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    Omg guys I’m at the airport wearing a Britney shirt and someone just yelled #freebritney Im screaming! WE HAVE TO KEEP GOING this is getting bigger than we even realize despite the lack of good media coverage
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    Britney Spears is leaps and bounds from where she emotionally was weeks ago, and although she is not out of the woods yet, the singer is getting back to her normal routine. (Translation: We’re never relinquishing control, but she’s been photographed out and about so that should be enough for you.) For weeks, a grassroots movement has been accusing Spears’ team of holding the “Womanizer” singer against her will, but after being seen around town multiple times since checking out of her treatment facility, she appears to be enjoying her freedom. (Translation: The crazy peasants decided to take it upon themselves to make a ruckus saying she was a prisoner, but she’s been seen multiple times at our scheduled photo ops to prove that everything’s fine. SO EVERYTHING’S FINE.) A source on Spears’ team tells The Blast, “Well, she’s certainly out driving and living her life, which is what all of these people who don’t understand anything about what’s going on with her have been arguing she’s not able to do. (Translation: She’s clearly been seen in a car which they’ve all been bitching she can’t do because they’re stupid, but she’s doing it now so IT’S ALL FINE.) ” While living her life, Spears has been running errands near her home in Thousand Oaks, and also driving around with a chaperone. (Translation: IT’S ALL FINE.) After The Blast posted photos of Spears driving and appearing to talk on a cellphone, our source admitted it wasn’t the best move, but quipped, “Well, isn’t that what A LOT of normal people do on a daily basis, unfortunately? (Translation: You wanted Normalney and now that she’s seen doing something lots of normal people are guilty of, YOU WANT TO COMPLAIN? There’s no winning with you crazy fans.) ”The point being made from Spears’ team is that she is living a normal life just like anybody else, and those close to the singer are not giving in to the pressure from the outside critics. (Translation: EVERYTHING IS FINE DAMNIT.) While returning to normal life, we’re told Spears will continue to work on her treatment with doctors, but will be able to manage her health while getting back to a regular schedule. Spears said as much herself the other week when she filmed a video letting her fans know to chill out. Perhaps just as important as her mental health, is the team of people who have been running the conservatorship for the star since 2008. (Translation: ON TOP OF ALL THE PHOTO OPS YOU’VE BEEN BLESSED WITH, YOU ALSO GOT A PERSONAL VIDEO MESSAGE FROM HER SAYING SHE’S FINE SO IT’S FINE LET THIS GO YOU UNGRATEFUL BRATS.) A judge recently set a hearing for a status update next month, and everything will be presented to the court to allow decisions for the future to continue to be in Spears’ best interest. (Translation: Scrambling and working overtime to ensure we get this thing locked in for another decade.)
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    Hi Lou, I know you are reading so I will address this to you. I see from the article you are directly answering our concerns. We said she can't have a phone, you show her with 3 different ones in a week. We say she can't drive, you show her driving. We know that you want us to shut up, you want us to go away. So answer this concern. Let her hire her own credible and impartial lawyer, allow her to get evaluated by a credible impartial doctor, allow her to speak without censorship, give her some privacy. Maybe then we can back off a bit. But your grasping at straws to give us an inch and continue to take a mile and we SEE THROUGH THAT. Don't insult her and our intelligence.
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    lol I DMed loucifer on instagram just saying "how do you sleep at night?" AND SHE BLOCKED ME
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    The passive aggressiveness they’re showing towards Britney fans in this article is interesting to me, especially since they’ll be back to trying to sell anything Britney related to us again by the end of the year. I’d say “don’t bite the hand that feeds you” but it’s far, far too late for that.
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    The fact that a legal professional is giving us this advice speaks volumes.
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    I invite you to read all +1 000 pages and you will have your answer See you next month.
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    I won’t be supporting any of her new projects until she’s out of this conservatorship! #FreeBritney
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    It’s driving me nuts that I’m seeing stuff like this all over twitter .. But I just checked his social media accounts and haven’t seen him like anything like this nor do I feel like he would. I also saw another one about some celeb saying “**** you” to Lou Taylor which was apparently made as some kind of joke? Posts like this with no receipts make us look very not credible as a fan base overall and will ruin the whole movement.
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    I do feel she loved Glory and that era 2015-2016 were good for her. However, I feel once she met Sam, her mindset started to change. There are probably things she wants to do but has to ask permission for and that probably stressed her out/depressed her and Jamie's health issues probably didn't help much. I feel like during those years maybe she saw a glimpse of light, a way to get out and then obviously team c-ship snapped and now we are all here in this mess. I miss her terribly and I will be devastated if she never releases music anymore, but as a real fan; I want her personal happiness over anything else. She has been part of my life for over 20 years and she's given us more than enough. I think it's time for her to do what SHE WANTS, not what we WANT, and definitely no what her handlers f**king want. It's time for this Circus to f**king shut down, it's run for well over 11 years and needs to be stopped. It's time for real "Britney time" enough with all the bullshit, power moves, and money hungry c*nts. THIS NEEDS TO END NOW!
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    As much as I have a sour taste in my mouth regarding Lutfi, he is keeping this thing alight with his revelations. He can try and worm his way back in post C Ship but he knows the whole fan base will be on his *** if he does. I hate to say it but I am starting to think he does just care for her freedom. People change and grow. I dunno please don't hate on me but I am kinda grateful for his input because if it makes the Cshippers shake like ******** dogs then it's gotta be a good thing right? Awaits the down votes
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    So was Justin there with her to "push" her to dance when she released Baby One More Time? She has always been a great dancer, JT has got nothing on it. She dances even better than him
  21. 14 points
    Good morning Exhalers, Today seems like a glorious day for some Team B exposure. Let’s see how messy this thing will get today... I’m ready for scandal.
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    Another seminar/event/course were they are reunited to talk about c-ship , and this time specifically for famous people . Aren't they cute working together promoting their business . https://www.bhba.org/intus/event3/signup.asp?event_id=2530
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    It's great watching how this movement has messed up Britney team plans. They wanted to keep everything quiet but that failed. They want to put her back to work quickly but they can't right now. I'm glad to hear the new judge is not corrupt, so that means there's possibly some changes coming and the media has been blocked access to this hearing coming.
  25. 13 points
    Welcome to the modern era Team Britney. How tragic and sad that they still rely on actual printed magazines and stupid gossip sites to publish bullshit distraction pieces. Twitter and social media has ended them all. I guess they would rather tank her career than let her go? I’m not spending a cent and I’m not the only one.
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    In 2014 Andrew Wallet bought a house in Carmillo, CA that is today valued at around $1,3M In 2014 Larry Rudolphy bought an appartment and house in a house in Las Vegas for more than $3M That Piece of Me residency seems to have bring alot of money, still wondering whey they ran for a second one ?
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    ATARA TOURS INC (Nevada company used for POM residency) has been updated on the 4/3/2019 and Britney has been named President and director of this company . https://www.nvsos.gov/SOSEntitySearch/CorpDetails.aspx?lx8nvq=9qizSWGgijHF6s0%2bNnnNnw%3d%3d&nt7=0 2 interesting points, if it was possible to appoint Britney as a President and Director of Atara Tours Inc even under the c-ship, why was it not the case for all the others companies that remain under Jamie power ? Atara Tours Inc is still an active company under the state of Nevada, so what about Bellatori Tours Inc that was created last year, what was it for ? Domination ? Couldn't they have kept going with Atara ? if not why didn't the stopped Atara activities and went for Bellatori Tours Inc . On another note , after all my research i have still not found employees that claim to work for any of Jamies companies, while we can find lot of employees who work for the few companies Beyonce, or Rihanna have with real adress and offices.
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    What the **** Facts just tweeted about the conservatorship! They have 6 million followers!
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  31. 12 points
    This guy is a CEO and director/filmaker. Currently making a film on Michael Jackson's innocence.
  32. 12 points
    Well if i feel like my kids are being taken away from me unfairly because the media portrayed me as a bad mother i would also lock myself up with them in the bathroom and kick and scream. There's nothing crazy about that.
  33. 12 points
    I ain't buying **** until : - We have an investigation conducted by an impartial,credible, and un-corrupted team. - She has an opportunity to hire her own lawyer and doctor to prove her competence. - The restraints she has been living under are loosened and all censorship is over - Team C-ship steps down. I bought all of her albums and streamed them, I went to Pom on tour, I always supported her perfumes. I did everything to support her, but I will not support them. Sorry, not sorry.
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    Lmao I want to know what ur day job is cuz if it's not investigative journalist or lawyer then what is u doing w ur life
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    How can she be readying to work when she was suicidal this year? DOESNT MAKE SENSE
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    I don’t think the decline was that big tbh. It’s only an 8 million copy difference, and 20+ million on a sophomore album is still really good. She couldve flopped and been a one hit wonder but she proved everyone wrong
  39. 11 points
    Guys, did you realize that the probabilities of Britney Spears as "Performer" retiring from show business are very high if she get out of the conservatorship? Are you willing to pay that price for seeing her being happy and free? That means, If Team Britney put at sale anything under her name it must be sabotaged to stop the corrupt machine on that she's trapped... Stop buying her music. Stop streaming her music under any legal platform. Stop buying tickets if they planed to put her to perform again. Stop buying her perfumes and other merchandises. They want control her because of her money, so maybe money is what we shouldn't give them anymore.
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    After reading all these things i feel so bad for certain things that i said about her during these past 10 years... I thought she was just lazy but apparentely she was forced to be "Britney Spears" when she probably wanted to be Britney Jean: the daughter, the sister, the mother... I understand a lot of things now! She deserves her freedom, it's one of her main rights!!! #FreeBritney
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    She looks absolutely disgusted. As all of us with her handlers
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    I wonder if anyone will say FREE BRITNEY in their award speech at the BBMAs today
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    Does anyone ever wonder what Britney would’ve been doing if this never happened? Imagine all the BOMT shirts and lifestyle collection and a billion fantasy perfumes that would’ve came out during this time if we didn’t expose them
  46. 10 points
    Can we make it a motion to start calling them this? I haven't liked calling them Team Britney or B since this started.
  47. 10 points
    I refuse to support new projects. She’s enslaved and at this point in time may not even realize it anymore as it’s been 11 years on mind numbing medication. Her team is so stupid! They f**ked up huge. It’s all over Twitter, people being exposed left and right with receipts. No comeback this time. The passive aggressive quotes in the Blast from their “source” LOU LARRY. We see you dummy!
  48. 10 points
    A Comeback... thatll sell tickets wont it larry, its not like she was dying last week? LMAO THE ACTUAL NERVE.
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    I said this before that the game has changed for her team and there's no turning back. They will not be able to do things like they used to because more eyes are watching and social media is more advanced and they can't control the narrative like that anymore. This is what normally happens to folks who play dirty, they always will have to pay. We all see her team is scrambling right now.
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    We knew they'd go this route. Its funny that it DIRECTLY CONTRADICTS WHAT THEY THEMSELVES HAD THE MEDIA REPORT, that "we likely won't see Britney at work again for a while", but we also know how to respond. I don't care what it is and how great it sounds, no money for them.
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