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Netflix releases new movie about conservatorship abuse and fraud today called "I Care A Lot"

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the movement/NYT doc has done so much for raising awareness of not just britney's situation but c-ship abuse in general, I don't think any of us would've expected this when the podcast was first relea

So Netflix just released “I Care A Lot”, a movie about conservatorship abuse today. Just seen it today and it was eye opening, yet not surprising cause I feel like they were telling Britney's sto

Conservatorships are one of the worst laws in history of human kind. It's insane how you can wake up one day without ur basic human rights and everything you have worked for ur entire life.

Read the title as ‘I care a Lou’


Why c-ships exist in the first place is beyond me and they should only be applicable to the elderly. Even then, I  have an issue with.

There must be a way to help elderly  people/ people  with dementia without stripping them of their rights and making them east prey for vultures.

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4 hours ago, Hungry Hun said:

Oglądałem ostatniej nocy. To był 3 / 5 film, ale wiedząc, co wiemy o Britney jej trochę trudne do oglądania specjalnie bo i cliked pani Petterson sytuacji, kiedy Jamie wprowadzone Britney w tym 1 star psychicznego obiektu wbrew jej woli. Kiedy scena jej próbuje scape, że miejsce się skończyło, i google zdjęcie Sam podnoszenia Britney, jej twarz była nieszczęśliwa i była wyraźnie leczniczych. Mam smutny, zatrzymał się na chwilę, a następnie kontynuował.

Główna bohaterka, konserwator, straigh up mówi pani Pettersson, że nie wolno jej podejmować decyzji, że może uczynić swoje życie piekłem życia, jeśli nie współpracować, że jej właścicielem. To było obrzydliwe, ale to rzeczywistość wielu przypadków.

Co trochę sprawia, że film trochę wack jest to, że ma komiks stronie. Poza tym, to dobry film. Otwieracz do oczu, co w biznesie opieki w USA jest naprawdę o. Założę się, że Netflix wyprodukował ten film na podstawie ich wiedzy na podstawie tego, co robią dla filmu dokumentalnego Britney.

I'm watching this movie right now. When I think about Jamie and Lou the knife opens in my pocket :nochillbrit_britney_impatient_2008_annoyed_irritated_nope_smh_head_shaking_my_ftr_for_the_record_circus:

Poor Britney:crying1_britney_sobbing_tears_2006_sad:

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11 hours ago, nwonder said:

Read the title as ‘I care a Lou’


Why c-ships exist in the first place is beyond me and they should only be applicable to the elderly. Even then, I  have an issue with.

There must be a way to help elderly  people/ people  with dementia without stripping them of their rights and making them east prey for vultures.

Honestly, a conservatorship seems like it was designed to prevent AGAINST Britney's current situation. If your grandparents got to the point where they were so mentally compromised that they couldn't dress, feed, or bathe themselves, let alone be trusted to keep their finances safe against people who want nothing more than to scam them out of everything they've worked for, a conservatorship ideally would make sense in that there should be not only a judge, but various medical/legal/financial professionals who are independently appointed to take the burden off of the family members and ensure that the conservatee is being taken care of, even if that person is so out of it that they'll push anybody away who has their best interests at heart.

It should only be used in those rare circumstances, since you're depriving that person of their basic rights. Even the CA Courts official website states that one must prove that establishing a conservatorship is the ONLY way to met the person's needs, and the court may not grant a petition to establish a c-ship if there is an alternative. Specifically, CA courts have explained that a conservatorship may not be needed if the potential conservatee (1) can cooperate with a plan to meet his or her basic needs or (2) has the capacity and willingness to sign a power of attorney naming someone to help with his or her finances or health-care decisions. Alternatives can include an advanced health care directive, court authorization for medical treatment, informal personal care arrangements, and restraining orders to protect the person from harassment. 

For an elderly person in the throes of dementia, a cship might make sense if none of the other alternatives are feasible. In Britney's case, there's no way that could possibly be true. 

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If that is a movie u can only imagine what can going on with Britney behind closed doors. The plot is really devastating. It is sad that cship made to save vulnerable ppl become a way of making money from them...that system should be checked and necessary changes should be made. 

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I laughed so hard that she confronted russian mafia. :blol_britney_2011_ff_femme_fatale_laugh_lol_haha_hehe_lmao:

She wouldnt make it in reality.

aside of that it was a good watch.

The way that woman loosing her mind to get money. She is just insane and i hated her so much. It is really puts all these conservators and guardianship on blast.

 the ending was good.

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On 2/20/2021 at 5:00 PM, Hungry Hun said:

I watched last night. It was a 3/5 movie, but knowing what we know about Britney its kinda harsh to watch specially cause I cliked Mrs. Petterson situation to when Jamie putted Britney in that 1 star mental facility against her will. When the scene of her trying to scape that place ended, I googled the photo of Sam picking Britney up, her face was miserable and she was clearly medicated. I got sad, stoped for bit and then continued.

The main character, the conservator, straigh up tells Mrs. Pettersson she's not allowed to make decisions, that she could make her life a living hell if she didnt cooperate, that she owned her. That was disgusting but its the reality of many cases.

What kinda makes the movie a little wack is that it has a comic side. Other than that, its a good movie. Eye opener to what the business of guardianship in the US is really about. I bet Netflix produced this movie based on their knowledge aquired on what they are doing for Britney's documentary. 

Netflix didn't make it. Amazon did, i think and it was released last year. Netflix US now obtained rights for it too.

But your review is spot on.:heresthetea_reading_telling_glasses_talking_preaching_facts_paper_wendy_williams:

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