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Raven Symone supports the #FreeBritney Movement (interview)

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Raven Symone,  a former child star herself has defended Britney Spears. Watch the video above.  Comparing her to other pop stars like Justin bieber and Demi Lovato (which Raven said had multiple

Excuse me ? A second chance for what ? Forgiven for what exactly ? Did she kill someone ? Did she steal from someone ? She shaved her own hair on the top of her own head !! She cried sitting in the st

Look at Chris Brown and the whole Rihanna fiasco. He was forgiven.  The reason Britney hasn’t is for one reason only - she’s a woman.  Here in the UK last year we had a TV presenter Caroline

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35 minutes ago, lili_ballet said:

i think its harder to come back from being called 'crazy' (not saying she is) than being called 'rude', 'entitled' 'spoiled' etc

demi and biber were never really seen as crazy just as bad people and thats the difference

wendy williams omg GIF

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7 minutes ago, britbratt12 said:

I think a few people said it but she has been given career second chances and risen however I think the big difference is she never gets to speak freely like those other artists. Who can defend themselves. Ugh 

I think how interpret it is that Justin is not still labelled 'crazy' neither is Demi!

I hate how Brit can't speak :otears_oprah_crying_tissue_napkin_tears_sobbing_sad:

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he used to sing me sweet melodies ♫

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1 minute ago, Salsa555 said:

Yh that's exactly what they mean. Britney had a huge COMMERCIAL comeback but we all know, at least her fans, that SHE never really came back. And who the **** could blame her? Her restrictions have silenced her and even she said herself that the passion in what she does has been stripped because of the control around her. She's never spoken freely about anything since FTR where she was notably miserable. She's been robotised into a chained cash cow. Her true comeback is her freedom.




Well said sis 👏🏼

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  • Exhale+

She snapped. Justin Bieber was quite close to the fame Britney had in her prime and when he had his downfall he was the laughing stock of the world. Pretty much like how Britneu was seen as in 2007 for basically shaving her head? But people HAVE given him TONS of chances. Whereas for Demi, she is treated by the GP and Media in a very sympathetic manner but imagine if all this saga came around the 2000s? She would've have been through tough ****. Britney was famous around a time when mental health was a taboo topic. She literally opened a gate for celebrities to be more vulnerable. She freaking shaved her head which is normal, took a umbrella and hurt a papparazzi car cuz he was up her face hurting her eyes with flashing lights of cameras and she was having depression after a huge divorce? I dont see where the conservatorship was needed.

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“The one and only...Olive Oildrigo :yesplease_yas_agree_preach:

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Difference between Britney and the others is that they were given second chances in both career and personal lives, Britney was only given a second chance in her career which succeeded but never in her personal life, all thanks to the cship and it’s obvious based on how hard her dad is fighting, they have no intention of giving her personal life a second chance.

Perhaps, if the cship was ended and Britney can prove to the world she can handle her life on her own, maybe then people would stop bringing up what happened 12 years ago.

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Besides pure ignorance, the difference between Britney and the others is that she can't actually talk about her problems. People around her make sure to avoid the "mental health" issues conversation.

Britney isn't obligated to talk about her personal problems, but she is a huge star with worldwide fame, people WILL make questions no matter what. I don't think people would talk that much about the head shaving If she really explained what was going on during that time... Britney only said It briefly for FTR and most of the GP didn't see that doc.

All the silence didn't help Britney at all and still don't.

About Raven, she is right. It never was about Britney mental health, the family wants "allegedly" the money and control.

Love how it's spreading the fact Britney social media is "allegedly" completely fake, finally!

Stan Raven and the best Disney show thats so raven dancing GIF

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53 minutes ago, M M said:

Hi, I have to agree and most of you’s have mentioned it before. I’ve been following this since last year, cause I find her situation unbelievable and unjust. I don’t think the GP and the media is focusing on talking about the real issue here. The real issue that should be the main talking point out of everything else, is the actual conservatorship itself. It was wrong on so many levels from the beginning, she should never have been put under a probate conservatorship and then deemed incapacitated- this itself is completely unacceptable and to allow that to happen, she was stripped away from all her rights as a human being. This should be the main focus of conservations the interested public and the media should be talking about. 

Why keep mentioning and keep focusing on her breakdown, that is over a decade ago. Her mental health and how she was treated disgustingly back then, shouldn’t be the main concern here now. What’s done is done. She does not need to be given a second chance, she didn’t do anything wrong here. What was wrong was how they treated her and how people invaded her privacy. She should be asked if she would give a second chance to all those people not the other way round. The bottom line is she should be given the privacy to deal with her own mental and physical well being privately, like everyone else should have this right regardless of their celebrity. Stop the emphasis on her mental health, and start focusing on the real issue which is the violation of her civil rights.

This women was silenced and still is, she contested but did not stand a chance against a inhumane and unjust legal system. She had to accept what was being done to her, even though it was clearly wrong and I believe she knows exactly what was going on at the time. She just was unable to fight back as clearly everyone involved had their own agendas and was after her estate-including her family, which is so sad to be honest. I don’t see how she can get justice or freedom until they start bringing up the real issue, in court, through the media and GP start talking about what is clearly so wrong here. 

Just like Cher said do people who profit from her want her to get better?? 

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I really enjoyed this segment. I’m hoping if Britney has the opportunity and she is comfortable, she’ll  be able to open up more about her mental health and how she’s coped through it all. Her strength through all this bs has been admirable to say the least. 

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I think the difference is they talk openly (Justin and Demi) about their struggles which makes it relatable but Britney because of the conservatorship cannot speak about anything so she has become so unrelatable and robotic. She doesn’t have any life and people don’t gravitate towards that. It’s sad because it isn’t even Britney’s fault. Her team just sucks ***.

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