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    It’s a shame that people don’t realise there is a world outside the u.s. She most certainly isn’t a one hit wonder!!In Europe and Australia she’s been huge for ages, and has had countless arena tours with amazing production! I actually find it odd that Britney didn’t know who she was in 2001, since Kylie was at her peak and huge pretty much everywhere! She knows about her now though.... in 2011 she said she’d love to work with her
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    the OG "idk her" knee walked so moo could run, we stan an influential legend
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    No, if anything — it’s long overdue. We live in an era where realness and raw emotion is highly valued unlike the 2000s and late 1990s where celebrity culture was more manufactured. Unfortunately, Britney and her PR team is still stuck in the late 90s and 2000s manufactured mindset that selling her product and milking it for everything it’s worth will guarantee success, which is not the case anymore as Britney has not only failed to evolve into her own as an artist, but she has failed to reinvent herself in today’s popular culture. In some sense, it’s not her fault as she burned herself so quick by the fire she lit, but you’d think after so many years, she would be more confessional with her craft and as an artist. But to answer your question — no it wouldn’t ruin or downgrade her career. If anything, it would make her even more relatable and personable.
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    Shame on us for not appreciating her enough
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    When she said "who?" seems more like she couldn't hear what the other person was saying not that she didn't know who Kylie was
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    I mean, to be fair, Kylie Minogue isn’t a huge artist in America. In 2001 I don’t think I knew who she was either. But yeah, young Britney was all about competition, so I’m sure when she heard that she was like “***** please”...but she probably genuinely didn’t know who she was lol
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    Her hard drive can only contain so much information before she becomes overloaded
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    I stumbled upon a fansite that documented the evolution of her albums, from her initial ideas and concepts to the final products and its depressing to see how many times she has tried to be more innovative and personal only to have it shot down. Its especially interesting to note that Britney wanted to do the mid tempo sound since Circus and now that its actually popular her label allowed it and fans claim she is trying to sound like Selena Gomez, when she could have been seen as pioneering the sound. Britney and Britney Jean would have been more Hip Hop, Femme Fatale and Glory would have been more rock. Its actually no suprise that after all this time she basically gave up and just went on autopilot with her career.
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    you know what’s weird? How guys can make really masculine music, like heavy rock about ******* girls and doing drugs and just...idk “guyish” sounding songs, and they get called music legends and whatever but if a girl makes feminine music or anything that doesn’t really appeal to straight men like what Britney did and talks about boys and romance it’s seen as stupid music and not good. It triggers me
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    Besides the comment above, I think it's also about the instrumentals, the rhythm, it's just very catchy and it was very different than anything that was popular at the moment, and still is very different 15 years later. Plus the video is really hot. What I mean is, yeah, it wasn't bubblegum pop, but MATM wasn't either, and nobody remembers that. Toxic was just something especial. I still prefer BOMT or OIDIA though :P
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    Apple Pie is SO GOOD i cant believe she baked a pie on stage while she sang and then threw the pie at the audience omg what a queen
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    I love Kylie, it’s such a shame that she’s not really big in the states. She’s 50 but so Fab.
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    @BritneyJeanSpearsOfficial I'm glad to have you on my team while we report this history making residency One of the tech guys tweeted a rehearsal pic of Dear Diary
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    No, people would be cool with it. But I don’t think she ever would. She (Team Britney) rather just stick it out and pretend everything is fine as long as possible.
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    Wow, he's the complete opposite from NappyTabs He doesn't reveal everything, before it gets scrapped
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    Hey guys I was bored so I was thinking about what would be cool for domination or a future residency. Any other looks/ideas??? The skull masks would be for the dancers and other pics were ideas for the dancers and some are ideas for Britney.
  21. 5 points
    Plain Simple: It has sonic identity. Just like Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, you know what it is and you feel the power of the song the second it starts playing; it's too unique and people enjoy that.
  22. 5 points
    Hate the typical comments like the song where she is dressing as a school girl cmooon you know the f**king name of the some
  23. 5 points
    people with good taste that grew up with it
  24. 5 points
    Where are all those negative ******* that said this iconic show should never happen? DWAD and OHT wish
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    tomorrow i will be having a pool party with nick carter, i will ask him and will you know ok? stay tuned and you are welcome
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    You can tell she got triggered by the word ‘competition’. Shady queen
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    She was contemplating all the thousands ways of slapping him into Oblivion in that moment we stan a Nice queen
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    She also looked amazing for the Private Show commercial. Like crazy incredible She was feeling it that day
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    The Blackout album on Apple Music is censored. So "It's Britney *****" plays as "It's Britney ----------". Unacceptable. One of the most iconic lines in pop music history is censored. They removed the regular/explicit version on Apple Music. Are you kidding me? Someone with connections please get B's team to fix this mess ASAP.
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    body, hair, smile,outfits and MAKEUP! Everything, case close do we know who designed her performance outfit?
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    It was ahead of his time and It's UNIQUE, It mixes guitar riffs, pop sounds, indian strings, not too repetitive and long and lyrics are appealing to everyone. But those bollywood sounds... damn, they went to the right spot it wouldn't be Toxic without them. The trilogy of songs btw: - Toxic (bollywood strings) -Crazy In Love (that horn's intro) -Hips Don't Lie (the trumpets) All of them have unique sound of instruments that made it different to the other songs and 2000's decade wouldnt be the same without them of course.
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    I also think Toxic came out at a time where Britney had established herself and had a clear place in music. Like it was clear that she was here to stay and wasn't just another random pop act that was being pushed down peoples throat. People were beginning to warm up to her and the idea of listening to her music was becoming cool (sort of) Blackout-FF was the peak of that. She really didn't promote Toxic much after it was released as a single. It was like a slow burner, but anyone who had heard it or the album knew it was special. That's why its featured in so many movies. More than just her audience ended up hearing it. I think more straight men would be into her music if they heard it.
  37. 4 points
    Even Britney said the audience really reacted to Lucky on POM. So she cut it.
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    omg what's with the hate to Kylie and Madonna in this thread??? Obviously Madonna is someone Britney looked up to since before she made it big, and Kylie was never that popular in America so it's normal she wouldn't have heard of her. It's an absolute shame cus she has so many amazing songs. You all should be ashamed cus if you like women in pop music and you like Britney you would really like Madonna and Kylie. Makes no sense to pit her against each other, or to call any of them old nowadays especially when Britney isn't 18 anymore.
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    "One-Hit wonder" Many artists would kill to have the carrer she had.
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    my favorite part was when she removed the Coupure Électrique mask to sing ISBE live
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    and then after that when she did a surprise live performance of Rockstar
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    It's a thread about Britney's slayage last night. She f**king slayed with domination
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    omfg I loved the mood of the stage during coupure electric and she was kinda nervous during Overprotected hope she kills that break tonight!!!
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