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Shawn Mendes opens up about his body image and self-esteem: “If you don’t work out, you’re going to lose fans.”

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however, good sleep is more than half of the equation. going to sleep now bye

It'll come out?  I think you meant HE'll come out.  The problem with Shawn is that nothing about him is genuine or real.  He think he needs to be this idea of perfect without realizing that people flo

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i dont hate him, i listen to some of his music but being young and having a pretty face was a big part of why he got famous i think we all know that


but yea kudos for him for speaking out, ik women in the industry and other wise often struggle w body image (i do ballet so i probably seen it more than anyone lol) but sometimes i forget that men can suffer from the same too

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To me he’s not that interesting as an artist. He offers nothing innovative or revolutionary musically. He’s just another somewhat talented and handsome basic white guy. Considering he had a couple of relatively successful albums he already out did himself lol. Without the look he would never have gone as far as he is right now. You know there are a lot of male artists who play instruments and write songs who never made it this big simply because they aren’t as cute. That’s just the nature of the entertainment business.:nysassy_miss_ny_ms_new_york_tiffany_pollard_cigarette_smoke_nod:

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As long as we wants to appeals to teenage girls, which nowadays most of them want their popstars to have the "kpop body", he may feel pressure to be fit. Also, he's a tall guy, even if he put on a little weight he would still look fine. 

I don't see him having longevity if that's the only audience he wants, because I don't see female adults and men in general buying his music at all.

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I'm actually really glad he admitted this. I've always had body issues and thinking I wasn't thin/muscular/cut/defined/whatever enough, no matter how much I dieted, lifted, ran, etc., really did a number on my self-esteem. Seeing celebrities like Shawn Mendes, Bieber, Zefron, and any other young famous male who is in impossibly good shape just made it even harder to accept my body for what it is, especially when these guys make it seem like no big deal to have a perfect body because they're "athletic" or stay active by "moving around on stage."

The fact that Shawn can readily admit that it's a struggle to look the way he does and he makes significant sacrifices for it because he's afraid his fans will abandon him if he puts on weight is refreshingly honest. I recently saw a JustJared post where Jacob Elordi was shirtless and while the caption was about how amazing his abs were, the comments were generally "abs?! where?!!" That's got to be hard for someone in the industry who makes their living partly off of their appearance. While I was impressed by his body before I even saw the caption, it definitely wasn't easy for me to read numerous comments about how the kind of body that I would strive to have is still not good enough for lots of people and I can't even imagine how hurtful it must be for the actual person to read.

It's one thing for Shawn to complain about the invasion of privacy and crazy fans, but being candid about his body really makes a difference, just as it made a difference for me to see successful gay men be comfortable with their ***uality, which was instrumental in helping me come out. If Shawn's comments help just one person who's feeling less than confident about their body, I'm all for it.

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Well it looks like the road to heaven

But it feels like the road to hell

When I knew which side my bread was buttered

I took the knife as well

Posing for another picture

Everybody's got to sell

But when you shake your ***

They notice fast

And some mistakes were built to last

That's what you get

I say that's what you get

That's what you get for changing your mind

And after all this time

I just hope you understand

Sometimes the clothes do not make the man

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I’ve always felt bad for Shawn. People are so unnecessarily ****ty towards him. I’ve yet to see him be rude or nasty to anyone, so I’m confused on why anyone would feel the need to be so hell bent on disliking him. His music definitely isn’t for me, but I can’t really say he is ‘bland’ because there is obviously an audience there big enough to prove me wrong. He is sweet, talented and deserves his success imo.

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