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I just wanna know where are the other 4000 females who read BreatheHeavy. I know so few girlies on Exhale. Me and my girls @blackoutbixxh @AmorProhibido @Iconic 4 U @jennyj @Karmickiss @MX3 @Isla

It's not my fault if I radiate gay male energy 

It's not about my ego. There's nothing passive aggressive about my positivity or good vibes comments. Genuinely happy people don't talk down to others the way you are to me, so I am sending you good v

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5 hours ago, One More Time said:

Gay man are more inclined to be the center of the attention 

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Don’t talking about myself  :orangu_orangutan_ape:

And also woman do prefer to comment with very clear arguments and tend to not get in some dusty drama that sometimes are going on in this site

also I do believe when this forum first started like 15 years ago there were more women involved than now 

But the world changed since 2005 a lot too. People are more open about LGBTQ. I mean the other day i just saw a Youtube-comment about a gay guy having *** to Britneysmusic. Something you could only dream of in 2005.

+ I like the BOMT-albumcover hands. :)  @Jordan Miller

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43 minutes ago, Jordan Miller said:

I feel like you're twisting things around. You are free to discuss anyone, but some members were calling Jeff a drug user and body shaming Cassie. That's where I drew the line and I stand by that. No one is giving me exclusives. I have been outspoken about this conservatorship for nearly 13 years and I have never changed my stance. 

It's important to me to keep Exhale in the better place that it's in right now. I won't let it slip back into Exhell, so if that turns you away then I sincerely apologize (genuinely), but this is the way. 

I don't mean those offenses and you should know that, I never did it myself, but I had my topic locked up for making assumptions about Jeff. We have all made our assumptions about Jamie, Lou and etc., and no one has been silenced about these people. Assuming something about people is not a crime, nor does it have to do with hate or anything you want to avoid on your forum. The movement is a big puzzle and raising questions is part of that.

If you go to see I am a member since 2016 but I have visited the forum since before, and this is the first time that I complain about your administration.

And another thing, you shouldn't care what people think about this place because when the forum was toxic it was for other reasons, people were toxic with Britney herself. Today many people are furious with her relatives but for totally different reasons, what is happening is a crime

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7 hours ago, Roxxy said:

I just wanna know where are the other 4000 females who read BreatheHeavy. I know so few girlies on Exhale.

Me and my girls @blackoutbixxh @AmorProhibido @Iconic 4 U @jennyj @Karmickiss @MX3 @Isla 'bout to get it on, grab us a couple boys to go. :barbie_hair_flip_hairflip_weave_proud_cocky:

I think the girls are more discreet but they have always been here. Not saying this as an offense, but boys tend to say more about their ***uality and also be thirsty with each other, so we know they are boys. I think this is a construction of society and the number is a reflection. Also, im a girl :gloss_mirror_young_little_girl_smile_child_makeup_lipstick_lipgloss_lips_pink: but I think everyone knows.

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18 hours ago, MonAmour said:

This isn’t about the websites success, it’s about you being a total hypocrite and fraud. Trying to stay relevant by crocodile tears on YouTube?! You literally spend all day by the pool, nothing wrong with that if you didn’t have that luxury just from profiting off Britney and her struggles. 

Ew, imagine being so spiteful and negative :eheeek_britney_unsure_ew_gross_um_awkward_embarrassed_cringe:
First, you call BTS trans-people and even used xenophobic words on them.

Second, you drag any singer who isn’t Britney and use extremely vulgar language that too on them and also have a very problematic history over here in this forum.

And then THIRD, you are coming for the founder of this site who is letting you roam freely in these site, considering some of the very controversial things you have done and said here?

Maybe loosen up a lil bit? Drink some water, yoga? Therapy? Helps a lot....we are in very stressful times and your negative energy can rather be converted for the positive and more logical thinking. Didn’t Jordan release a thread about wanting Exhale to become a more positive place? Exactly. So stop biting the poor guy and probably log out for some time and come back when you let all the bad energy from you go. Xoxo

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Under my Umbrella-ella-ella-ella-eh-eh-eh :duadance_lipa_new_rules_green_pink_dancing:

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