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    Omg Britney in a JT and Ryan sandwich! this is so iconic. How is it just now surfacing?!
  3. 24 points
    we have umm... rainbow fantasy to look forward to?
  4. 20 points
    Back when Justin was cute. Now he’s an old man in the woods.
  5. 19 points
    Sam The minute after she brokeup with Charlie, she started slaying POM like nevah (mermaidney)
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  7. 19 points
    Driving + enjoying fast food. Kinda feels like 2007...and I don't think that's a bad thing. FREEDOM!
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    UPDATE : Thanks for all the nice comments! I do feel better. Things happen for a reason, all good vibes! ... Just noticed I got my refund for my ticket to opening night in Vegas and I was seriously not expecting to feel this sad. I've put in so many overtime hours to pay for this trip and it really just hit me that it's not gonna happen. I want Britney to be happy and her father to get well, but is there literally nothing to look forward to this year?
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    That's why. When she dates, she loses interest in everything and focuses her entire attention on her new man
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    Treat yourself with that hard earned money sis It's well deserved!
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    She does share custody with Kevin. Xmas most likely fell on his week. This site got changed from a Britney site because she stopped being a mess and it no longer got the hits it use to get. I gave up on her being as successful as I know she could be years ago. Doesn’t change my love for her and my enjoyment of posting sarcastic remarks about the way things are now. Shes already been the most successful woman the world. She’s already done everything. I understand her been there and done that attitude.
  13. 14 points
    The boyfriend theory makes sense tbh. It reminded me of that one topic that said that Britney always ''morphed'' into her boyfriend lmfao it's as if she lacks personality of her own whenever she's on a relationship. I mean just look at this AND her obsession with fitness now that she's dating Sam she should date a dancer
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    Even if I wanted to I could never unstan. She's like a bad addiction
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    Sounds like this Sarah has the tea, I’d like more. Hasn’t Britney said that that New Years was the best night of her life? Spill it Sarah!
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    Perez is a pig, plain and simple. He’s trash. I won’t watch it because I’m not giving him views. He’s only reporting on it to get views. I’m sure Britney has her reasons. She might not give it her all but girl doesn’t turn down $500k a night for no reason. Low ticket sales or not, she was still gonna get coin.
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    Whether low ticket sales had a factor or not who cares the show has been postponed/canceled move along people I dont get it most of you didn't want another residency, its like you always want a reason to complain
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  24. 12 points
    When Slumber Party failed to debut on the charts at #1. Britney’s team decided it was time to give up and focus on Vegas.
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    you're gonna see me in your dreams tonight, my face is gonna haunt you all the time
  27. 10 points
    I’m keeping my stan card forever. Even if it’s all torn and faded and the laminate is peeling off, I will always remain a loyal stan until she finally retires for good. And then I’ll stan again when she has her resurgence after another 20 years. She’s totally gonna have her Cher moment one day. I’m waiting patiently for B10 and am hopeful for what the future of her career may bring. Just be patient, laydeez.
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    Of course there is no way of actually knowing BUT I do believe Britney is suffering from a severe mental illness. I mean, she is still able to perform under the right circumstances but just from what we are able to observe... like the tics on stage, her anxiety, her being unable to hold a conversation with anybody, still being under a conservatorship. I hope this break will help her clear her head and maybe she’ll find her passion again but it does concern me that she always looks disheveled. In 2016, it seemed that she was really working on herself, she was single and maybe that gave her the push to focus on herself. Since she started dating Sam, maybe she cares more about being off stage and with her family and bf. It seems like she no longer has the drive to focus on herself and only cares about relaxing and taking it easy.
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    yeah it started last year when she started showing up like a mess and then all of her spastic hands, knee bends and hair fixing got 10x worse than the year before. Also the weird M&G behaviour (staring at the wall etc.) Like how do you go from this to this. in such a short time? I mean there wasnt a single show last year where she didnt look like a hot mess after the opening section. I know 2016ney also had bad costumes and bad makup moments but 2018ney didnt have a single show where she looked nice from beginning to end.
  32. 10 points
    This woman is such a mess. I love her and I will always be a stan but she is a complete mess. I honestly believe that the lack of rehearsals due to her father falling ill was the reason why the residency was cancelled but I can't stop side eyeing the fact she is still in LA...if my mother was sick I would be on the first plane back home to support her. You never know what could happen in the time that a loved one is sick. She has no business to tie up and if she did she could've postponed it. She is Britney Spears people will fly out to her wherever she is. She can send people if she needs to. It's all really strange. She is acting like a teenager not a 37 year old woman. I honestly think there is something going on with her mentally. She doesn't look or seem in the right frame of mind. I wish her the best though
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    Her name is Britney Spears and she loves the drive through. In 2007 that's all she liked to do.
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    We all know that the main reason is that her father is sick and she wants to be near him (but this is not the ONLY reason) : - ticket sales were a disaster, the opening night still had half the seats available and the subsequent dates were even worse. A new show should sell the first dates in a few MINUTES. - the press did bad publicity about the show since the announcement event because Britney did not say a word. - the show was not ready at all, you can't prepare a show in 2-3 months and ask the fans 'what you would like to see on Domination' 1 month before it opens. - Britney is exhausted, after 4 years of POM she has the right to take a break and she wants to stay next to Sam. - There was no time to promote the show as Britney usually promotes through new music and she did not even have time to record new music. This is the obvious truth but I know that many of you will not accept it downvoting this post.
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    This thread isn't a hot mess. We fans are disappointed in her. When you tell the whole world ur postponing/canceling a residency due to a dying dad, we fans are gonna feel for you and want to see you take that action. Go be with dad and at least make us believe it's true (whether that's the reason or not). Still being in LA while you're boys are there and you're galavanting around town with your fame ***** boyfriend doesn't look good. It's not like Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon she had to do anything. She doesn't have a normal job like us where we have to report back to work Monday morning at 8AM. She could've used that exact moment Friday to hop on a plane, be with papa and show us fans "Hey, look, see, I'm with dad. I'm not lying about it." But these photos just show us she is. And it's upsetting. We know she needed a break and we all will agree to that, but lying to us isn't the way to go. If you're gonna lie, then follow up on it for a few days. That's like if you tell ur friends you can't go hang out cuz you're sick, and on faceook/Instagram you posted pics of you in a bar with other friends. You just got caught red handed! Same applies to Brit. She got caught.
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    She should starr in her own movie "A star is scrapped", a story about a girl name Brinty that had it all till she got bored of it while trying to balance her life, job, motherhood, love until she ended up sabotaging her own career to the point her fans became her worst enemies.
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    I'm glad to see she's taking good care of her dad
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    She's kinda doing the things 2007ney was doing and i'm enjoying it
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    Hello everyone! Welcome to my first thread ever! Now, as the title says, what do your family members or friends think of Britney's music? When it comes to my family, they're mostly neutral on her, although my mom knows and likes some of her earlier hits (including "Everytime", which is still sometimes played on the radio ) As for my friends, I don't know anybody who really likes Britney, although I'm not sure... One day, I was listening to "Get Naked" on my phone, one girl asked what I was listening to, so I showed her, she replied with "Yeah, I don't know this". Then, another girl said, "I love this song!". So, there might be at least one person. Edit: I just remembered, after seeing many of you bring up others thinking she's irrelevant... One time, in a different school in a French class, we were translating some sentences on things we want to do (I don't really remember), so I said: "I want to go to a Britney Spears concert". Right after that, one kid just unironically asked out loud: "Isn't she DEAD ?" I remember when I was listening to Britney Jean in the car with my dad and he said that the drop in "It Should Be Easy" sounds like German disco music. Alright, discuss!
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    Hello Britney Army, my fellows! I've just uploaded clips of Britney's performances here in the Philippines last 2017 (I know it might be late on this, but it's better than never!!) on youtube. I just started my channel, so apologies if expectations are not met. I wasn't on the front seat, i just purchased the most affordable ticket so it's like a bird's eye view to the stage. You might need to turn down the volume just a little bit. Sorry for the shaky videos, i can't help it when the queen is on fire! By the way, they're not complete. Still, hoping that you enjoy them. It was the first time that she visited our country. Thank you so much, and don't forget to subscribe to my channel ?
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    It's hard to say, but I'm glad the Domination ticket sales were a disaster, and that Flopination was canceled I'm glad that us fans are starting to stop throwing money. This must serve as a stimulus to make her and her team understand that it's time to work hard if she wants to continue her career. Work *****
  47. 8 points
    no one's said "Indefinite Hiatus" yet
  48. 8 points
  49. 8 points
    maybe she already done that... but it got scrapped
  50. 8 points
    The delusion is really sweetie. Growing up equates to intellectually, mentally and personally growing. This woman is regressing in every aspect of her life. It's really sad to watch. It's like she is emotionally stunted. She lost her personality and will to exhale. She can't do a sit down interview without her questions being pre approved. She is dating a 25 year old with the mental capacity of a 5 year old. Everything about Britney nowadays is sad. I don't like saying it cause I want her to do and be better. But you would know all about growing up wouldn't you Cappy? You're still stuck in 2001 and forcing your delusional opinions on all of us.
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