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Lawyers for Britney seems...

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2 minutes ago, STJ said:

SHe cannot terminate it. Only the doctors can write a report for the judges to terminate it. 


And the doctors are hired by the conservators (Jamie) who keep their salary each year. I mean how can people not understand this? It's not rocket science.


Both the doctors and the judges are corrupted. Look how Courtney Love was even scared to fight for Britney... because she was threatened by that she-devil.

Yeah I said that. Because ppl are claiming that her conservatorship is voluntary and she can petition to end it whenever she wants to.


Its obvious that's not the case. Because she did try to end it for years. 


And yeah. It's a ****ed up situation. It's never ending circle of corruption. I don't see her getting out any time soon. And LFB need to shut the eff up.

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Update: Lawyers for Britney seems to have deactivated their twitter account.  Hmmm....wonder why...  Let's always keep asking questions.  Asking questions politely is not attacking or taking sides.  I

Can someone ban LawyersForBritney's account on here already?    They are obviously not "FOR" Britney, but for Jamie... or at least change their account names to "LawyersForJamie"...  Be

I'm sorry but LFB really seem to be exposing themselves so much lately...something just does not sit right with me at all with all their actions as of late.

3 hours ago, Catalin said:

So we have no right to question anything Ingham does now?:ririshade2_rihanna_eyeroll_roll_eyes_annoyed_irritated_mad:

Why do you guys do this? One extreme to the other. Obviously we are here to question things. You are the ONLY person who included the words “...we have no right to question anything from Ingham...” in their post - you. 

Y’all can post your sassy little gifs all you want but at the end of the day the fact of the matter is all the aggressive attacking WILL lead to more censorship and has very little -if any- meaningful change. Aggressive and attacking posts have little merit and they don’t help Britney. And I don’t think she would applaud the people posting vicious things on a daily basis. Maybe you do tactfully and respectfully question things, but many here don’t. They can be aggressive and irrational.

People need to stop letting their emotions control the way they act, be more tactful, and use their brain a bit. 

Edit: HOLY ****! wow. THIS is the hypocrisy that just ****s my brain up and I’ll never understand. I went to your profile to see the manner in which you interact here and the FIRST post I see by you just two hours ago says

People need to stop using emotional manipulation to pass off their point. If yousay this, then "yOu'RE nOT sUPPorTIng HeR WiSHeS", if you say that, "you DoN't CaREAbouT HeR frEEdOm".

lol wut. That’s what you’re doing. exactly what you’re doing. “S0 wE HaVE n0 RiGhT to qUEstiON IngHaM N0ww”. Yall need to use your brains man, ****. 

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4 hours ago, PokemonSpears said:

maybe so, but that's what's on the court documents.

All I'm saying is that Lawyersofbritney aren't coming out of nowhere with these things, they're simply suggesting given what's on the documents.

Again, I'm not defending anyone, or saying that Britney doesn't want out, or that wanting it would be ok, all I'm saying is if we're gonna trash someone, if we're gonna "cancel" people or accuse them of knowing I don't know what, at least let's think carefully what we're saying and always base our actions or statement on the facts and not our assumptions or beliefs. :yaknow_britney_xfactor_X_factor_talk_tell_chat_you_know:

The thing is, Britney is controlled and cant speak. I still dont trust Ingham and I think hes out for himself. I dont believe hes being completely honest bc he did nothing for 11 years, he gets 10k a week, he has a shady past and for some reason he doesnt want Britney to speak on court. 

Im not even interested in cancelling LFB, but Im done with their ****. Since they started praising and defending Ingham for everything and with Lynne as well, I stopped taking them seriously. And they also give their opinions on the matter, its not all about court documents, I mean they stated Britneys cship isnt abusive even tho there are many things saying otherwise. 

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2 hours ago, VioletWoolf said:

I think we’d be all blind to think this all stops w Jamie. People w powerful/corrupt networks would be needed, in my opinion to pull off something like this in front of the world and paralyze ppl with fear 

Sadly this is what LFB is selling and many people are starting to buy. 

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3 hours ago, halfdressed said:

Wouldn’t your rational mind tell you that they were probably just excited that things were in motion? Some thing was different. Yeah we all know he didn’t do **** for the past however many years... but if they said that, to me, they sound excited about meaningful change. 

That never sat right with me bc they act as if Ingham is a saint that can do no wrong. If he didnt do anything for 11 years, its bc Britney didnt want to lol they completely ignore his shady past, they act as if the only problem with the cship is Jamie. Why would they feel the need to praise and defend Ingham all the time? In 2008 Ingham acted as if he was a ******* doctor and said Britney couldnt hire her own attorney, then he prevented her from attenting the court audiences about herself. No one was talking about what Ingham was doing in the past few months, but why it took him so long. And many people like myself, never really trusted bc of his past and reputation, and for some reason LFB want us to believe Ingham was never a problem, even tho there are evidences that say otherwise. 

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7 hours ago, Jordan Miller said:

Maybe @lawyersforbritney can chime in here heh. 

I think it's worth mentioning I wrote a story for Medium about Britney's conservatorships and LFB helped me with some fact checking. In my article (which is the best thing I've ever written tbh), I clearly say the conservatorships need to go, and nowhere did they ever try and dispute that or change my mind. 

Hopefully fans don't drag me for collaborating with them on fact checking with my new article. There are SO many facts about what's gone down that I really was grateful they helped me clarify some things so that when I release the story, it's accurate. 

There were some things in my article that they basically said, 'well, that's not technically in any of the court docs,' so I ended up taking it out. An example was that I said Britney can't get married or have more kids. Because that's not in any court docs it was taken out. 

Hope that sheds some light on things. 

Thanks for being honest about that.  And I hope nobody drags you either.  Because as I've said on social media, I think Lawyers for Britney was really helpful to the movement.  I also supported them, and I still will UNLESS they continue posting weirdly gaslight-ey and contradictory or nonsensical statements about the law like they did in that twitter post I brought up. 

If I had to guess I would say they want James Spears gone for sure, and maaaay believe conservatorships are mostly bad.  However, just judging from some of their statements I suspect they may somehow have other interests (or at least beliefs) in keeping Britney in a conservatorship of the estate. Given everything we know about her conservatorship that is just not something that I, as a legal practitioner, can accept as reasonable coming from lawyers.  That is why I was asking them questions, but they never seemed to answer them directly.

I will check out your story for Medium =)

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5 hours ago, justphil said:


The fact that fans are cancelling Ingham, as well as Lynne’s lawyer by attempting to push Lisa MacCarley is discouraging and they have no idea how much damage this may cause. 

I would agree with @justphil and @steelmagnolia if this whole conservatorship was just a year old, or less.  However, it has been over 12 years!  How long does it take to take action?  Look what fans have done just off of an anonymous voicemail in a little over 1 year.  He could have even leaked things to the press a decade ago if he was actually concerned.

Plus, Ingham is a court-appointed lawyer.  Court precedent shows that courts generally follow EXACTLY what court-appointed lawyers say, which is why we had the situation where Britney was considered 'incapable' after only a few minutes of talking with Ingham (which is grossly negligent of the court). 

There is a difference between speculation, and reasonable speculation.  And reasonable speculation leads us to conclude that Ingham was happily charging Britney's estate for a decade until that voicemail activated the fanbase and everybody started asking questions.  The timing strongly suggests that.

That being said, I do personally currently support Ingham so long as he is taking reasonable actions to completely free Britney from this fraud of a conservatorship.  If it ever looks like he is just changing the captain of this sham and plans to continue it then my support is gone. 

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4 hours ago, Switchy said:

Too many people are biting the hand that feeds! Who has been getting these court documents out to the fans? Of course, you can be skeptical and question things (LBF had been answering questions since they were attacked. Some have been asking the same question and they continued to answer). I'd leave if I was constantly attacked too!

This movement started out being about what Britney wants, it feels like it has been hijacked and turned into a self serving platform for certain people. 

Dissolving a conservatorship takes time. If Britney just wants her dad out, for now, we should support her. With her dad out, she can build a support team (counselors, therapists, life coaches, ect.). When and if she is ready to ask for it to be dissolved, we should support her then too. It's on her time and terms, not ours!

That is exactly it though, we can never know what Britney 'wants' while Britney is still in a conservatorship.  That is clear as day given how much power conservators have to silence her or force her to say/do things.

That is why LFB's tweet is so disturbing.  It is saying that if she simply signs a sworn statement while still in a conservatorship to the effect that she wants to stay in a conservatorship of the estate, then we should all accept that as clear evidence of her wishes, and that if we don't then we do not care about her happiness.  That is gaslighting, and it is not the only time they have done that.

And as I have said above, LFB has been very helpful to the movement.  They have fed rally members, disclosed court docs etc.  And I always supported them for that.  But just because they did that are we not allowed to question them when they make statements that don't make any sense?  What's worse, with statements like that a lot of fans might start to believe that Britney signing a declaration like that would be good enough to prove her wishes without the presence of undue influence.  IT SHOULD NOT BE. 

Even if it is the hand that fed us, we should not allow it to intentionally or unintentionally misdirect us.  There are many other people in the movement that can purchase court documents if  LFB keeps making nonsense statements about the law.

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It’s pretty gross and weird how hard some of you people are riding for LFB... and for what? Disgusting. They attempt to discredit the movement by saying the voicemail was fake, go on a spree trying to expose multiple people who have been beneficial in the movement, and continuously argue with fans online whenever their “motive” is “freeing Britney” which isn’t the case. Look at the trademarks. Look at them attempting to expose B’s best friend, look at attacking the gram girls for talking to Sam (who I’m not defending in any way but FYI he’s the complete opposite of team CON and there’s a reason why they keep silencing him). The pedestal you’ve put these faceless people on is so strange, they’re obviously either extreme clout chasers or team con point blank. 

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13 hours ago, Bundy said:

Her brother always said she wanted out. We know she has been threatned and manipulated before - her words. Shes controlled, isolated and cant even speak about her own situation. All the people in her life are approved by Jamie and the cship. Even If she gives in, is it because she wants to or is being threatned, gaslighting and is tired to fight alone and without resources? She cant hire the lawyer she wants, she cant even spend her money, she lives with an allowance. Also, would it be ok? Her cship is meant for someone who cant provide for themselves, or have their mental faculties compromised, yet Britney can tour, work, earn millions, drive when shes allowed to, get plastic surgery and even depose. It doesnt make any sense. Regarding her money, she doesnt need a cship to take care of her money, she didnt need before. And im sick of these people acting as if its the best for her when its her own money, so even If she wanted to burn her money on the streets, it should be he choice since she earned it. 

Does Britney know the cship she is under is for people with dementia? Does she know her case is so unusual that many lawyers have pointed this out? Does she know that shes the only star working in the world in such situation? Does she know that criminals have more rights than her? That many of her rights were violated since 2008? What does these people tell her? Bc they all benefit from the cship itself, including her own lawyer she didnt chose and stated she was incapable of hiring her own lawyer or being on court sessions in 2008. 

She cant talk to therapists, doctors and lawyers that are unbiased and see there is smt wrong in her situation, thats why I dont buy that she just wants Jamie out. She always loved her freedom. Why would Britney want to be controlled for the rest of her life when she can still work and do other things? I mean, not being have to fight for her children or having more If she feels like. Not being able to go out and meet someone without having her conservators approved before doing smt, including buying a coffee. Why would a 39 years old woman who worked all her life live with an allowance? Having no friends and not being able to go somewhere when she feels like? 

If she thinks her situation is ok, shes in a stockholm syndrome by now bc people around her keep teeling she needs it and its the best for her. Just look how Bryan belittles her and Jamie wants credit for her success, her fortune, everything.

do you think she doesn’t know all of this? it’s her own life, she’s being isolated but she’s not a child, she understands what she’s going through. i think sometimes fans talk about her like she was a child. no. it’s her life, she knows way more about it than you or me.

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2 hours ago, RedBloodedWoman said:

It’s pretty gross and weird how hard some of you people are riding for LFB... and for what? Disgusting. They attempt to discredit the movement by saying the voicemail was fake, go on a spree trying to expose multiple people who have been beneficial in the movement, and continuously argue with fans online whenever their “motive” is “freeing Britney” which isn’t the case. Look at the trademarks. Look at them attempting to expose B’s best friend, look at attacking the gram girls for talking to Sam (who I’m not defending in any way but FYI he’s the complete opposite of team CON and there’s a reason why they keep silencing him). The pedestal you’ve put these faceless people on is so strange, they’re obviously either extreme clout chasers or team con point blank. 

Not completely faceless....



edit: removed incase of bullying or harassment


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