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    Slay!!! https://www.menshealth.com/entertainment/a22130361/sam-asghari-fitness/ “She motivates me more than anyone. It’s crazy how I can be humbled by a person like her. If I could be that humble when I’m that high in life, that would be the best thing,” Asghari says. “I grew up with three sisters, and my personality is just to be a supportive person for my family and she’s family. I’m always going to support her. She is another blessing that happened to me.”
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    WOW! Britney is most definitely not a flop as everyone else makes her out to be! Source: https://www.billboard.com/photos/8465835/highest-paid-musicians-money-makers
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    https://www.instagram.com/p/Bj8ecQWnvmz/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=5ejpmcwg89xo NOW THAT IS DANCING. WOW I FORGOT HOW TALENTED SHE USED TO BE. Her body is basically the beat. I can't deal with this perfection.
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    After watching this go and watch a recent POM performance and try not to cry
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    You'll have to wait and see.
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    Hey guys. I'm Jordan Miller, owner/operator of BreatheHeavy.com. Every day, people message/email me inquiring how they can become a writer on BH. There's genuinely awesome people out there that deserve to get featured, and it sparked an idea. In the last month, we started featuring more of members' threads on the main page of BreatheHeavy.com, and the response FAR surpassed all expectation! Many of the threads linked on the main page are Britney-related, but I'd love to spark that same kind of interest with other artists and drive more users to the Pop Music News section. WHY DOES THIS MATTER? 1.) It's a great opportunity for your threads to be seen and heard by literally HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of people. You can influence a wave in the pop music ocean. 2.) It will encourage NEW readers to sign up and comment and grow our ever-expanding family. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? Simple: post newsworthy content! If you're interested in having a thread featured on the main page, post an item that you feel is worth talking about (you must be a registered member). Think, 'would people be interested in commenting on this?' You can write an article like how we do on the main page, post a Tweet/IG/FB post from an artist etc and if we dig it we'll link readers to it using our social platform of more than 250,000 followers (in addition to the thousands that visit the main page). Looking forward to opening up BH to YOU, because YOU are the reason BH is still standing after 14 years.
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    WORK BITCH ! Overall, it is the most consistent performance of Piece of Me and it deserves a lot more praise than it gets Britney has only improved the already Britney-ish choreo throughout the years, and when done well the floor part and the last break slay f**king hard Also, it is almost free of trembling moves and butt wipes, and it looks very cohesive Plus it is performed with pre-recorded vocals An highlight
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    Wait, 3rd highest paid female, but 30th overall? That is so wrong
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    I was there tonight! She did say she was sick but guys, it was an excellent show! I’ll write a review tomorrow as I’m exhausted but let me just say shitty YouTube and Instagram videos don’t do POM justice. It’s not perfect but it’s really a fun show.
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    Its made by Billboard - it's not fake. Maybe Beyonce really is overrated...
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    that is just too good to be true hahahah i love brits reaction!!!!
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    So, I’m sorry if this is super well-known or obvious to everyone else; maybe I’m just slow when it comes to certain things. But I’ve seen a lot of complaints over the past two years regarding the “lame puppet show” Britney opened her 2016 VMA performance with. But wasn’t it supposed to be a tribute to the silhouette entrance MJ used during his iconic 1988 Grammys performance? Their screens even ascended in the exact same manner. Of course, MJ continued to use the silhouette entrance for years thereafter, so it really became one of his stage trademarks: But anyway, is that what her intro was a reference to? And wouldn’t that be consistent with her previous MTV performances, since she did the same thing (nodded to an iconic pop performance) for the 2000, 2003, and 2007 VMA performances as well? 2000: Homage to MJ’s 1995 VMA performance with the sparkly black and white men’s suit and fedora: And at 10:20, he even had a screen projection of a circular (spotlight) silhouette of himself that was highly reminiscent of the one Britney opened and ended the show with: 2003: Well, this one is really obvious, seeing as it was, with zero ambiguity, a tribute to Madonna’s 1984 performance. 2007: Again, the inspiration for this performance (Elvis) is well acknowledged, since she began with his song and then used the exact same backdrop he previously utilized: So anyway, that’s the end of this post that may be common knowledge, a total reach or (hopefully) not out of the realm of possibility, nor something that’s occurred to everyone, because I’m interested in hearing your thoughts. So, does anyone think the 2016 VMA “shadow puppet” intro was really just another MJ tribute?
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    I'm kinda surprised (in a good way). Never heard about this before! https://curseofjohn.com/2018/07/18/britney-spears-meet-greet-experience-show-review/
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    She was FIRE. I know everyone and their momma has said it but lawwwd I miss that spark, that passion, that ownership of the stage. Today's younger GP has no idea. I'll always love Brit but this is totally unrecognizable from POMney and I wish this was like required viewing for non-fans lol--THIS is Britney Spears. She was so far beyond anything and anyone before or since.