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    She looks more present than the other day but it's weird how there were no pictures of her since she got admitted in the facility but after this whole thing blew up we see her 2 times in 3 days
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    The final email being circulated, also sent in 2007, focuses on Spears’ alleged fear of her current business manager, Lou Taylor. “There is a crazy lady Lou Taylor that has been sending stuff to my house,” Spears allegedly wrote, adding, “I don’t know her she is a stalker.” The accusation claims Taylor, who runs Tri Star management, believes Spears is “possessed and that she needs to come and kill these spirits.” The email, sent to Spears’ attorney, also claims Taylor is trying to communicate with Spears’ father and she is allegedly worried for her family’s safety. THE BLAST THEY LITERALLY EXPOSED LOU IM ... THIS IS GOLD
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    Fro-yoney. She looks good, but doesn’t look the same as the video IMO. Also, she hates us
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    Obviously staged. Coming from the same agency that took the photos of her on Sunday and have a history of producing staged photo ops.
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    Okay so here's a short summary from page 570 till now to everyone that couldn't keep up or came late: On page 572, Land posted Britney's conservatorship case documents from California court's public website. According to it, she can't choose her own friends, make phone calls, use her own money, ride her own car.... everything is on the hands of her conservator (in this case her dad). Exhale goes on to marvel at him providing the documents and continues to discuss it throughout many pages. Here's a quick link if you want to refer to it: https://www.courtlistener.com/opinion/2651458/conservatorship-of-spears-ca22/ On page 576, people discussed about YouTuber Shane Dawson, who recently followed Sam Lutfi and he followed back. Some people were awestruck knowing that Sam's name was actually spelled LUTFI and not LUFTI. An ET video about JL's rant, the protest and her appearance is released as people criticise it for being too favoured on team B's side. The Greatest Show and Christina is brought up, with the Liberation tour being compared to POMt. On page 578, DignifiedLove brings up the topic of Larry being "lowkey hot AF". People criticize that opinion and goes on 3 pages discussing whether Larry and Sam L are hot or not. Assumptions that Britney had *** with Larry are brought up, which receives reactions of disgust from most people. They also discussed if they would "hit that", 'That' referring to Larry. On page 582, reports of Sam L emerge as more news about his restraining oreder from Britney and Courtney Love surfaces. Exhalers bash him as reports from Lynne about Sam also emerge, blaming him for Britney's low points in 2007: On page 583, What You Need brings up the topic of Jamie's death and many people respond with posts that imply they wish he was dead. They receive many downvotes and harsh replies telling them to stop wishing for someone else's death. It goes on till page 585. Amidst these pages, the Britney Jean hate comes into play, as the topic is brought up by PokemonSpears. Many people comment on Myah and how the album is bad. Some exhalers bring up the topic of Illuminati in page 586 and 587. It gets suppressed easily. Through pages 588 to 600, people continue to discuss topics on Lou and her religious ways, as no new hot tea has been spilled. On page 592, exhale reacts to Britney posting a video on instagram. The authenticity of who wrote the caption and whether she was forced to do it is questioned. Britney herself denies everything we collected, being as specific as referring to the emails from Sam L. Almost everyone agrees that Britney didn't write it as some exhalers underlines that the movement is officially over and this is as much as an answer we could have gotten. Many people withdraw from the movement saying they got the final answer they wanted, from Britney herself. Many people say it's scripted as this directly contradicts all the receipts collected over time. Exhale hits page 600 As everyone is divided between supporters and people who just want her to have privacy. Sam comments on the post telling us to give her some privacy. Sam L gets more negative reactions as people solidified that the emails were fake, although others disagree. On page 608, Justhanging posts news about a new conservatorship hearing, scheduled for 4/23 (which wans yesterday) and 5/10 of 2019. Emailmypussy officially unpinned her big thread on the issue. Many more people retract from the movement. Exhale has a meltdown over the Instagram post. From page 612, people starts discussing over the court hearing which gets overshadowed by discussions on Sam L's new Tweet blaming Team B: The reference of the emails on Britney's post receives backslash as they were not even covered by the media nor does the GP know of it but still her Team came to it's knowledge. This makes many people actually believe the emails more confidently. The instagram post and its comments continue to be discussed throughout pages 620 till now. Shrekney recieve many upvotes and praises for outing team B with facts collected and addressed. Many people agree to what he said and credits to having given them more faith to continue the movement. On page 630, a guy called Anthony Steven who has a personal relation with Fe goes on a Twitter rant about how fake the IG post is, he receives support. Through pages 630, people start to notice that IG comments on her post are being deleted. Many people complain about it and solidifies their rumors about team B. There are thirst comments about Jordan on page 634 if anyone is interested. People post Jordan's IG posts on here to show how "hot" he is. Jordan remains silent, clearly enjoying the attention. The discussion about his "meat" goes on for 3 pages, with amjor contributions from What You Need. The thread suddenly transforms into a Britney fans hotness appreciation thread. PokemonSpears's and Jordan's IG posts are exposed. Justin Timberlake is thrown in the mix and hungry gays all over comes drooling over them. On page 644, people question about the Gram girl and when their next podcast is coming. ____________________________________________________________ Thank you and have a nice day ahead on here
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    I know this totally isn't the point at all, but her dress is super cute
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    this thread is becoming an unhealthy addiction, i have an exam i am most likely failing in 3 hours yet here i am
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    Britney in the facility eating corn and memorizing her next script from Lou
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    TEAM BRITNEY: Do an instagram video, people are worried that you're crazy again and don't like you anymore. Do you wanna lose your kids? Take your meds. BRITNEY at the mental health facility:
  10. 21 points
    Funny how we desperately waited for MM video to leak during 3 years and like nobody gave a **** after 2 days because of this movement At this point even the famos surprise wouldn't distract us
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    dude, I literally don't know nothing makes sense these days, and also EVERYTHING makes sense. It's like Team B are liars, Lutfi is a liar, TMZ a liar, Britney is a liar, we're all liars and we can't literally trust in anything but we gotta hold on to something for the little sanity that is left
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    Wait, wait, wait..... do I have this correct-- RadarOnline and TheBlast, who have previously been working against us, are now bringing in experts to question the validity of the video and if she means what she says, and posting the emails? I can't with this, I can't. No wonder Lou's scared.
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    “Steps out for fro-yo” its like they’re saying, look she can go have froyo, all is good!
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    HQ pics in XRAY: https://xray.breatheheavy.com/displayimage.php?pid=579728
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    I can't believe we are talking about Britney being possessed by a gay demon. Also, thank you guys for making me laugh so much in such a sad time, I love you! We are the best fans ever! WE STAN A QUEEN. Love, Love, Love.
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  18. 19 points
    So i google image search this photo from the emails It dont excist on the web! Sams emails cannot be fake I repeat.. NOT BE FAKE where would he get that photo wtf;
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    They have her ask for privacy 15 hours before and then post this. They really aren’t thinking anything through are they? Just throwing any and every **** to the wind to make it look like things are normal. They're really scared.
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    When this thread started I NEVER imagined there would be a day when my feet would be part of the discussion. I insist, this is surreal, I can't anymore It's like those crazy dreams that don't make any sense
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  24. 18 points
    Well, there it goes my morning and I did absolutely nothing at work Thanks Lou Taylor and everyone that keeps this thread alive
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    I still laugh when I think of the emails between Britney and Lou. Lou: "I thought of you when I saw this pink hat so I sent it to you." Britney: "She sent me a f**king pink hat!!!" Me:
  26. 18 points
    She’s going to wear those Birkenstock sandals all the time just like the infamous ugg boots. It’s a new era
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    I love her track list: Alien Robe Judge ***** Gavel It Should Be Prison Tik Tik Jail Lawyer Ache Til It's Trialed Defendant Judgin' With You Don't Prosecute
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    Everyone is so united, even those who jumped ship with her post. Even Breathe Heavy and Britney Galaxy/Universe are in this together. No more threads complaining about her face and about how she dances like a robot. I had no idea this was going to happen when this year started. This is... AWESOME.
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    guys I don't want to retweet or like or acknowledge lutfi but it's very hard to he has the tea here I f**king HATE THIS ****
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  32. 17 points
    didn't we just get a new candid where she looks a little thicker? I'm Mrs. she's too big now she's too thin
  33. 17 points
    y’all, i’m struggling with this. i know i’m late to posting, but i needed to get away from exhale last night to breathe. i really want to believe in what britney said last night, but something seems so off. why bring up the emails when it wasn’t even the thing to set off this whole movement? when the gp doesn’t even know who sam lutfi is??? i'm not sure what to believe in. the evidence tells me something is very, very off about this conservatorship and i don’t trust the caption that was posted by her (or team b) bc it could’ve been easily written by them, her video was very vague and didn’t touch on anything that really needed to be said. it was a filler video, obviously damage control, it had no real substance to it. with that being said, she’s asking for privacy and is advocating that this movement is making it worse for her. i’m just not sure where to go from here...
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    I’ve noticed this as well; people here are seemingly behaving as though Britney having a mental illness and her exploitation are mutually exclusive truths. They aren’t. In fact, mentally ill individuals are far more likely to be exploited than other individuals. Having observed her behavior for 20 years, I have zero doubt regarding her suffering from a mental illness. However, millions suffer from severe mental illness, and once properly medicated, are able to live their lives either independently or with minimal assistance. Of course, her condition could be so severe she actually necessitates an incredibly stringent conservatorship; however, in that event, she is not well enough to be a global popstar running her own empire. I’ve never questioned the veracity of her suffering from an illness, but I’ve stated from the beginning that her conservatorship is incredibly unusual. It was appropriate for a few months to a year; after that, any actual judge would not permit its extension aside from also implementing severe limitations upon the demands placed upon her by her team/management. (With regard to “actual judge,” I looked up the non-existent credentials of the woman, Reva Goetz, who approved Britney’s conservatorship: the “law school” she attended was on provisional status at the time she graduated, and therefore was not accredited. Further, it’s recently been shut down entirely due to it having been a complete sham; only some 20% of the students could even pass the bar exam following their “education”): https://www.latimes.com/local/education/la-me-edu-whittier-law-school-closing-20170420-story.html "Judge" Goetz lacks the basic education and credentials to even oversee traffic violations. I can’t comprehend how she wiggled her way into completely controlling the personal life and finances of the world’s biggest popstar.
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    Team britney right now trying to come up with more lies to tell us and finding more things to leak to distract us What's next? Suprise B10 album by Myah Marie?
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    will this nightmare ever end? I seriously can't believe everything that has been happening, it's like we're trapped in some kind of bizarre movie
  42. 16 points
    Wtf was the point of this? If she was so “close to death”, the last thing she would be doing is posting pointless videos on IG, and potentially exposing herself to reading the comments that cause her “additional stress”. The ice cream candids, the video posted last night, and now this all look like 3 different Britney’s at 3 different points in time. I have so many questions...
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    She doesn't know **** about the #FreeBritney movement. They probably went like "Britney, your fans are so cute, they are missing you so much, let's do a short video for them". This Lou girl is trying to save her *** with that Sam reference. ***** it's too late! Can we talk about the ? emoji!!??? Like for real? They are trying so hard. OMG This is all fake news! I am full of rage.
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    Personally, I don’t feel guilty about questioning the c-ship. And some of you shouldn’t either. A lot of us raised valid points about it and didn’t harass/threaten those in Britney’s personal life or team to get them across. Sad to see a positive movement get so twisted.
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    ok i went off also made a random twitter to tweet freebritney that day cause i didnt have one
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    Oh, wow, did she really play the "I have gay friends" card when replying to a fan? They... are so bad at this, what the ****.
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    literally, nobody. keep trying team b, the cship is over for all of you.
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