and calling us crazy in the midst of #FreeBritney. No thanks. Please take out the trash and cancel his membership @bretheheavy
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    i literally thought it said paris hilton and just got so excited what a let down but anyways this pig has said the worst things about brit and even went to the point of wishing she died and hes pro conservatorship he makes me nauseous lmfao byeeeeeeee
  31. 2 points
    The title is pretty self-explanatory. What do you guys think? I'm not one of those f**king freaks that comments stuff all over her Insta posts but they do make me cringe and as far as I'm aware, that's mostly what she's becoming known for... the cringe.
  32. 2 points
    Guys, just wanted to ask some questions regarding The Singles Collection. They all are entitled as Remastered, but do you guys notice any actual difference from the original songs on the albums? Like BOMT? I swear to god that I see NO difference at all, and i'm wearing some good headphones. I even tried to use the Flac version to compare it but nothing. Some songs just sound louder and that's it. no other special detail on any back instruments or so.
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    OMG i though i was the only one. I always think Britney when i hear this specially in the middle of the song , she straight up sounds like Britney. Huge hit in Australia btw
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    Seriously? We don't know if there was an agreement between her and Kevin. When I was a kid I got to choose who I wanted to spend my holiday with or I had to follow the custody agreement my parents had arranged until I was 12. And who knows, maybe she saw her kids? She doesn't have to post to prove things to us. Let her have her private life. Damn.
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    That topic has been discussed a lot of times. There are court documents online that reveal that Kevin has moved to the Oaks, that luxury community where Britney has been living before. He’s renting a house there and the kids seem to be happy with him. She’s not allowed to have them overnight anymore and they cut her visitation time to two days a week .. and they seem to be pretty strict with that
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  38. 2 points
    Lmao I definitely hear no differences either.
  39. 2 points
    MTE. The video of her picking up her dog while standing kinda sideways holding it I thought was her way of showing how skinny as a needle she is. She’s body conscious in very peculiar ways. But yet she still smokes, doesn’t appear groomed most of the time & the eye makeup is so unflattering. Does she understand that it’s not all about outward appearance? Is she actually getting counseling besides reading self help books? Does Britney even feel comfortable or is she even allowed to really go deep in “therapy” to talk about painful things in her life & talk about the people in her life past or present who she may feel have hurt her? I’m getting the feeling this “therapy” she mentioned isn’t (for her) what it would be for someone who’s not her. You know? Idk.🙁 I agree that being in the industry for so long, her ups & downs as a celebrity in the public eye has had a lingering effect on her. But on top of that, the isolation that’s occurred these nearly 12 years during her conservatorship have had the utmost damaging effects on her psyche. Ugh I wish her dad and handlers had not cut her off from society the way they have. And who benefits from her isolation & limited contact with family, peers & her few close hometown friends?? It’s sure not Britney. 😞
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    I stopped caring. Yes it makes me cringe and yes it’s a bit embarrassing. I think fans that say oh she’s so badass or oh she’s sending hidden messages like those freebritney podcast girls are just delusional and reading too much into things. im taking the posts for face value and I view it roll my eyes and move on. Could be her, could be her team. But Britney deserves her life and what she wants to do. I’m not even gonna bother with what she should do or what I’d like to see as a fan. It’s her life. I think moving forward Britney will be looked at like Michael Jackson - great entertainer in their early days but such a mystery. Almost stuck in that child like mind.
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    I don’t know how me having an opinion on her IG posts makes me a fanatic obsessive fan who might kill her. What the ****? I actually don’t have IG, but I wouldn’t follow any of those people you listed even if I did. But let’s compare to the IGs of other artists I like just based off of quick glances since I don’t have an actual IG: Lana Del Rey: just different cool artsy things and some friends Billie Eilish: mostly career-driven posts Tove Lo: career related along with some artsy photoshoots + friends Ariana Grande: a cool *** aesthetic But then you log onto Britney’s IG and find a ton of videos of herself just trying on different outfits and making weird faces, going on rants about how she’s trying to lose 2lb or how the media is photoshopping her to be fatter, she posts nonsensical captions with a bunch of emojis, and then literally random stock photos she didn’t, sometimes even with no caption. It’s honestly sad, because she always seems to be alone just stuck at her house trying on clothes or working out unless with she’s with Sam. It makes sense if she’s kinda regressed in maturity and confidence when she’s in her own world alone all of the time.
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    At least this has created the most interesting and juiciest thread since the Free Britney movement started
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    Jordan I just hope he paid you well because you lost a lot of respect around here
  45. 2 points
    Jordan you’ve honestly ruined this place, I’ve been visiting this site for 12 years and I’ve never seen this place so dead and such a mess. i used to love this place, now I barely even visit. All of these changes have only made things worse and trying to promote that horrible human being who has wished death upon the person we adore is disgusting.
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    The forum would be busier if you would fix the ads... it causes the touchscreen links to mess up... I will tap on a topic and the link that actually opens is an inch down my screen. Also, the site is laggy on computers and makes both of my laptops heat up. Since you made these changes, activity on the forum has decreased.
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    No one cares! He’s pro-conservatorship and continues to bully Britney to this day. Such a shame that you would promote this individual. #FreeBritney I think it’s time for me to leave breatheheavy and exhale. Such a shame that Jordan has turned away from Britney and her fans for a quick buck.
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