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    'we don't want those sorts of fans' why do the spears family think we're fans of all of them? WE'RE ONLY FANS OF BRITNEYS!!!
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    Lol tmz is in her team's pockets. This is disgusting. How terrible can her illness be??? It seems her conservatorship is behind the cause of any illness. Please! Funny how they only now have something to say when the petition got 100000 signatures but they haven't said a peep before that. **** these people. She can't go on tours and make albums and not have freedom over her life. Justin Bieber and Kanye aren't stuffed in a conservatorship despite being "difficult" with mental illness. Give me a ******* break. I'm literally so mad. But should have seen this coming. At some point we knew they would try to cover things up again.
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    Britney attending the hearing #FreeBritney
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    You better stan the queen who built your channel.
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    We don't deserve her. A teacher that taught one of Britney's sons wrote a super sweet comment about Britney on a #FreeBritney post. "One of her sons went to my old elementary school and she was the only celebrity parent I EVER saw come to any recitals, events, or meetings. Even with all the kids gawking at her she'd still come and was nothing but sweet and caring to her son and the rest of us. This was in the middle of her Vegas show years btw, probably the hardest time for her to be able to get out to see family back in LA. All of this is ****ing awful, she deserves basic humanity at least and active support for her freedom from anyone who's ever claimed to be a fan (or a decent person)" Related:
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    Hello all! I want to start a thread summarizing the #FreeBritney movement. There is so much information we have, but it is scattered in so many places. I want to try to narrow it down to a summary of facts, data, and summaries of fan suspicions that we have so that anyone can use this as a point of reference and an easy way to talk about the movement with friends and family. Below is a summary I've started so far. Please note that this is a work-in-progress, so some parts are unfinished, and updates are being made frequently. ------------------------------------------------------------ January 4, 2019: Britney announces she's cancelling her upcoming residency, Domination, after her father and conservator, Jamie Spears, had been hospitalized and "nearly died." Britney goes absent on social media for months. Source: Instagram March 4, 2019: Andrew Wallet, one of Britney's conservators that had been in that position for over 10 years, resigns "immediately.” This resignation happens even though Wallet had just sought out a pay raise to get $426,000 at the end of 2018. Source: BreatheHeavy Source: Page Six April 3, 2019: The media reports that Britney checked herself into a wellness center voluntarily due to struggling to accept her dad's illness. Source: Fox News April 4, 2019: Britney makes a social media post about having "me time." Source: Instagram Credit to @Watch Me Work It April 12, 2019: the original 2016 music video for Make Me... leaks on to the internet. This is relevant later on. April 16, 2019: A paralegal that worked for Britney's team calls into a podcast, Britney's Gram, to whistleblow that Britney was actually forced into a rehabilitation center because she wasn't taking her drugs and was driving around with her boyfriend despite not being allowed to. This countered media reports that she checked in voluntarily. Source: Britney's Gram The #FreeBritney movement begins. Main argument: How is Britney able to release multiple albums, go on multiple world tours, have years of a Vegas residency, perfume lines, shoot videos, be a mom, etc. but not able to have the normal freedoms of an adult due to her conservatorship? Conservatorships are meant for the extreme elderly or people in a "vegetable state." Britney is clearly nothing near that. According to court documents, Jamie Spears originally filed the conservatorship because he claimed Britney has dementia. It is unlikely Britney actually has dementia given Britney's age and her career accomplishments over the past 10+ years. This questions the entire legality and legitimacy of Britney's conservatorship. Source: Court Documents Suspicions arise that Andrew Wallet, Britney's former conservator that resigned (refer to bullet #2), must've resigned because he knew Britney's situation was either illegal and/or immoral, and didn't want liability for it. April 18, 2019: Lynne Spears, Britney's mom, likes multiple comments in support of the #FreeBritney movement on Instagram. Source: Newsweek April 21, 2019: Sam Lutfi (Britney's shady former manager from 2007) released very personal pictures of Britney and Lou Taylor never released before, along with supposed screenshots of Britney emails from 2006-2008. The emails said Lou Taylor was stalking Britney and telling Britney she was "possessed and that she needs to come and kill these spirits." Britney (assuming the emails are legit) says in the email she is scared for her life because of Taylor. Lou Taylor has since become part of Britney's team. Fans begin suspecting that the video of Britney from 2006-2007 making fun a woman telling her to "go to the light and see Jesus" is actually about Lou. Source: The Blast Link to All Emails Here “Go to the light and see Jesus” video here at the 1:00 timestamp April 24, 2019: Britney posts a video of her saying "all is well" and she just "needs time to deal." However, the caption on the video went on this long rant about Sam Lutfi's "fake emails." This was really weird to Britney fans because no one in the general public had any idea who Sam Lutfi was or knew about the emails. Fans suspect that maybe Britney is only getting fed certain information (hence the video saying she just needs time to deal) and that her IG is being controlled/written by her team (hence the long rant caption about Sam Lutfi that was not connected to the video at all) Source: Instagram April 29, 2019: David LaChapelle (director of the original Make Me... video and has worked with Britney since she was 17) said in an Instagram comment that he found it "very suspect" that the original Make Me... video leaked while Britney was away (hinting that Britney’s team may have leaked it to distract fans). He also said that “the only direction Britney ever gave me for this video is for me to film her in a cage.” He finished off his message with “#FreeBritney” Source: DailyMail Screenshot of LaChapelle's comment here May 10, 2019: Britney and Lynne (Britney's mom) appear in court to fight against Jamie and the conservatorship. The judge orders an expert evaluation of the conservatorship set by Jamie Spears (red flag) and a court-appointed lawyer. Britney fans protested against the conservatorship outside the courthouse during the hearing. Source: TMZ May 13, 2019: Britney claims in court that Jamie forced her to take medications against her will, even though he was not authorized to do so under her conservatorship. Source: The Sun May 15, 2019: Forbes reports that Britney reportedly earned $672 million during her career up until 2016, yet her annual conservatorship filings reported her net worth as of early 2018 to be $56 million, only slightly above her reported 2007 net worth, of $54 million. Source: Forbes Credit to @CripplerCrossface May 31, 2019: Andrew Gallery, photographer of Britney: For the Record, shared a letter Britney wrote between 2009-2010 that she wanted shared publicly, but couldn't until recently due to legal contracts and the conservatorship trying to destroy the letter. Britney wrote about how she was manipulated into getting her kids taken from her, how she was being silenced and her conservators were using her kids as blackmail to keep her under their control, and how multiple people around her were benefitting with millions of dollars from the conservatorship. Credit to @C0CKy and @Fenixxx123 here June 26, 2019: Jamie Spears sues Anthony Elia from Britney fansite, Absolute Britney, for defamation because Elia claimed that Britney's team was manipulating her Instagram to create the illusion that she needed help. Source: TMZ Credit to @CripplerCrossface August 22, 2019: Jamie Spears files legal documents asking to be allowed to file the conservatorship over Britney in 9 other states/regions (Alabama, Arizona, Washington D.C., Georgia, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia). Jamie had already done this for Florida, Louisiana, and Hawaii, and Britney's conservatorship is based in California. If permitted, this would allow Jamie to have legal control over Britney in a total of 13 states. Source: TMZ Credit to @CripplerCrossface September 3, 2019: Jamie Spears, Britney's dad and conservator, is investigated for child abuse against Britney and Kevin Federline's son. Federline had reported to Ventura Co. Sheriff's Department an abuse incident where Jamie Spears broke down a door and grabbed his grandson, though no bruises or injuries were found on the child. Source: TMZ Credit to @CripplerCrossface September 6, 2019: Jamie Spears asks to step down temporarily (until January 20, 2020) as Britney's conservator due to "personal health reasons," and wants to assign Jodi Montomery to take his place. It is suspected that Jamie did this to avoid having the conservatorship challenged by Kevin Federline or Britney due to the recent child abuse investigation. Source: TMZ Credit to @CripplerCrossface September 9, 2019: Britney's doctor dies just 10 days before the judge in the conservator case would be given a report about whether Britney's medical treatment is appropriate or not. Source: TMZ Credit to @Dirk March 4, 2020: Britney's son, Jayden Federline, goes live on Instagram and says that his grandfather (Jamie Spears) "can go die." Source: Page Six Britney has repeatedly spoken against the conservatorship, both in court and throughout her career. She spoke out against it in Britney: For the Record, in her letter to Andrew Gallery, and reportedly in a 2016 interview with Johnathan Ross (that ultimately got removed from the released version) where Britney implied she was forced to do her last couple albums, FF and BJ. Britney also tried to get legal defense/attorney against her dad back around 2008. Multiple sources here (Thanks @Applejack) Britney has no control of her finances, isn't able to drive, can't get married, can't have children, has business decisions negotiated for her, her conservators can file restraining orders against people for her, can have her visitors restricted, and more. There are constant conspiracies about how Britney's team is controlling the media's perception of her and Britney herself, especially given that they kept lying/changing the story around Britney's rehabilitation. In the height of the beginning of #FreeBritney, news articles about Britney were slanted in favor of the conservatorship, saying it saved her life, that people around her were worried for her well-being, articles written slamming Britney as unstable just for being barefoot while walking to her vehicle after a court hearing. This made fans suspect Britney's team was paying the media to slant in favor of keeping her under conservatorship. Again, fans wonder if Britney is really in charge of her Instagram, if she's writing her captions, if she's being forced to do certain videos (like the recent one where she's rocking back and forth nervously while reading fan questions), if she's being made to look more unstable than she really is, if she's only being given certain information since legally, she's not supposed to have unlimited access to a phone/internet, etc. Celebrities publicly supporting the #FreeBritney movement (sources coming soon) (thanks to @HuffingAndPuffingOnStagefor this): Miley Cyrus Paris Hilton will.i.am Tinashe David LaChapelle Aaron Carter Courtney Love Rose McGowan Ariel Winter ------------------------------------------------------------ For a very clear, concise timeline of the conservatorship from the start, check out this Google Document created by @leanne0019 For a detailed document with a detailed timeline of the conservatorship since its beginning and more details, check out this Google Document created by @Applejack ------------------------------------------------------------ I need YOUR help to keep this updated and factually correct. Please tell me about things that should be corrected, added, or redacted. I will be continuously updating this post and summary to make it as correct, clear, and up-to-date as possible. My goal is to eventually have a clear timeline of events with direct sources to back up each bullet point. So, if you have sources for any of the bullet points above (for example: a link to an instagram post), please share those as well! This is meant to be like a Wikipedia page on the movement. DISCLAIMER: This is not a thread for bashing or making false accusations against Britney's team or anyone else. I'm not claiming that anything in this post is true or false, I'm just simply reporting what has happened based on media reports/sources and adding in the opinions of fans based on posts I've seen here on Exhale. Sign the federal government petition to investigate Britney's conservatorship here (Thanks @khaleesi!) Related:
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    Yes Britney. You answered the questions everyone is asking in your comments However, maybe she’s pointing out that she IS seeing the comments. Therefore she DID see the yellow shirt thing.
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    They are so pathetic at this point. First they claim she is a danger to herself which means she is danger to her kids aka in need of conservatorship. Now they pretty much confirmed she doesn't need one. They are a reason she is in this mess.
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    So she isn't fighting to set her free ? And didn't even filled to be apart of personal part of said Conservatorship ? I swear to God this family is something else.
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    What type of illness could she possibly have that would warrant her being apart of this for a lifetime? It really makes no sense. Hollywood is full of mental illness yet none are put in a conservatorship for the rest of their life because of it. There has to be way more factors involved in order for them to justify this, which they still fail to mention. I also don’t like the ending of the article. So they’re saying we should back off from the movement because Britney will possibly die if she’s out of it?? This is so sick and twisted
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    This makes me so happy. Hopefully she drags those rats through the mud.
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    Who doesn't have downs tbh? It's all a part of life, that's not a reason to put someone in an abusive conservatorship. Everyone makes mistakes and grow from it. Living in a cage is not the answer.
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    Then close the online meeting and open another one with just Britney on the other end. No need to reschedule for another month of this nonsense.
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    What Jamie Lynn says is true... but placing someone in a conservatorship and taking away their rights for the remainder of their lives while also controlling who they are allowed to be friends with or when they can drive their car is an entirely different approach to dealing with mental illness that she has stayed mum about. ✌
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    Please read 🙏 The post originally started out as a thirst trap, but right when I was about to post it, I started feeling so grateful that I could freely drive around, freely go to the gym without asking permission, freely post to social media and then decided to write my two cents out. However, the caption wouldn't allow me to post the full thing so hence why it's uploaded as images in the post instead. I didn't want to take anything out. Lemme know what y'all think. Swipe below:
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    Can someone for love of God ban this creature. I would have nothing against iT if he was remotely funny. Or if he lead any decent conversations or discussions on here with anyone. This person is extremely disturbed and sad and literally everyone sees it.
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    I'm not sure why TMZ thinks they have any authority in saying she needs it for life. It's not like she can't have people helping her while also being a free person. Also "she sometimes complains about wanting freedom" fuuuuuuck off!
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    there are a lot of celebrities out there who are more problematic than Britney, and have shown to have a mental state worse than Britney, and they aren't under any conservatorship. so excuse me, TMZ, but middle fingers salute you. it's like they are implying the conservatorship is some sort of a medicine or stabilizer that once pulled out, will send Britney spiralling out of control once again. IMO IT IS HER CONSERVATORS AND ENABLERS SUCH AS TMZ THAT WILL LOSE THEIR **** WHEN THE CONSERVATORSHIP IS OVER.
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    It means the #FreeBritney movement is really about to pop and these biches are scared.
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    The energy behind the #FreeBritney movement is at an all-time high. Millions of people are demanding change for a perceived injustice happening before our very eyes to one of the most powerful pop icons of our generation. 12 years ago, Britney was involuntarily placed in personal and financial conservatorships that legally removed her rights to fundamental basic civil liberties, including hiring her own representation, choosing her doctors... even freely seeing who she wants, voting or driving. Yesterday, July 22nd, a court hearing took place in downtown LA to discuss the status of Britney's conservatorships. Britney was scheduled to appear via video conference, however she did not. What happened? Fans outside the court hearing began claiming they were told she never appeared due to a connection error. This inspired a wave of backlash because it prompted a very legitimate concern that Britney was being censored or purposefully blocked from speaking on the conservatorship, thus prolonging her undesirable situation further. Basically, fans felt she was once again being censored. However, a source close to the court hearing, who finds it important to create an honest dialogue with supporters, reveals to BreatheHeavy that the connection error story is untrue. What actually happened is that four individuals who originally joined the video call with the judge were ordered to exit the call before Britney signed on because the information is confidential. However, they ignored the judge's requests, likely in an effort to stumble upon sensitive information, and continued to pop in and out of the stream prior to Britney's virtual arrival. As a result, the judge delayed the hearing as it was imperative to keep what Britney had to say completely private. Before the conspiracy theories begin, I'd like to point out that I was not paid or swayed in any way. What I do want to emphasize is that this is an honest attempt at communicating the truth, which I think is something many of us find very valuable amidst all of the uncertainty. This is a positive step, and while I know this information will be scrutinized anyway, I'd like to remind you that I personally champion the notion of Britney gaining more independence. I also am an advocate for transparency regarding this sensitive subject (or at least, finding a balance), and I think this is an instance where that happened. There's a new court date scheduled for August 19th. Related:
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    Jason Alexander just gave an interview in the first time in many years. It's a must watch. Great interview. Summary: -He mentioned he's aware of the Forbes article, Lynne filling for Petition and the White House petition. -He hasn't done any interviews about Britney after all these years because this life is not for him and the few time he did do interviews, his words were twisted. -He talked about how even back then, Britney wanted more control over her career and was frustrated she could have more control over her albums and songwriting. -He said he knows for a fact that Britney supports the #FreeBritney movement. -He dragged Jody Montgomery, the conservator over Britney the person, for making millions off Britney. -About her Instagram videos he said she was a slave so she tries to get busy and creative as much as she can while being so lonely in her house. -He called us fans genuine for talking and speaking out for Britney because TMZ is team conservatorship. -He's shocked over the conservatorship and how it's the first time in history a conservatorship has been used this way in America. -She's being forced to take meds and obviously it will affect her negatively. -She broke into the scene at such a young age, being oversexualizing at only 16 with the Rolling Stone cover. -He's almost positive that her mom's bloodlines was royalty. -"The Original Doll" could be a new album with just some new songs on it. -The "Break The Ice" video is basically a response to the rumor saying Britney has a clone. -He wants to be a friend for Britney. -He talked about MK Ultra with Britney and how she could have been drugged up and while she was out, who knows, if her team didn't do something like MK Ultra on her. -He hasn't talked to Britney in 10 years until recently and he hopes this interview doesn't blow up so he doesn't get him or Britney in trouble. -He run into her brother and uncle in Kentwood a few times. -Britney may have PTSD over becoming a celebrity overnight. -He said Britney may be more open to him than her own sister because sisters can argue. -He said she has talent but was never able to fully showcase that because she had to follow "a script." -He's excited about her only having one album left on her recording contract just to see her creative side being explored. -He dragged Sam (Asghari) for filfth calling him gay, hired, a poster boy and that he's not really her boyfriend. -He revealed Britney and Kevin are good. -Says she's been a prisoner of the conservatorship. -He's mad that they can't choose to see each other and should be the one deciding who they can see. -She went through one bad episode and people can get through it in 6 months to a year but she has been paying the consequences for 12 years because she's Britney Spears. -12 years later, she should be better and yet, she's supposedly so bad. So clearly the conservatorship is not helpful. -He joked about her dad killing him if he knew he did this interview. -He signed a ton of contracts, millions to shut him up about the 55 hours wedding and Britney was forced to cancel their wedding and even though they asked him not to talk with Britney, they continue to talk to each other before and after the marriage cancellation. -To help, he asked to pray for Britney, specially since she really believes in prayers like he does. Follow the hashtag #FreeBritney, show up to the courthouse on the next court hearing.
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    It's always the irrelevant basics who are the bravest and the loudest. A clown. #FreeBritney
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    Literally the only thing MTV does that is relevant and worthwhile these days is when they go Britney. The last time they did something actually interesting was the VMAs: Best of Britney special. We have no choice but to stan this supportive channel. #NoBritneyNoMTV #MTVisBritney #FreeBritney
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    Dear M. Spears, I would like to start with a plain fact: we are not YOUR fans. We are fans of your daughter, the legendary Miss Britney Spears. We do not care about you. We do not care about Jamie Lynn. We do not care about your ex wife. We do not care about your son. We are BRITNEY fans ! You accuse us of starting conspiracies on your daughter. But you know what's not a conspiracy ? You asking for a raise for taking care of your daughter. You hanging out with your handlers/managers group, living your best life off Britney's money without her. You cutting off the only interview where she speaks about this corrupt conservatorship. You pushing her to go on world tours months after she was hospitalised. You ignoring her ex-boyfriends who stated that she is not mentally unstable. You having a restraining order against her sons. No hero gets paid for "saving" his own daughters life. No hero ask for a percentage of their child income for taking care of them. No hero let their loved ones don't do what they want to do. We know what you are doing. We won't give you another dime. We won't be silenced anymore. Watch out M. Spears, this is just getting started. #FreeBritney #SaveSpears Please retweet so it reaches the Spears clan:
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    If there’s one thing Britney fans are best at it’s filtering voices and vocals c’mon guys
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    What Jamie Lynn is saying... it's the piece of the puzzle that is a looming cloud over the #FreeBritney movement: the lack of transparency/communication. Britney nor her family / team don't technically owe anyone an explanation, but at the same time the silence she's asking for is what's causing the storm in the first place. It's impossible at this point (in my opinion) to move forward with silence. It's not working and it hasn't for a long time. I also understand their side of things: that it's no one else's business. However, there are literally millions of people who are invested in Britney and this situation. Therefore, silence is not the answer. No one at this point, especially the emotionally charged supporters of the #FreeBritney movement, will be silent. There must be some type of compromise or action to move the needle, otherwise we'll just keep going round and round and round and round. Like I mentioned in my note the other day, that to me looks like hiring a life coach for Britney. Also, I'd really love to see a note from Britney regarding what's going on. Something with depth and vulnerability (versus ~nothing to see here, everything's fine I need your silence~). I do give JL props for touching on the subject though. I know she's going to receive a lot of hate for that which I don't think is fair, but that's just how the Internet works unfortunately.
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    Who wants freedom when you can have free clothes?
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    The protest outside the courthouse is getting media attention, I'll be posting notable developements and images here. Feel free to add/contribute. Love you guys #freebritney Update: It appears Britney was ~unable to connect to the court hearing~ and it's been delayed... However, her Instagram account was able to post a photo. Update: The connection error story is untrue. Read more about what happened at Britney's court hearing here. Related:
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    And he's not in a conservatorship
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    Like who knew him from TV?? Jokes aside, this just proves that we are heard and it's inconvenient for them.
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